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Articles from Agriculture (January 1, 2020)

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Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2019. 267
Allometries in Plants as Drivers of Forage Nutritive Value: A Review. Lemaire, Gilles; Belanger, Gilles 7989
Automatic Determination of the Parameters of Electrical Signals and Functional Responses of Plants Using the Wavelet Transformation Method. Mudrilov, Maxim; Katicheva, Lyubov; Ladeynova, Maria; Balalaeva, Irina; Sukhov, Vladimir; Vodeneev, 8016
BLOB-Based AOMs: A Method for the Extraction of Crop Data from Aerial Images of Cotton. Young, Andrew; Mahan, James; Dodge, William; Payton, Paxton 6657
Carbohydrate and Amino Acid Profiles of Cotton Plant Biomass Products. He, Zhongqi; Olk, Dan C.; Tewolde, Haile; Zhang, Hailin; Shankle, Mark 6351
Carbon Sequestration and Contribution of C[O.sub.2], C[H.sub.4] and [N.sub.2]O Fluxes to Global Warming Potential from Paddy-Fallow Fields on Mineral Soil Beneath Peat in Central Hokkaido, Japan. Naser, Habib Mohammad; Nagata, Osamu; Sultana, Sarmin; Hatano, Ryusuke 12433
Effect of 3-Phenyllactic Acid and 3-Phenyllactic Acid-Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria on the Characteristics of Alfalfa Silage. Wu, Zhe; Xu, Shengyang; Yun, Ying; Jia, Tingting; Yu, Zhu 6457
Exploring the Topics of Soil Pollution and Agricultural Economics: Highlighting Good Practices. Martinho, Vitor Joao Pereira Domingues 7417
Farmers' Attitudes toward On-Farm Adoption of Soil Organic Matter in Piedmont Region, Italy. Pampuro, Niccolo; Caffaro, Federica; Cavallo, Eugenio 3418
Farmers' Awareness of the Low Yield of Conventional Rice Production in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar: A Case Study of Myaungmya District. Oo, Soe Paing Case study 8031
Forecasts of the Amount Purchase Pork Meat by Using Structured and Unstructured Big Data. Ryu, Ga-Ae; Nasridinov, Aziz; Rah, HyungChul; Yoo, Kwan-Hee 5185
Harvest of Southern Highbush Blueberry with a Modified, Over-The-Row Mechanical Harvester: Use of Handheld Shakers and Soft Catch Surfaces. Sargent, Steven A.; Takeda, Fumiomi; Williamson, Jeffrey G.; Berry, Adrian D. 7442
Hydrogen Sulfide Affects the Root Development of Strawberry During Plug Transplant Production. Hu, Jiangtao; Li, Yali; Liu, Ya; Kang, Dong Il; Wei, Hao; Jeong, Byoung Ryong 5523
Impact of Weather Conditions and Farming Systems on Size Distribution of Starch Granules and Flour Yield of Winter Wheat. Keres, Indrek; Alaru, Maarika; Talgre, Liina; Luik, Anne; Eremeev, Viacheslav; Sats, Andres; Joudu, 6624
Long-Term Water Footprint Assessment in a Rainfed Olive Tree Grove in the Umbria Region, Italy. Rossi, Luca; Regni, Luca; Rinaldi, Sara; Sdringola, Paolo; Calisti, Roberto; Brunori, Antonio; Dini, 5882
Methods for Management of Soilborne Diseases in Crop Production. Panth, Milan; Hassler, Samuel C.; Baysal-Gurel, Fulya Disease/Disorder overview 13215
Neural Visual Detection of Grain Weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.). Boniecki, Piotr; Koszela, Krzysztof; Swierczynski, Krzysztof; Skwarcz, Jacek; Zaborowicz, Maciej; Pr 4698
Physiology and Yield of Confection Sunflower under Different Application Schemes of Mepiquat Chloride. Koutroubas, Spyridon D.; Damalas, Christos A. 5096
Pre- and Post-Harvest Practices of Urban Leafy Green Vegetable Farmers in Accra, Ghana and Their Association with Microbial Quality of Vegetables Produced. Quansah, Joycelyn K.; Escalante, Cesar L.; Kunadu, Angela P.-H.; Saalia, Firibu K.; Chen, Jinru 6877
Remedial Application of Urea Eliminates Yield Losses in Wheat Waterlogged during Stem Elongation. Ding, Jinfeng; Liang, Peng; Guo, Desheng; Liu, Dejun; Yin, Mingxiao; Zhu, Min; Li, Chunyan; Zhu, Xin 7698
Soil Respiration Dynamics in Bromus erectus-Dominated Grasslands under Different Management Intensities. Francioni, Matteo; Trozzo, Laura; Toderi, Marco; Baldoni, Nora; Allegrezza, Marina; Tesei, Giulio; K 7497
Sustainable Management of Olive Orchard Nutrition: A Review. Zipori, Isaac; Erel, Ran; Yermiyahu, Uri; Ben-Gal, Alon; Dag, Arnon 12534
The Evaluation of Wheat Cultivar Resistance and Yield Loss Thresholds in Response to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus-PAV Infection. Chrpova, Jana; Veskrna, Ondrej; Palicova, Jana; Kundu, Jiban Kumar 5134
Time-Cost-Quality Trade-Off in a Broiler Production Project Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms: A Case Study. Moghadam, Erfan Khosravani; Sharifi, Mohammad; Rafiee, Shahin; Chang, Young Ki Case study 7502
What Makes an Organic Dairy Farm Profitable in the United States? Evidence from 10 Years of Farm Level Data in Vermont. Walsh, Jonathan; Parsons, Robert; Wang, Qingbin; Conner, David Clinical report 7950
Yield Component Responses of the Brachiaria brizantha Forage Grass to Soil Water Availability in the Brazilian Cerrado. da Silva, Camila Thaiana Rueda; Bonfim-Silva, Edna Maria; da Silva, Tonny Jose de Araujo; Pinheiro, 7189
Yield Gap Management under Seawater Intrusion Areas of Indonesia to Improve Rice Productivity and Resilience to Climate Change. Sembiring, Hasil; Subekti, Nuning A.; Erythrina; Nugraha, Dedi; Priatmojo, Bhakti; Stuart, Alexander 7859

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