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Think tank calls for 'national conversation' to rethink future of Scotland's rural land; A leading think-tank is calling for a wide-ranging new "national conversation" on the future of land in rural Scotland in the aftermath of Brexit. Brian Ferguson Jan 11, 2021 639
Cropping and arable farmers are facing a new era; Scotland's cropping and arable farmers could be set to enter a new era which will allow them to meet the challenges of the marketplace and tackle environmental issues including climate change, it has been claimed. Jan 6, 2021 464
'Increased Penetration Of Agricultural Insurance Will Improve Food Production'. Jan 5, 2021 1126
DA must have concrete actions to boost PH agri sector. Jan 5, 2021 558
Uncertainty over funding worries farm businesses; The absence of any firm funding commitments for the agriculture sector beyond 2022 is eroding confidence within farm businesses - many of which have to plan years ahead. Dec 31, 2020 470
Farmers seek alternative to subsidy token system. Dec 28, 2020 773
A 'whole farm' approach needed. Dec 22, 2020 525
Green Deal is the big topic in Brussels. Richard Wright Dec 21, 2020 366
Clarity on agricultural policies must be a focus. Stephen Young Dec 21, 2020 624
Post-Brexit agricultural policy plea by NFU. Dec 17, 2020 173
After Brexit ends Common Agricultural Policy subsidies to landowners, the public interest is key to its replacement - Martyn McLaughlin; It may be one of the less exciting issues surrounding Brexit, but the question of what will ultimately replace the Common Agricultural Policy in Scotland is one of the most important ones facing the country. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 16, 2020 1006
Niger state govt seeks partnership with stakeholders to boost agriculture. Dec 13, 2020 762
Scottish farmers may stick with EU route on policy; With the Scottish government likely to desire to remain closely aligned with the EU even after the transition period ends, Scottish farmers should not ignore current developments in farm policy on the continent. Dec 12, 2020 469
Leading aristocratic families paid [pounds sterling]14m in EU subsidies since referendum; Six of Scotland's wealthiest aristocratic families received more than [pounds sterling]14 million in EU agricultural subsidies in the three years after the Brexit referendum, with the Queen's Scottish estate also recouping a six-figure sum over the same period. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 11, 2020 1880
Revealed: JK Rowling's forestry firm paid more [pounds sterling]750,000 in EU subsidies; A company controlled by JK Rowling, one of Scotland's wealthiest women, was one of the biggest beneficiaries of EU agricultural subsidies last year. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 10, 2020 1123
Revealed: Peers across Scotland paid nearly [pounds sterling]3m in EU subsidies since Brexit vote; They include former UK government ministers, a one-time chairman of the Conservative party, and the scion of a famous biscuit-producing family, whose grand stately home boasts the world's only silver staircase. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 10, 2020 1736
Billionaire Dubai ruler and Russian oligarchs among Scottish recipients of nearly [pounds sterling]7m in EU subsidies; Some of Scotland's wealthiest foreign landowners, including the billionaire ruler of Dubai, Russian oligarchs, and the country's biggest private landowner, have received nearly [pounds sterling]7 million in EU subsidies since 2016, with millions of pounds being paid to sprawling estates ultimately owned by firms as far afield as the British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 10, 2020 1821
OP-ED: Farmers shake the corridors of power. Dec 8, 2020 1003
Economics, ethics and environment - farming's 3 'E's; While much of the discussion on future farm policy in Scotland has revolved around reducing the carbon intensity of farming practices, the industry needs to meet the "three Es" of sustainable production. Dec 8, 2020 501
