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Consider Illinois conservation easement options. Submitted by Natural Resource Conservation Service Mar 3, 2021 361
Funding available for easement program. Submitted by Paige Buck, Public Affairs Officer Feb 26, 2021 355
Funding available for Agricultural Conservation Easement Program. Submitted by Paige Buck, Public Affairs Officer Feb 26, 2021 355
Illinois Conservation Easement options. Submitted by Natural Resource Conservation Service Feb 24, 2021 365
Illinois Conservation Easement program has options for farmland. Submitted by Natural Resource Conservation Service Feb 24, 2021 365
Consider Illinois Conservation Easement Program options. Submitted by Natural Resource Conservation Service Feb 24, 2021 365
CHAMPAIGN - State Conservationist Ivan Dozier has announced the application peri. Submitted by Paige Buck, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Jan 6, 2021 243
Get signed up for wetland reserve easements. Submitted by Paige Buck, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Jan 5, 2021 335
Carbon sequestration and selected hydraulic characteristics under conservation agriculture and traditional tillage practices in Malawi. Simwaka3, Pacsu L.; Tesfamariam, Eyob H.; Ngwira, Amos R.; Chirwa, Paxie W. Report Nov 1, 2020 8402
Implication of Urochloa spp. Intercropping and Conservation Agriculture on Soil Microbiological Quality and Yield of Tahiti Acid Lime in Long Term Orchard Experiment. Arantes, Ana Carolina Costa; Cotta, Simone Raposo; da Conceigao, Patricia Marluci; Meneghin, Silvana Nov 1, 2020 11367
Examining Potential Environmental Consequences of Climate Change and Other Driving Forces on the Sustainability of Spanish Olive Groves under a Socio-Ecological Approach. Sousa, Antonio Alberto Rodriguez; Barandica, Jesus M.; Aguilera, Pedro A.; Rescia, Alejandro J. Nov 1, 2020 13190
Effects of Tillage Systems and Cropping Patterns on Soil Physical Properties in Mozambique. Chichongue, Oscar; van Tol, Johan; Ceronio, Gert; Preez, Chris Du Oct 1, 2020 7365
Portfolios of Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in Smallholder Rice-Wheat System of Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains--Crop Productivity, Resource Use Efficiency and Environmental Foot Prints. Bijarniya, Deepak; Parihar, C.M.; Jat, R.K.; Kalvania, Kailash; Kakraliya, S.K.; Jat, M.L. Report Oct 1, 2020 14130
Carbon Dioxide Fluxes and Carbon Stocks under Conservation Agricultural Practices in South Africa. Nyambo, Patrick; Cornelius, Chiduza; Araya, Tesfay Sep 1, 2020 6707
Residue and Potassium Management Strategies to Improve Crop Productivity, Potassium Mobilization, and Assimilation under Zero-Till Maize-Wheat Cropping System. Madar, Raghavendra; Singh, Yudh Vir; Meena, Mahesh Chand; Das, Tapas Kumar; Paramesh, Venkatesh; Al- Sep 1, 2020 14465
Short-Term Impact of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Strength and Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in the South African Semiarid Areas. Nebo, Godwin Iloabuchi; Manyevere, Alen; Araya, Tesfay; van Tol, Johan Sep 1, 2020 6424
Soil-Mediated Effects on Weed-Crop Competition: Elucidating the Role of Annual and Perennial Intercrop Diversity Legacies. Menalled, Uriel D.; Bybee-Finley, K. Ann; Smith, Richard G.; DiTommaso, Antonio; Pethybridge, Sarah Sep 1, 2020 7320
Effect of Tillage, Previous Crop, and N Fertilization on Agronomic and Economic Performances of Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) under Rainfed Semi-Arid Environment. Souissi, Amir; Bahri, Haithem; Cheikh M'hamed, Hatem; Chakroun, Mohamed; Benyoussef, Salah; Frija, A Aug 1, 2020 8392
Agricultural Conservation: A Guide to Programs. Stubbs, Megan Report Aug 1, 2020 10746
Farmers adopt conservation agriculture for food security. Jul 6, 2020 943
Strip-Till One-Pass Technology in Central and Eastern Europe: A MZURI Pro-Til Hybrid Machine Case Study. Jaskulska, Iwona; Jaskulski, Dariusz Jul 1, 2020 8602
