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Articles from Agriculture (April 1, 2020)

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A Convenient Co-Dominant Marker for Height-Reducing Ddw1 Allele Useful for Marker-Assisted Selection. Litvinov, Dmitry Y.; Chernook, Anastasiya G.; Kroupin, Pavel Yu.; Bazhenov, Mikhail S.; Karlov, Genn 5602
A Review on the Current State of Knowledge of Growing Conditions, Agronomic Soil Health Practices and Utilities of Hemp in the United States. Adesina, Ifeoluwa; Bhowmik, Arnab; Sharma, Harmandeep; Shahbazi, Abolghasem 9303
A Systematic Review on Case Studies of Remote-Sensing-Based Flood Crop Loss Assessment. Rahman, Md Shahinoor; Di, Liping 18013
Alpha and Beta-diversity of Microbial Communities Associated to Plant Disease Suppressive Functions of On-farm Green Composts. Pane, Catello; Sorrentino, Roberto; Scotti, Riccardo; Molisso, Marcella; Matteo, Antonio Di; Celano, 5458
Antibiosis Effects of Rice Carrying Bph14 and Bph15 on the Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens. Qiu, Liangmiao; Wang, Wuqi; Shi, Longqing; Liu, Qiquan; Zhan, Zhixiong 5881
Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Analyze the Concentration of Ferulic Acid, Deoxynivalenol, and Nivalenol in Winter Wheat Grain. Niedbala, Gniewko; Kurasiak-Popowska, Danuta; Stuper-Szablewska, Kinga; Nawracala, Jerzy Report 6753
Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Greenhouse Tomato Yield and Aerial Dry Matter. Lopez-Aguilar, Kelvin; Benavides-Mendoza, Adalberto; Gonzalez-Morales, Susana; Juarez-Maldonado, Ant 7336
Assessing the Productivity of Common Bean in Intercrop with Maize across Agro-Ecological Zones of Smallholder Farms in the Northern Highlands of Tanzania. Nassary, Eliakira Kisetu; Baijukya, Frederick; Ndakidemi, Patrick Alois Report 8302
Biocontrol Potential of Some Entomopathogenic Fungal Strains Against Bean Aphid Megoura japonica (Matsumura). Trinh, Duy Nam; Ha, Thi Kim Lien; Qiu, Dewen Report 5068
Changes in the Morphological Characteristics of Potato Plants Attributed to Seasonal Variability. Escuredo, Olga; Seijo-Rodriguez, Ana; Rodriguez-Flores, M. Shantal; Meno, Laura; Seijo, M. Carmen 7105
DEA Performance Measurements in Cotton Production of Harran Plain, Turkey: A Single and Double Bootstrap Truncated Regression Approaches. Isgin, Tamer; Ozel, Remziye; Bilgic, Abdulbaki; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Sevinc, Mehmet Resit 10852
Determinants of Economic Farm-Size-Efficiency Relationship in Smallholder Maize Farms in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Obi, Ajuruchukwu; Ayodeji, Balogun Taofeek 9738
Economic Situation of Dairy Farms in Identified Clusters of European Union Countries. Poczta, Walenty; Sredzinska, Joanna; Chenczke, Maciej 12695
Effect of Different Levels of L-carnitine and Excess Lysine-Methionine on Broiler Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Blood Constituents, Immunity and Triiodothyronine Hormone. Tufarelli, Vincenzo; Mehrzad-Gilmalek, Hooman; Bouyeh, Mehrdad; Qotbi, Ali; Amouei, Hossein; Seidavi 5064
Effects of Crop Rotation and Biocontrol Amendments on Rhizoctonia Disease of Potato and Soil Microbial Communities. Larkin, Robert P.; Brewer, Marin T. 12498