Revealed: [pounds sterling]2.8m in EU subsidies received by Tory politicians in Scotland; Conservative politicians across Scotland have recouped nearly [pounds sterling]3 million in European agricultural subsidies since the Brexit referendum, with some multimillionaire MSPs receiving several hundred thousand pounds a year thanks to the scheme, an investigation by The Scotsman can reveal. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 5, 2020 1879
Analysis: Future of rural subsidies in Scotland remains unclear; It is one of the drier policy areas in Scottish and European public life, but the Common Agricultural Policy has been a lifeline for the country's agriculture sector and rural communities for decades. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 5, 2020 1022
Cheap food has altered priorities; LETTERS. Dec 4, 2020 163
Sunak's subsidy statement sparks new row over funding for farmers. Dec 1, 2020 669
Concern voiced over farming policy plan. JAMES PUGH Dec 1, 2020 595
No revolution after Brexit - just evolution. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Dec 1, 2020 394
Revealed: [pounds sterling]2.8m in EU subsidies received by Tory politicians in Scotland; Conservative politicians across Scotland have recouped nearly [pounds sterling]3 million in European agricultural subsidies since the Brexit referendum, with some multimillionaire MSPs receiving several hundred thousand pounds a year. Martyn McLaughlin Nov 30, 2020 1708
Moves to cut farm subsidies set out. Nov 30, 2020 338
Plans unveiled for changes to farm subsidies regime. Nov 30, 2020 277
Plans for reduction of farm subsidies set out. DAVID BANNER Nov 30, 2020 313
Farmers could have subsidies slashed in new post-Brexit moves announced by Government; Changes to agricultural policy are being seen as the most significant change to farming for England in more than 50 years. By, Emily Beament, PA & Brett Gibbons Nov 30, 2020 590
Farm subsidies to be based on environment protections in new Brexit plan; Farmers will be paid based on sustainability and environmental concerns rather than the size of their farms. By, Emily Beament Nov 30, 2020 1142
New Act could have 'devastating' impact says union. ANDREW FORGRAVE Nov 24, 2020 566
Ministers seeking clarity on Brexit subsidies. Nov 24, 2020 192
Making agric intervention funds work. Nov 19, 2020 807
Agriculture Act 'could have dangerous impact on rural communities'. SION BARRY Business editor Nov 17, 2020 583
Agricultural sector will be supported, minister says. Annette Chrysostomou Nov 16, 2020 280
Luring the young into farming. Annette Chrysostomou Nov 15, 2020 668
Beting Maro assemblyman asks for electricity, clean water, farming aid from Sarawak govt. Nov 12, 2020 318
Kadis unveils new agricultural plan to attract young farmers. Source: Cyprus News Agency Nov 10, 2020 280
Less favoured area support to be restored. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Nov 6, 2020 344
Subsidy payment 'hidden problem'. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Nov 3, 2020 411
Farm Bills: Attack on Federalism and Livelihood of Farmers. Nov 2, 2020 714
H.E. Ms. Mina Dowlatchahi-Country Representative-Aamer Irshad, Maria Khan FAO Pakistan. Oct 31, 2020 1450
A bigger budgetA for agriculture. Oct 28, 2020 519
EU Ministers Back Farm Reform With Tougher Environment Rules. Oct 21, 2020 374
OP-ED: Putting farmers first. Oct 5, 2020 815
The Objectives of Farm Operations--Evidence from a Region in Poland. Grzelak, Aleksander Oct 1, 2020 12034
"Developing small-scale agriculture first requires recognition and institutionalisation of this activity" (FTDES). Sep 29, 2020 683
FARMERS FIGHT BACK: Farm Bills Benefit Corporates. Sep 28, 2020 1468
Will the Farm Bills Benefit Our Farmers? Myth of Freeing the Farmer. Sep 28, 2020 2027
Brexit billionaire Dyson's company hoovers up PS3.7m in EU handouts; Inventor is harvesting a fortune. EXCLUSIVE BY JON UNGOED-THOMAS & ALAN SELBY Sep 27, 2020 524
Dyson's company hoovers up PS3.7m in Euro handouts; Billionaire's farming firm benefits from subsidy. Alan Selby Sep 27, 2020 374
Brexit billionaire Dyson's company hoovers up [euro]4m in EU handouts; Inventor is harvesting a fortune. EXCLUSIVE BY JON UNGOED-THOMAS & ALAN SELBY Sep 27, 2020 530