Rotation, Mulch and Zero Tillage Reduce Weeds in a Long-Term Conservation Agriculture Trial. Fonteyne, Simon; Singh, Ravi Gopal; Govaerts, Bram; Verhulst, Nele Jul 1, 2020 8931
How to ensure food safety from farm to market. Jun 27, 2020 556
Tillage, Crop Rotation and Crop Residue Management Effects on Nutrient Availability in a Sweet Sorghum-Based Cropping System in Marginal Soils of South Africa. Malobane, Mashapa E.; Nciizah, Adornis D.; Mudau, Fhatuwani N.; Wakindiki, Isaiah I.C. Jun 1, 2020 8142
Cropping System and Rotational Grazing Effects on Soil Fertility and Enzymatic Activity in an Integrated Organic Crop-Livestock System. Galindo, Fernando Shintate; Delate, Kathleen; Heins, Bradley; Phillips, Hannah; Smith, Andrew; Pagli Jun 1, 2020 10417
Weed Management in the Transition to Conservation Agriculture: Farmers' Response. Derrouch, Damien; Chauvel, Bruno; Felten, Emeline; Dessaint, Fabrice Jun 1, 2020 6868
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Establishment Techniques and Their Implications for Soil Properties, Global Warming Potential Mitigation and Crop Yields. Alam, Md. Khairul; Bell, Richard W.; Hasanuzzaman, Mirza; Salahin, N.; Rashid, M.H.; Akter, Nadia; A Jun 1, 2020 24932
Carbon Input and Maize Productivity as Influenced by Tillage, Crop Rotation, Residue Management and Biochar in a Semiarid Region in South Africa. Nyambo, Patrick; Chiduza, Cornelius; Araya, Tesfay May 1, 2020 7602
Analysis shows benefits of conservation agriculture in South Asia. Amin Ahmed Apr 27, 2020 780
Spatial and Temporal Stability of Weed Patches in Cereal Fields under Direct Drilling and Harrow Tillage. Izquierdo, Jordi; Milne, Alice E.; Recasens, Jordi; Royo-Esnal, Aritz; Torra, Joel; Webster, Richard Apr 1, 2020 8334
Innovative Pro-Smallholder Farmers' Permanent Mulch for Better Soil Quality and Food Security Under Conservation Agriculture. Mgolozeli, Sibongiseni; Nciizah, Adornis D.; Wakindiki, Isaiah I.C.; Mudau, Fhatuwani N. Apr 1, 2020 8787
Nitrogen Rate Increase Not Required for No-Till Wheat in Cool and Humid Conditions. Herrera, Juan Manuel; Noulas, Christos; Stamp, Peter; Levy-Haner, Lilia; Pellet, Didier; Qin, Ruijun Mar 1, 2020 9782
Collaboration Designed to Advance Sustainable Agriculture Practices: Nature Conservancy and Tillable hope to increase economic and environmental returns for farmers in the Midwest. Mar 1, 2020 445
Protect your soil for bumper crop. Feb 29, 2020 213
Crop rotational diversity impacts soil physical and hydrological properties under long-term no- and conventional-till soils. Alhameid, Abdullah; Singh, Jasdeep; Sekaran, Udayakumar; Ozlu, Ekrem; Kumar, Sandeep; Singh, Sharden Report Feb 1, 2020 10099
Wilderness Safari pilots agric. conservation project. Jan 19, 2020 492
FAO Reaffirms Its Readiness to Assist Iran in Sustainable Management of Soil. Dec 3, 2019 323
Agronomic Performances of Organic Field Vegetables Managed with Conservation Agriculture Techniques: A Study from Central Italy. Antichi, Daniele; Sbrana, Massimo; Martelloni, Luisa; Chehade, Lara Abou; Fontanelli, Marco; Raffael Dec 1, 2019 21394
Conservation Agriculture Improves Long-term Yield and Soil Quality in Irrigated Maize-oats Rotation. Fonteyne, Simon; Gamino, Miguel-Angel Martinez; Tejeda, Abel Saldivia; Verhulst, Nele Dec 1, 2019 7191
A Technical-Economic Comparison between Conventional Tillage and Conservative Techniques in Paddy-Rice Production Practice in Northern Italy. Calcante, Aldo; Oberti, Roberto Dec 1, 2019 7105
Trends in key soil parameters under conservation agriculture-based sustainable intensification farming practices in the Eastern Ganga Alluvial Plains. Sinha, A.K.; Chosh, A.; Dhar, T.; Bhattacharya, P.M.; Mitra, B.; Rakesh, S.; Paneru, P.; Shrestha, S Report Nov 1, 2019 9533
An Opportunity for Regenerative Rice Production: Combining Plastic Film Cover and Plant Biomass Mulch with No-Till Soil Management to Build Soil Carbon, Curb Nitrogen Pollution, and Maintain High-Stable Yield. Lv, Shi Hua; Dong, Yu Jiao; Jiang, Yuan; Padilla, Hilario; Li, Joanne; Uphoff, Norman Oct 1, 2019 11359
Agronomist's notebook: Planting with accuracy for better yields. Jun 14, 2019 568