Effects of Pre-Harvest Glyphosate Application on Spring Wheat Quality Characteristics. Malalgoda, Maneka; Ohm, Jae-Bom; Ransom, Joel K.; Howatt, Kirk; Simsek, Senay 10519
Enzymatic Activity of Loess Soil in Organic and Conventional Farming Systems. Kwiatkowski, Cezary A.; Harasim, Elzbieta; Feledyn-Szewczyk, Beata; Antonkiewicz, Jacek 8056
European Borage (Borago officinalis L.) Yield and Profitability under Different Irrigation Systems. Seifzadeh, Ali Reza; Khaledian, Mohammad Reza; Zavareh, Mohsen; Shahinrokhsar, Parisha; Damalas, Chr 7752
Evaluating Morphological Growth, Yield, and Postharvest Fruit Quality of Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus L.) Grafted on Cucurbitaceous Rootstocks. Aslam, Waqas; Noor, Rana Shahzad; Hussain, Fiaz; Ameen, Muhammad; Ullah, Saif; Chen, Hong 9957
Evaluation of Chemical Composition of Some Silphium L. Species as Alternative Raw Materials. Kowalska, Grazyna; Pankiewicz, Urszula; Kowalski, Radoslaw 13775
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Use of Biopreparations as Seed Dressings. Kocira, Slawomir; Hara, Patryk; Szparaga, Agnieszka; Czerwinska, Ewa; Beloev, Hristo; Findura, Pavol 5336
Evaluation of the Effects of Allelopathic Aqueous Plant Extracts, as Potential Preparations for Seed Dressing, on the Modulation of Cauliflower Seed Germination. Findura, Pavol; Hara, Patryk; Szparaga, Agnieszka; Kocira, Slawomir; Czerwiriska, Ewa; Bartos, Peter 4876
Exploring the Mechanisms of the Spatiotemporal Invasion of Tuta absoluta in Asia. Guimapi, Ritter A.; Srinivasan, Ramasamy; Tonnang, Henri E.; Sotelo-Cardona, Paola; Mohamed, Samira 6071
Factors Governing Total and Permanganate Oxidizable C Pools in Agricultural Soils from Southern Italy. Badagliacca, Giuseppe; Romeo, Maurizio; Presti, Emilio Lo; Gelsomino, Antonio; Monti, Michele 13413
Food Quality, Sensory Attributes and Nutraceutical Value of Fresh "Osteen" Mango Fruit Grown under Mediterranean Subtropical Climate Compared to Imported Fruit. Liguori, Giorgia; Gentile, Carla; Sortino, Giuseppe; Inglese, Paolo; Farina, Vittorio 5484
Glyphosate Plus Carboxylic Compounds Boost Activity of Free Radical-Scavenging Enzymes in Sugarcane. de Almeida Moreira, Bruno Rafael; Viana, Ronaldo da Silva; de Figueiredo, Paulo Alexandre Monteiro; 6979
Influence of Catch Crops on Yield and Chemical Composition of Winter Garlic Grown for Bunch Harvesting. Salata, Andrzej; Pandino, Gaetano; Buczkowska, Halina; Lombardo, Sara 10237
Influence of Tree Species, Harvesting Method and Storage on Energy Demand and Wood Chip Quality When Chipping Poplar, Willow and Black Locust. Pecenka, Ralf; Lenz, Hannes; Jekayinfa, Simeon Olatayo; Hoffmann, Thomas 6878
Integrated Modeling Approach for Sustainable Land-Water-Food Nexus Management. Chen, Min; Shang, Songhao; Li, Wei 9875
Machine Learning Regression Model for Predicting Honey Harvests. Campbell, Tristan; Dixon, Kingsley W.; Dods, Kenneth; Fearns, Peter; Handcock, Rebecca 8114
Microbial [beta]-glucan Incorporated into Muffins: Impact on Quality of the Batter and Baked Products. Zbikowska, Anna; Kupiec, Milena; Szymanska, Iwona; Osytek, Klaudia; Kowalska, Malgorzata; Marciniak- Recipe 6152
Mitigating the Effects of Habitat Loss on Solitary Bees in Agricultural Ecosystems. Kline, Olivia; Joshi, Neelendra K. 8685