Brexit billionaire James Dyson hoovers up [pounds sterling]3.7m in EU handouts amid hypocrisy claims; EXCLUSIVE Beeswax Dyson, a company owned by the cleaner mogul, has received [pounds sterling]8.7m from the very institution Mr Dyson wants the UK leave. By, Jon Ungoed-Thomas & Alan Selby Sep 26, 2020 550
Homes on holdings 'underpin language'. Sep 24, 2020 208
Muzzle Up. Sep 22, 2020 482
Farm Subsidy Recipients. Sep 21, 2020 882
Lords back amendment to farming legislation. NICK LESTER Political writer @Jnlbusiness Sep 19, 2020 543
Three-crop rule ditched by Scottish Government. NANCY NICOLSON Sep 5, 2020 305
Agriculture bill welcomed by farming chief. Sep 4, 2020 202
Ewing hails delivery of subsidy loan payments; Finances: Holyrood is 'first administration in UK' to get support to farmers. GEMMA MACKENZIE Sep 4, 2020 346
Agriculture Bill passes its third stage in Parliament. Aug 28, 2020 522
Agriculture support bill closer to final approval; Economy: Legislation to ease transition to post-Brexit policy passes stage. NANCY NICOLSON Aug 28, 2020 300
Greening rules will stay in place north of border; Environment: Union concerned by 'diverging approaches' in regulations. GEMMA MACKENZIE Aug 18, 2020 303
Anything to make life a little easier; Some red tape trimmed from proposed stop-gap BPS scheme. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Aug 6, 2020 397
NFUS calls for greening measures to be dropped; Crop rotation: Defra to ditch requirements for English growers next year. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jul 31, 2020 317
PHL to head WTO agri panel amid bid to curb farm subsidies. Jul 29, 2020 441
Nigeria can earn more than $50,000 annually if one dollar per yam farming policy if...- expert says. Jul 28, 2020 488
Roadmap for green new deal after Covid. STAFF REPORTER Jul 28, 2020 447
Early delivery of PS6.39m payments. JIM MILLAR Jul 24, 2020 193
Covid crisis prompts call for farm subsidy rethink; 'Food security must be at top of recovery agenda'. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Jul 23, 2020 505
Plotting the pathway to a green recovery post-Covid. STAFF REPORTER Jul 21, 2020 539
Owners may check rents, plots and who receives subsidies at one website. Website overview Jul 8, 2020 284
Stakeholders urge Bayelsa Govt not to politicise agric policies. Jul 8, 2020 411
Role of subsidy laid bare; Income: Scottish farms rely on support to stay profitable, says government. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jul 2, 2020 284
Soil Arthropod Responses in Agroecosystem: Implications of Different Management and Cropping Systems. Menta, Cristina; Conti, Federica Delia; Fondon, Carlos Lozano; Staffilani, Francesca; Remelli, Sara Jul 1, 2020 9462
Farmers' Perception of Good Agricultural Practices in Rice Production in Myanmar: A Case Study of Myaungmya District, Ayeyarwady Region. Oo, Soe Paing; Usami, Koichi Case study Jul 1, 2020 10627
Gender Matters: Climate Change, Gender Bias, and Women's Farming in the Global South and North. Glazebrook, Tricia; Noll, Samantha; Opoku, Emmanuela Jul 1, 2020 16653
Estimation of the Imperative of Rural Area Development on Panel Data in the Process of Managing Agricultural Holdings in Poland. Brzozowska, Anna; Bubel, Dagmara Jul 1, 2020 10397
FARMING TALK. MARK LORD Jun 20, 2020 200
Call to pay farmers for 'rewilding' their land. Jun 16, 2020 369
Environmental issues vital for public funding; Support: Upland sector needs a common voice Professor Davy McCracken of SRUC offers an insight into work at the rural college's hill and mountain research centre. Davy McCracken Jun 16, 2020 421
Farming minister's pledge to tackle border difficulties. MARK ANDREWS Jun 15, 2020 411
South West tomato farmers seek agricultural subsidies to meet 1200m/tons monthly output. Jun 14, 2020 430
WHEAT, BARLEY & OAT STRAW FOR SALE Rewilding 'needs to be at centre of farm policy'. EMILY BEAMENT Environment writer @Jnlbusiness Jun 13, 2020 398
Bid to keep UK's food standards protected by law; Brexit: Campaigners take fight to House of Lords. NICK LESTER Jun 12, 2020 293