Why some farmers enjoy harvest in doubtful climate. May 10, 2019 565
New technologies handy. May 5, 2019 356
Second phase of conservation agriculture project in Siliana, kicked off. Apr 20, 2019 196
Conservation agriculture effects on soil properties and crop productivity in a semiarid region of India. Somasundaram, J.; Salikram, M.; Sinha, N.K.; Mohanty, M.; Chaudhary, R.S.; Dalal, R.C.; Mitra, N.G.; Report Mar 1, 2019 11835
Louis Bromfield and the Pursuit of Agroecological Abundance: The Use and Limits of an Environmentalist Alternative. Hall, Randal L. Report Nov 1, 2018 11891
Conservation Programs in the 2018 Farm Bill. Lichtenberg, Erik Report Oct 1, 2018 4078
Herbicide can save Tk 7,000cr crops annually. Aug 5, 2018 522
Soil biochemical changes at different wheat growth stages in response to conservation agriculture practices in a rice-wheat system of north-western India. Bera, Tanushree; Sharma, Sandeep; Thind, H.S.; Yadvinder-Singh; Sidhu, H.S.; Jat, M.L. Report Feb 1, 2018 13995
Climate change a daily reality in Tanzania. Strong, Geoff Feb 1, 2018 521
TABLE OF CONTENTS. Conard, Rebecca Jan 1, 2018 104
FOREWORD. Brownlee, W. Elliot Jan 1, 2018 1820
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS and INTRODUCTION. Conard, Rebecca Jan 1, 2018 1586
Chapter 1: "SLURBANIZING" THE "VALLEY OF THE HEART'S DELIGHT". Conard, Rebecca Jan 1, 2018 14241
Chapter 2: THE GENESIS OF HOME RULE IN CALIFORNIA. Conard, Rebecca Jan 1, 2018 6738
Chapter 4: FROM HOME RULE TO LOCAL AUTONOMY: PUBLIC FINANCE REFORM. Conard, Rebecca Jan 1, 2018 7234
Chapter 5: THE TENACITY OF PAROCHIALISM: STATE PLANNING, 1929-1959. Conard, Rebecca Jan 1, 2018 7148
Chapter 6: GIRDING URBAN SPRAWL WITH A SLENDER GREEN BELT. Conard, Rebecca Jan 1, 2018 5073
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Conard, Rebecca Bibliography Jan 1, 2018 4328
CCRI developing heat-resistant cotton varieties. Dec 16, 2017 214
USDA Water Conservation Efforts Reflect Regional Differences. Wallander, Steven Report Oct 1, 2017 3208
Conservation Programs Can Accomplish More with Less by Improving Cost-Effectiveness. Ribaudo, Marc O. Report Oct 1, 2017 2947
CBO Baseline and the Potential for Conflicts by Expanding CRP. Coppess, Jonathan Report Oct 1, 2017 3397
Soil Microbial Budgeting as Influenced by Contrasting Tillage and Crop Diversification Under Rice based Cropping Systems in Inseptisol of Bihar. Kumar, Rakesh; Shambhavi, Shweta; Beura, Kasturikasen; Kumar, Sanjay; Singh, Ravi Gopal Report Mar 1, 2017 4994
Long and Midterm Effect of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Properties in Dry Areas of Morocco. Laghrour, Malika; Moussadek, Rachid; Mrabet, Rachid; Dahan, Rachid; Mourid, Mohammed El-; Zouahri, A Report Jan 1, 2017 7194
Impact of reduced tillage and crop residue management on soil properties and crop yields in a long-term trial in western Kenya. Okeyo, Jeremiah M.; Norton, Jay; Koala, Saidou; Waswa, Boaz; Kihara, Job; Bationo, Andre Report Sep 1, 2016 9957
Texas Water Development Board names executive administrator. Jul 1, 2016 160
Netherlands sees prospects of coop in agriculture. Brief article May 8, 2016 275
Conservation agriculture: Systems thinking for sustainable farming. Mitchell, Jeffrey; Harben, Ron; Sposito, Garrison; Shrestha, Anil; Munk, Daniel; Miyao, Gene; Southa Report Apr 1, 2016 2488
Case study of zero-tillage organic soybean production in Brazil. Landers, J.N.; Challiol, M.; Vilela, L.; Lanz, S. Case study Mar 1, 2016 4889
Status and prospectus of conservation agriculture. Zulfiqar, Usman; Maqsood, Muhammad; Ahmad, H. Aftab; Shahzad, M. Asif Report Oct 25, 2015 1136
Role of policy and institutional support in conservation agriculture. Anjum, Shakeel Ahmad; Ehsanullah Dec 21, 2014 789
Controlling native stink bugs in the Southeast. O'Brien, Dennis Nov 1, 2014 883
Climate change mitigation through soil carbon management. Oct 5, 2014 1115
How much soil organic carbon sequestration is due to conservation agriculture reducing soil erosion? Li, Yong; Yu, Hanqing; Chappell, Adrian; Zhou, Na; Funk, Roger Report Oct 1, 2014 8724