Molecular Markers and a Quality Trait Evaluation for Assessing the Genetic Diversity of Avocado Landraces from China. Liu, Yuanzheng; Ge, Yu; Zhan, Rulin; Lin, Xinge; Zang, Xiaoping; Li, Yanxia; Yang, Ying; Ma, Weihong 5535
Pathogens Associated to Kiwifruit Vine Decline in Italy. Donati, Irene; Cellini, Antonio; Sangiorgio, Daniela; Caldera, Edoardo; Sorrenti, Giovambattista; Sp 7441
Quality Assurance of International Fruit Supply Chains via Techno-Management. Rodjanatham, Tippawong; Rabgyal, Tenzin 5804
Quality Evaluation of Potato Tubers Using Neural Image Analysis Method. Przybylak, Andrzej; Kozlowski, Radoslaw; Osuch, Ewa; Osuch, Andrzej; Rybacki, Piotr; Przygodzinski, 5408
Sustainable Arthropod Management in Quebec Vineyards. Vincent, Charles; Lasnier, Jacques 8102
Sustainable Economic Development of Farms in Central and Eastern European Countries Driven by Pro-investment Mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policy. Czubak, Wawrzyniec; Pawlowski, Krzysztof Piotr 11824
Sustainable Fertilizer Strategies for Vaccinium corymbosum x V. angustifolium under Abandoned Peatland Conditions. Koort, Angela; Starast, Marge; Poldma, Priit; Moor, Ulvi; Mainla, Leila; Maante-Kuljus, Mariana; Kar 9097
Tail Lesions and Losses of Docked and Undocked Pigs in Different Farrowing and Rearing Systems. Gentz, Maria; Lange, Anita; Zeidler, Sebastian; Lambertz, Christian; Gauly, Matthias; Burfeind, Onno 6061
The Concept of a Compact Profile Agricultural Tractor Suitable for Use on Specialised Tree Crops. Pascuzzi, Simone; Anifantis, Alexandros Sotirios; Santoro, Francesco 4235
The Determinants of Risk Transmission between Oil and Agricultural Prices: An IPVAR Approach. Vu, Tan Ngoc; Ho, Chi Minh; Nguyen, Thang Cong; Vo, Due Hong 7472
The Effect of Osmopriming on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Characteristics of Carum carvi L. Mirmazloum, Iman; Kiss, Attila; Erdelyi, Eva; Ladanyi, Marta; Nemeth, Eva Zamborine; Radacsi, Peter 6861
The Triple Logic and Choice Strategy of Rural Revitalization in the 70 Years since the Founding of the People's Republic of China, Based on the Perspective of Historical Evolution. Zhang, Dongsheng; Gao, Wei; Lv, Yiqing 11047
Towards Intensive Co-operated Agribusiness: A Gender-Based Comparative Borich Needs Assessment Model Analysis of Beef Cattle Farmers in Eswatini. Dlamini, Sicelo Ignatius; Huang, Wen-Chi 10215
Using SPOT-7 for Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Oil Palm. Yadegari, Mohammad; Shamshiri, Redmond R.; Shariff, Abdul Rashid Mohamed; Balasundram, Siva K.; Mahn Report 8494
Variability of Phytochemicals by Breeding Year, Usage and Seed Size of Korean Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) Varieties. Hwang, Tae-Young; Park, Byoung-Deok; Sung, Jwakyung; Kim, Hong-Sig 6896
Yield Prediction Modeling for Sorghum-Sudangrass Hybrid Based on Climatic, Soil, and Cultivar Data in the Republic of Korea. Peng, Jinglun; Kim, Moonju; Sung, Kyungil 4911
Zonal Tillage as Innovative Element of the Technology of Growing Winter Wheat: A Field Experiment under Low Rainfall Conditions. Jaskulska, Iwona; Jaskulski, Dariusz; Rozniak, Marek; Radziemska, Maja; Galezewski, Lech 5448

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