Govt takes Tk3,198 crore farm mechanization project to support farmers. Jun 11, 2020 839
Billionaire sheikh gets PS80,000 grant for Highland estate; Politician questions cash for landowner. Mark Aitken Jun 7, 2020 586
A Methodological Approach for Irrigation Detection in the Frame of Common Agricultural Policy Checks by Monitoring. Paredes-Gomez, Vanessa; Gutierrez, Alberto; Del Blanco, Vicente; Nafria, David A. Jun 1, 2020 12794
The Evaluation of Negative Factors of Direct Payments under Common Agricultural Policy from a Viewpoint of Sustainability of Rural Regions of the New EU Member States: Evidence from Lithuania. Morkunas, Mangirdas; Labukas, Povilas Jun 1, 2020 7550
Agland Access. McKean, Andrew Jun 1, 2020 627
Ahsan Iqbal terms current govt's foreign policy 'a failure'. May 31, 2020 296
Phil welcomes EC programme. AILBHE DALY May 28, 2020 153
Farmers rising to the challenge as never before; Virus: Government also has rural recovery role Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing writes about the government's efforts to help farmers through the pandemic and beyond. Fergus Ewing writes May 25, 2020 456
Farming groups hit out as food standards bid fails. May 16, 2020 377
Import safeguards left out of new farming bill; Law: Farmers fear UK may have to accept sub-standard produce post-Brexit. GEMMA MACKENZIE May 15, 2020 352
Fears over cheap food imports top the bill for NFUS; Legislation: Producers await Westminster ruling. NANCY NICOLSON May 13, 2020 330
Calls for clarity on agricultural policy direction; Cap: Current bill 'won't be a long-term solution'. GEMMA MACKENZIE May 7, 2020 393
Coronavirus: Measures to help struggling farmers approved by cabinet. Gina Agapiou May 7, 2020 307
Procurement: choosing the right policy instrument. Dr Abdul Salam Apr 27, 2020 780
Shehbaz Sharif urges govt to announce agriculture policy. Apr 9, 2020 319
Shehbaz asks govt to announce agricultural policy immediately. Iqtidar Gilani Apr 8, 2020 643
Shehbaz urges govt to announce agriculture policy. Apr 8, 2020 309
'Pay landowners to improve soil quality'. SION BARRY Business editor Apr 7, 2020 581
Future farming policy 'must be shaped by lessons of crisis' GOVERNMENT. Apr 6, 2020 235
WAG called 'deluded' over farm aid package; AM welcomes boost but says WAG's 'deluded'. JEZ HEMMING Daily Post Reporter Apr 2, 2020 474
Paying farmers to look after soil will help 'tackle climate change'. DAVID BANNER Apr 2, 2020 436
Paying farmers to look after soil will help 'tackle climate change'. DAVID BANNER Apr 2, 2020 436
Sustainable Economic Development of Farms in Central and Eastern European Countries Driven by Pro-investment Mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policy. Czubak, Wawrzyniec; Pawlowski, Krzysztof Piotr Apr 1, 2020 11824
Integrated Modeling Approach for Sustainable Land-Water-Food Nexus Management. Chen, Min; Shang, Songhao; Li, Wei Apr 1, 2020 9875
A Review on the Current State of Knowledge of Growing Conditions, Agronomic Soil Health Practices and Utilities of Hemp in the United States. Adesina, Ifeoluwa; Bhowmik, Arnab; Sharma, Harmandeep; Shahbazi, Abolghasem Apr 1, 2020 9303
Payments to protect soil quality could help curb flood risk - report. EMILY BEAMENT Environment reporter @Jnlbusiness Apr 1, 2020 504
Diversifying is getting easier - and more vital; Revenue: Farmers branch into tourism or energy Scotland's tenant farming commissioner Bob McIntosh writes about his work to improve relations with tenants and landlords. Mar 16, 2020 418
Relief for growers from two and three-crop rule; Arable: Response to extended wet weather welcomed by farmers' union. GEMMA MACKENZIE Mar 13, 2020 349
First round of convergence payments. COLIN LEY Mar 5, 2020 184
Agricultural policy comes for demand-driven cultivation of profitable crops. Mar 3, 2020 196
Impact Analysis of the Young Farmers' Support Program on Slovenian Dairy Sector Development Using Econometric Modeling Approach. Pavic, Lazar; Turk, Jernej; Grgic, Ivo; Prisenk, Jernej Mar 1, 2020 5244
There Are Lapses From Govt In Implementing Agricultural Policies -Adesola. Feb 14, 2020 1059
Tory MPs hint at revolt over UK food standards. RICHARD WHEELER Politics reporter @Jnlbusiness Feb 5, 2020 532