Brother tends, teaches on Ohio farmlands. Forgey, Mick Sep 26, 2014 1135
Newly exempted agricultural conservation practices may violate state water standards. Jul 21, 2014 210
Characterization and carbon storage of agroforestry systems in Brazilian savannas of Minas Gerais, Brazil/Caracterizacao e estoques de carbono de sistemas agroflorestais no Cerrado de Minas Gerais. Rocha, Germana Platao; Fernandes, Luiz Arnaldo; Cabacinha, Christian Dias; Lopes, Izabela Duarte Per Jul 1, 2014 4338
Conservation and the Agricultural Act of 2014. Lubben, Bradley; Pease, James Apr 1, 2014 4795
Conservation agriculture produces early Mahangu germination in Oshana region. Hashange, Hilma Dec 13, 2013 777
A small loan goes a long way for better produce. Nov 29, 2013 530
The strategy paradox. Gray, Allan Jul 1, 2013 710
Integrated modeling for conservation policy support. Secchi, Silvia Essay Jul 1, 2013 2751
Longtime Farm Pilot Project Coordination (FPPC) Manager Bob Monley Retires. Jun 5, 2013 391
Applying the private benefit doctrine to farmland conservation easements. Gentry, Paige Madeline Apr 1, 2013 15859
Agricultural conservation & environmental programs: the challenge of data-driven conservation. Doering, Otto C.; Lawrence, Douglas J.; Helms, J. Douglas Report Apr 1, 2013 2912
Saving through preservation: the conservation reserve program plays a vital role. Blomberg, Lindsey Mar 1, 2013 714
Africa is growing green. Oct 1, 2012 630
The effect of different cultivation and residue management on corn yield and water consumption. Ebrahimi, Seyed Mohammadtaghi; Miri, Hamid Reza; Haghighi, Barmak Jafari Report Apr 1, 2012 3558
Soil carbon dynamics under different cropping and pasture management in temperate Australia: results of three long-term experiments. Chan, K.Y.; Conyers, M.K.; Li, G.D.; Helyar, K.R.; Poile, G.; Oates, A.; Barchia, I.M. Report Jul 1, 2011 7550
Eroding futures why healthy soil matters to civilization: the earth beneath our feet is the Earth's infrastructure for the resources that sustain our civilizations-and our futures. A leading agricultural policy expert shows what we must do to save the soil. Brown, Lester R. Jul 1, 2011 5002
10 scholarships from Germany to UJ students. Jul 21, 2010 125
Conservation agriculture: keeping people and wildlife safe. Nierenberg, Danielle Jul 1, 2010 327
Voices from Africa: the South. Nierenberg, Danielle Jul 1, 2010 2542
Bad dates. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 224
ZOOLOGIST; So you want to be a... Oct 4, 2009 698
Genotoxicity of the herbicide 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2, 4-D): higher plants as monitoring systems. Enan, Mohamed R. Report Sep 1, 2009 5258
CRP land: keeping CRP lands where they belong--in CRP. Hart, David Brief article Apr 1, 2009 280
Un meeting leads to forest aid. Brief article Sep 22, 2008 267
Berkeley protesters finally come down. Brief article Sep 22, 2008 233
All for one and one for all. Brief article Sep 22, 2008 351
Washington outlook. Gray, Gerry Sep 22, 2008 948
AMERICAN FORESTS and the Angel Network. Sep 22, 2008 747
Hunting the swamps: Virginia's big-tree hunter leaves no stone unturned nor swamp unexplored in his search for champion trees. Wolfson, Sara Sep 22, 2008 1214
Diet for a healthy planet includes dairy and a little meat. Lang, Susan Nov 1, 2007 644
Do federal conservation programs pay off? Brief article May 1, 2007 147
WTO compliance status of the Conservation Security Program (CSP) and the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Schnepf, Randy May 1, 2007 4601
Building our science base: a viewpoint from the Soil and Water Conservation Society's executive director. Cox, Craig A. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 705
Conservation and environment (50). Womach, Jasper; Becker, Geoffrey S.; Chite, Ralph M.; Cowan, Tadlock; Gorte, Ross W.; Hanrahan, Char Jan 1, 2007 1867
On-farm conservation: get farmers on side first. Davidson, Steve Dec 1, 2006 481
Managing agricultural landscapes" update: presentations available online. Conference notes Nov 1, 2006 184