Landowners encouraged to be innovative. Feb 4, 2020 306
Risk Management Tools for Sustainable Agriculture: A Model for Calculating the Average Price for the Season in Revenue Insurance for Citrus Fruit. Mateos-Ronco, Alicia; Izquierdo, Ricardo J. Server Feb 1, 2020 12803
The Economic Sustainability of Farms under Common Agricultural Policy in the European Union Countries. Guth, Marta; Smedzik-Ambrozy, Katarzyna; Czyzewski, Bazyli; Stepien, Sebastian Feb 1, 2020 10917
Critical time ahead for county's farmers. LUCY TODMAN Jan 31, 2020 350
Cap rules apply despite Brexit, farmers warned. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 30, 2020 222
Demand high for mid Wales farms and land. Jan 28, 2020 400
Investors seeking new opportunities. Jan 28, 2020 193
Convergence fund limits of PS55,000 per recipient; Support: Additional PS10m for crofters will be weighted towards Region 3. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 24, 2020 354
Additional financing might be needed for EC ambitious climate goals - Agricultural Ministry. Jan 24, 2020 206
Subsidy value for taxpayer defended by Ewing; SUPPORT. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 23, 2020 169
Bigger bushier hedgerows 'will help store carbon'. EMILY BEAMENT Environment writer @Jnlbusiness Jan 22, 2020 640
Farming bill is arming labelled 'last-minute fix' ? Ministers accused of not planning ahead over Brexit. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE WESTMINSTER REPORTER Jan 22, 2020 555
New payments bill met with caution. Jan 21, 2020 335
Retail can help put CBD fears to rest. Krouskos, Mike Jan 20, 2020 681
NewYear's resolutions in the Agricultural Bill? ALISON HALL Jan 18, 2020 436
Taskforce delivers future advice on CAP. Jan 17, 2020 183
Ewing in direct subsidy support vow to farmers; Scotland: UK Government accused of power grab. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 17, 2020 299
New bill to govern farming in wake of Brexit; LAW. EMILY BEAMENT Jan 16, 2020 163
PS3 billion funding pledge welcomed. Report by James Pugh Jan 14, 2020 344
Group hopes to shape policy; CAP. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 14, 2020 167
With ADB's help, Pakistan to revive agri-growth. Jan 13, 2020 883
Workshop on practical implementation of agricultural policy held. Jan 11, 2020 178
Azerbaijan simplifies agricultural subsidies mechanism. Jan 10, 2020 474
Bill ensures farmers get direct payments in 2020; Support: Separately, the Agriculture Bill is set to return to the Commons. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 10, 2020 385
Farm Payments Bill introduced to provide certainty and continuity. Jan 9, 2020 277
Farm payments pledge gets cautious welcome. STAFF REPORTER Jan 7, 2020 907
MP welcomes funding pledge by government. Jan 7, 2020 336
Ministers: We'll make sure you are better off. EMILY BEAMANT & HARRIET LINE Business writers Jan 4, 2020 585
February start for farmers' CAP cash payment. LORNA THOMSON Jan 3, 2020 443
Leaving the EU is not the argument. Jan 3, 2020 330
MP backs PS3bn pot for farmers. Jan 3, 2020 178
Govt hears growers on farm subsidy. Jan 2, 2020 361
The Farm Bill: A Citizen's Guide, 3rd Edition. Book review Jan 1, 2020 190
The Future of US Agricultural and Rural Development Policy: WHERE DO THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES STAND? Smith, Vincent H.; Glauber, Joseph W. Jan 1, 2020 11985
Exploring the Topics of Soil Pollution and Agricultural Economics: Highlighting Good Practices. Martinho, Vitor Joao Pereira Domingues Jan 1, 2020 7417
"Big Data" Provides Insights to Public Perceptions of USDA. Widmar, Nicole Olynk Jan 1, 2020 3480
Estimation of Maize (Zea mays L.) Yield Per Harvest Area: Appropriate Methods. Tandzi, Liliane Ngoune; Mutengwa, Charles Shelton Jan 1, 2020 9481
A New Congress and Recent Legislative Victories. Jan 1, 2020 389
Bubbles in Agricultural Commodity Markets of China. Zhang, Xi-Xi; Liu, Lu; Su, Chi-Wei; Tao, Ran; Lobont, Oana-Ramona; Moldovan, Nicoleta-Claudia Dec 31, 2019 5271
PS243m Brexit bonus for farmers in Wales. STAFF REPORTER Dec 31, 2019 492