Fish as farmers: reef residents tend an algal crop. Milius, S. Aug 12, 2006 465
Report offers direction for farm conservation program. May 1, 2006 409
Farm conservation dollars and sense. Jan 1, 2006 503
Buying the Bush Family Reserve. Pyper, Wendy Dec 1, 2005 671
Conservation: are we getting our money's worth? Comis, Don Cover Story Dec 1, 2005 2411
Grappling with the maize question: Nicholas Goche, Zimbabwe's new minister of public service, labour and social welfare, has perhaps one of the most difficult portfolios. He talked to New African on how he is grappling with the maize and other questions. Ankomah, Baffour Jun 1, 2005 808
SWCS releases preliminary findings of CEAP review. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 262
Complete recycling systems for "Waste". (Focus on Biological Engineering). Butterworth, Bill Brief Article May 1, 2003 319
Thinking beyond the farm gate: ACF is working with farmers, scientists and corporations to explore ways of enabling landholders to more effectively work with catchment authorities to restore Australia's rural landscapes to health. Watts, Corey Apr 1, 2003 656
Farmland falling to development. (Update). Mar 1, 2003 343
AFLP analysis of enset clonal diversity in south and southwestern Ethiopia for conservation. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Negash, Almaz; Tsegaye, Admasu; van Treuren, Rob; Visser, Bert Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 5021
Now it's our turn: a viewpoint from the Soil and Water Conservation Society's executive director. (Home Front). Cox, Craig Column Jul 1, 2002 779
Conservation program implementation: a guest editorial written by a leading conservation professional. (Viewpoint). Veneman, Ann Column Jul 1, 2002 1065
How to implement the new farm law. (Notebook). Jul 1, 2002 389
Farm economics to support the design of cost-effective Best Management Practice (BMP) programs to improve water quality: nitrogen control in the Neuse River Basin, North Carolina. Wossink, G.A.A.; Osmond, D.L. Jul 1, 2002 7720
For love of the land: a farmer and conservationist is tired of being on two losing sides. Berry, Wendell May 1, 2002 4025
Livestock producer pilot program. (Notebook). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 356
Impacts of the proposed requirements for manure nutrient management. (Notebook). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 167
Conservation reserve program: effects on soil organic carbon and preservation when converting back to cropland in northeastern Colorado. Bowman, R.A.; Anderson, R.L. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 4511
Conservation becomes integral to farm policy. (Washington Perspectives). Glickman, Dan Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 619
Report seeks expanded use of conservation buffers. (Notebook). Jan 1, 2002 305
Runoff and soil-loss responses to changes in precipitation: A computer simulation study. Pruski, F.F.; Nearing, M.A. Abstract Jan 1, 2002 9304
Clod movement and tillage tool characteristics for modeling tillage erosion. Torri, D.; Borselli, L. Abstract Jan 1, 2002 4180
Using empirical erosion models and GIS to determine erosion risk at Camp Williams, Utah. Bartsch, K.P.; Miegroet, H. Van; Boettinger, J.; Dobrowolski, J.P. Abstract Jan 1, 2002 7850
Using soil properties to predict forest productivity in Southern Illinois. Woolery, M.E.; Olson, K.R.; Dawson, J.O.; Bollero, G. Abstract Jan 1, 2002 7392
Use of continuous no-till and rotational tillage systems in the central and northern Corn Belt. (Feature). Hill, Peter R. Sep 22, 2001 4450
Automated water sampling and flow measuring devices for runoff and subsurface drainage. Zhao, S.L.; Dorsey, E.C.; Gupta, S.C.; Moncrief, J.F.; Huggins, D.R. Sep 22, 2001 4728
Vineyard owners lead in land conservation. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 726
Congress again considers "green" payments to farmers. SMITH, KATHERINE R. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 656