Welsh farming cash welcomed. Dec 31, 2019 151
Farmers given timetable for final CAP cash; Subsidies: Holyrood issues post-EU reassurance. NANCY NICOLSON Dec 31, 2019 311
Sajid Javid confirms Brexit funding package for Scottish farmers. Dec 30, 2019 585
Farmers can be confident - Javid. Dec 30, 2019 180
Minister: Subsidies worth $470 set for development of intensive fruit gardening in Azerbaijan. Dec 24, 2019 250
FG Pledges Commitment To Revitalising Existing Agricultural Policies. Dec 21, 2019 614
Fears over changes to Agriculture Bill. Dec 21, 2019 464
Cash on offer for hill and upland support. Dec 20, 2019 312
Integrated farming vital. Dec 19, 2019 218
China makes miracle in achieving food security: UN official. Dec 16, 2019 363
Farmers can get cash aid. Dec 14, 2019 185
PATRICK KRAUSE. Dec 14, 2019 563
'Leave' farmers must live with their decision. Dec 12, 2019 164
Welsh family farm will be a thing of the past - Price. Dec 10, 2019 284
Moir's parting shot over Holyrood fund. GEMMA MACKENZIE Dec 7, 2019 415
Generational Changes in Agriculture: The Influence of Farm Characteristics and Socio-Economic Factors. Sroka, Wojciech; Dudek, Michal; Wojewodzic, Tomasz; Krol, Karol Dec 1, 2019 13456
Wachsen oder weichen!? Eine Analyse der agrarstrukturellen Debatte im Kontext der EU-Agrarpolitik nach 2020/"Get big or get out"? An analysis of the agricultural structures debate in the context of the post-2020 EU agricultural policy reform. Nowack, Wiebke; Schmid, Julia C.; Grethe, Harald Dec 1, 2019 6016
Farming chief attacks policies. GRAEME WHITFIELD Business editor @Graemewhitfield Nov 27, 2019 388
A step closer towards farming that protects the environment. RSPB Cymru Rhys Evans Nov 26, 2019 565
Farmers, tractors headed for Berlin to protest agricultural policies. Nov 26, 2019 259
Failing to plan - planning to fail; TOM OATES, director of YOUNGSRPS, discusses the importance of planning for the future... TOM OATES Nov 23, 2019 526
Parties set out varying paths to a strong sector. EMILY BEAMENT Business writer @Jnlbusinessr Nov 23, 2019 482
Tories' pledge to farmers. Nov 21, 2019 137
Tories pledge farming cash. Nov 21, 2019 450
Latvia has good potential for expanding cooperation with United States - Gerhards. Nov 15, 2019 328
Senate Democrats Slam Trump's $16 Billion Farm Bailout. Wesley Dockery Nov 13, 2019 479
SADC launches Agric project in Botswana. Nov 12, 2019 293
Disagreement rules on where cash should go; Comment: Convergence money divides opinions. GEMMA MACKENZIE FARMING EDITOR Nov 8, 2019 311
'Postcode lottery' of scheme advice; SUSTAINABLE FARMING SCHEME: NFU CYMRU'S RESPONSE. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Nov 7, 2019 591
Defra asked to give funding assurances. GEMMA MACKENZIE Nov 5, 2019 187
Around the World - FRANCE - France's path towards sustainable farming eroded by increased droughts. Oct 31, 2019 431
Unchanged 2021 BPS would give more clarity. Oct 31, 2019 227
Farmers get a windfall. Oct 30, 2019 160
Taiwan government under fire for agricultural policies. Oct 29, 2019 248
Convergence cash to aid farmers in remote spots; Funding: Half 'will go to those it was originally intended for' - Ewing. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 29, 2019 294
Scottish farmers to receive [pounds sterling]80m funding boost from UK government. Oct 29, 2019 416
Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development Calls on Sudanese Government to Amend Agricultural Policies and Investment Law. Oct 27, 2019 110
Minister Taneva: More than BGN 4 Million in Compensations Paid for Crop Lost to Hail. Oct 24, 2019 168
MWAF launches regional agriculture enhancement policy. Oct 21, 2019 368
Call for unity over PS160m boost; SUBSIDY. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 17, 2019 169
EU presidency's proposal on multiannual budget unacceptable to Latvia - Rinkevics. Oct 15, 2019 163
EU provides extra aaA!9 million to support agricultural sector. Oct 15, 2019 787
Farmers need easy access to funds for increasing productivity. Kazmi, Shabbir Oct 13, 2019 831
Bauchi To Prioritise Budgetary Allocation To Agriculture. Oct 13, 2019 461
Reimbursement payments on the way. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 8, 2019 183
Agricultural ministers of Visegrad Cooperation had talks in Prague. Oct 5, 2019 475
NFUS calls for PS160m to be paid as extra top-ups; Subsidies: Convergence uplift 'should be paid out under Pillar 1 of CAP'. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 3, 2019 349
Dozens wait for payments; Farms across region are yet to receive sums for 2017 and 2018. TOM PETERKIN POLITICAL EDITOR Oct 1, 2019 450
CBD in the Clinic: How Practitioners View Life After the Farm Bill: Holistic, functional medicine practitioners see therapeutic value of CBD and have confidence in its efficacy for a range of common health concerns. Goldman, Erik Oct 1, 2019 1655
Improving Modeling of Quinoa Growth under Saline Conditions Using the Enhanced Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender Model. Goehring, Nicole; Verburg, Paul; Saito, Laurel; Jeong, Jaehak; Meki, Manyowa N. Oct 1, 2019 7964
Conflicts of Interests When Connecting Agricultural Advisory Services with Agri-Input Businesses. Wan, Min; Gu, Rui; Zhang, Tao; Zhang, Yue; Ji, Han; Wang, Buyun; Qiao, Yan; Toepfer, Stefan Report Oct 1, 2019 10783
Imperative to orient next government policy towards agricultural sector. Sep 24, 2019 353
Project to boost agric output. Sep 22, 2019 459
Give us our money now, demands Scots minister; Rural economy secretary wants no delay in PS211m payment. Sep 19, 2019 468
Buhari Has Performed Better Than Any Govt In Agriculture a Nanono. Sep 18, 2019 396
Russell up a deal; Letters.. Sep 17, 2019 109
MINAGRI deploys inspectors to strengthen implementation of agricultural policies. Sep 17, 2019 277
Boost to Rural Youth Project. Sep 14, 2019 223
Good riddance to May's unjust treatment of foreign graduates. Sep 13, 2019 899
Funding model will help Welsh farmers to the tune of PS5.2m. Sep 10, 2019 1062
NFU Cymru relieved funding secured. Sep 9, 2019 335
Gov Bala Laments Under Utilisation Of Land For Agric Activities. Sep 7, 2019 321
Post-Brexit cash boost for Scotland. Sep 7, 2019 407
PM gets farm tour as PS51.4m is announced for industry. Sep 7, 2019 391
Delight at PS160m boost for farmers; Union celebrates funding victory after six-year fight. Sep 6, 2019 428
Baltic, Polish agrimins to seek alignment of direct payments. Sep 6, 2019 213
Better late than never: PS160m for Scottish farmers; Subsidy: Long-running spat over allocations settled. Sep 5, 2019 310
Years of lobbying have finally paid off. Sep 5, 2019 171
Double standards in EU's 2021-2027 financial framework are unacceptable. Sep 2, 2019 503
The CBD Craze: Still Only the Beginning: Consumers are craving hemp products, and brands are set to deliver despite regulatory uncertainty. Moloughney, Sean Sep 1, 2019 1620
The CBD Craze: Still Only the Beginning: Consumers are craving hemp products, and brands are set to deliver despite regulatory uncertainty. Moloughney, Sean Sep 1, 2019 1620
Demand for the publication of the Bew Review; Subsidies: UK Government criticised over delay. Aug 30, 2019 345
Some Industrial Hemp Farmers Will Qualify For Federal Crop Insurance Beginning In 2020. Aug 28, 2019 401
Hand over the money that's due to farmers; MSP calls for EU funding to be paid. Aug 23, 2019 417
Experts helping steer direction of rural policies; Knowledge: Input provided from range of fields SRUC's Professor Davy McCracken offers an insight into work at the college's hill and mountain research centre. Aug 19, 2019 420
Smart farming policy can modernise Malaysia's agricultural landscape, says Azmin. Aug 18, 2019 184
Tories pushing for 100% loan payments; SUBSIDY. Aug 15, 2019 223
Hemptown Poised to Profit Following Passage of US Farm Bill -- CFN Media. Aug 8, 2019 1516
Rice Tariffication Law -- Duterte's legacy? Aug 5, 2019 912
How can I stay a supporter of subsidies? Aug 1, 2019 104
Cadiz enters SoCal Hemp joint venture with Glass House Farms. Aug 1, 2019 338
Hemp Day: A look at the complexities, uncertainties and possibilities related to the burgeoning category. Marcarelli, Rebekah; Taylor, Natalie Aug 1, 2019 1943
MPs want rule changes over Scottish agriculture funding; FARMING. Jul 31, 2019 357
Million-pound win for farmer in tax battle with HMRC; 'Bold' ruling favours businessman after lengthy fight in court. Jul 30, 2019 211
UK PM Johnson To Set Out Post-Brexit Agriculture Plan In Wales Visit. Jul 30, 2019 489
Pound falls amid no-deal planning. Jul 30, 2019 287
Give us our PS160m, says rural minister; LETTER. Jul 27, 2019 309
Duterte told to roll out better farm policies. Jul 22, 2019 917
Agri reform bill delayed to the next Assembly. Jul 18, 2019 229
Farmers' Union of Wales getting to grips with big issues facing farming industry. Jul 16, 2019 710
FUW looking forward to 100th Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. Jul 16, 2019 553
'Radical action' on food system needed by 2030; Report: Blueprint set out ahead of exit from EU. Jul 16, 2019 301
Urgent farm aid from UAE, Saudi Arabia to Sudan. Jul 14, 2019 216
I'll end 'poor deal' delivered by EU for Scottish farmers, says Boris; AGRICULTURE. Jul 6, 2019 349
Tunisia has no real agricultural policy, according to UN expert Rym Ben Zid. Jul 5, 2019 1065
Bilawal, Marriyum criticize Jahangir Tareen for announcing agricultural policy. Jul 3, 2019 202
Bilawal, Marriyum criticize Jahangir Tareen for announcing agricultural policy. Jul 3, 2019 339
Future payments must be capped at much lower level - FUW. Jul 2, 2019 393
Climate change management, data sharing and government policies for sustainable agriculture to eradicate poverty. Bokhari, Ijaz Hussain; Khan, Sajjad Nawaz; Khalid, Rashid; Noman, Muhammad Jul 1, 2019 4358
'Cap future payments and save family farms' 'Complete travesty'not to mimic EU proposals. Jun 27, 2019 484
Payments should be capped at far lower level, argues FUW. Jun 25, 2019 397
Farmers are part of the solution, not the problem. Jun 25, 2019 490
Govt working on climate-smart agriculture. Jun 22, 2019 211
Notes From the Field. Kelly, Jill E. Column Jun 22, 2019 1724
General Knowledge Quiz. Jun 16, 2019 377
THE DUKES OF HANDOUTS; MILLIONAIRE ARISTOCRATS BENEFIT FROM MASSIVE PUBLIC PAYOUTS; Ultra-rich landowners with offshore links rake in taxpayer subsidies. Jun 16, 2019 870
Farm within the Subdivisions. Jun 16, 2019 1016
Farm within the Subdivisions Farm: Murphys spent about 18 months restoring the site. Jun 16, 2019 1931
Farm within the Subdivisions Farm: Murphys spent about 18 months restoring the site. Jun 16, 2019 1016
Once slated for redevelopment, Bloomingdale-area farm is restored by Itasca family. Jun 16, 2019 1016
Farm tenants discuss reform. Jun 14, 2019 282
Tk 14,053cr allocation for agriculture. Jun 14, 2019 338
Odisha govt to bring out updated Agricultural Policy, focus on enhancing farmers' income. Jun 12, 2019 498
Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!: Hot Springs CBD maker sells farmers on newly legal crop. Massey, Kyle Jun 10, 2019 2219
Mega-rich landowners with big bank accounts, big country estates.. and big payouts straight from the taxpayer; HOW MULTI-MILLIONAIRES ARE MAKING A FORTUNE FROM E.U. FARM SUBSIDIESMSP calls for offshore tax crackdown. Jun 9, 2019 1222
Group wants greener policies. Jun 8, 2019 129
Farm subsidies go green for nature; 'Public Good'payments ditched in new Brexit and Our Land plan. Jun 6, 2019 532
Warning to implement 'radical' change to subsidies with care. Jun 5, 2019 690
THE GOOD NEWS. Jun 1, 2019 167
Agriculture survives on subsidies. May 27, 2019 778
21,000 Scottish farms 'at risk' ? Potential loss of subsidy payments anticipated to have devastating effect. May 25, 2019 397
Trump unveils $16bn aid for US farmers hit by China trade war. May 24, 2019 118
NFUS wants Defra to act on convergence funding; Dispute: Need to fix a new post-Brexit British budget adds urgency to issue. May 22, 2019 360
Politician BLASTSTORY treatment of farmers. May 17, 2019 219
Ewing demand to Defra over PS110m Cap support; Payments: Scottish Government call over allocation of convergence funds. May 17, 2019 417
Amid tariff concerns, White House exploring farm bailout plans Tariffs: GOP may include farm aid in disaster bill. Paletta, By Damian; Werner, Erica; Post, Taylor Telford The Washington May 15, 2019 1058

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