Effects of emergency haying on vegetative characteristics within selected conservation reserve program fields in the northern Great Plains. Allen, A.W.; Cade, B.S.; Vandever, M.W. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 5330
Conservation management effects on soil erosion reduction in the Sichuan Basin, China. Liu, G.; Lindstrom, M.J.; Zhang, X.; Li, Y.; Zhang, J. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 3039
Conservation in the 2002 Farm Bill: Centerpiece or After-Thought. Cox, Craig Jan 1, 2001 1433
Dear New Yorker. Pataki, George Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 182
Who will lead in the next farm bill debates? Moseley, Jim Jun 22, 2000 1666
Flood and Water Quality Management through Targeted, Temporary Restoration of Landscape Functions: Paying Upland Farmers to Control Runoff. Manale, A. Jun 22, 2000 12099
Adoption of Conservation Production Systems in Three Midwest Watersheds. Napier, T. L.; Tucker, M.; McCarter, S. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 9927
The Effect of Site Quality on the Costs of Reducing Soil Erosion with Riparian Buffers. Nakao, M.; Sohngen, B. Mar 22, 2000 7280
Soil quality indicator properties in mid-Atlantic soils as influenced by conservation management. Islam, K. R.; Weil, R. R. Jan 1, 2000 12530
20 YEARS AGO. Dec 1, 1999 126
In Land We Trust. RYAN, FRAN Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 759
CLASSROOM CONSERVATION. Kerlin, Katherine Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 186
Int'l confab on reed bed conservation to open in Shiga. Jun 14, 1999 172
Sharing the land. Bouchard, Carl E. Oct 1, 1998 1249
Conservation coalitions cannot overcome poor conservation programming. Napier, Ted L. Sep 22, 1998 3600
Unique peanuts bring nations together. Becker, Hank Sep 1, 1998 1159
Early experience with Pennsylvania's agricultural conservation easement program. Maynard, Leigh J.; Kelsey, Timothy W.; Lembeck, Stanford M.; Becker, John C. Jun 22, 1998 5422
Valuing agricultural conservation easements. Lassner, Janis A. Apr 1, 1998 3185
Linking with agricultural input suppliers for technology transfer: the adoption of vertical tillage in Bolivia. Thiele, Graham; Barber, Richard Mar 22, 1998 5591
On-farm adoption of conservation practices: the role of farm and farmer characteristics, perceptions, and health hazards. Traore, Namatie; Landry, Rejean; Amara, Nabil Feb 1, 1998 7283
Policy variables and program choices: soil and water conservation results from the Cochabamba high valleys. Hanrahan, Michael S.; McDowell, William Jul 1, 1997 5670
Why targets of regulations do not comply: the case of conservation compliance in the corn belt. Esseks, J. Dixon; Kraft, Steven E.; Furlong, Edward J. Jul 1, 1997 4921
Recent evolution of environmental policy: lessons from wetlands. Heimlich, Ralph E.; Wiebe, Keith D.; Claassen, Roger; House, Robert M. May 1, 1997 4109
Regulation and land-use conservation: a case study of the British Columbia agricultural land reserve. Hanna, Kevin S. May 1, 1997 4516
WEPP: spilling the secrets of water erosion. Becker, Hans Cover Story Apr 1, 1997 2227
Farmers are putting the environment first. Webster, Elroy Jan 1, 1997 2274
Sustaining agriculture in drought years. Quattro, Jim de Jan 1, 1997 2356
Breaking the impasse: helping communities cope with change at the rural-urban interface. Abdalla, Charles W.; Kelsey, Timothy W. Nov 1, 1996 4811
Cost-effectiveness of conservation and nutrient management practices in Pennsylvania. Epp, D.J.; Hamlett, J.M. Nov 1, 1996 6335
Estimating the supply of conservation goods in Britain: a comparison of the financial efficiency of two policy instruments. Whitby, Martin; Saunders, Caroline Aug 1, 1996 6779
Sustainability indicators and soil conservation: a participatory impact study and self-evaluation of the Catchment Approach of the Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya. Thompson, John; Pretty, Jules N. Jul 1, 1996 4857
Conservation farming in southern Brazil: using cover crops to decrease erosion and increase infiltration. Busscher, Warren J.; Reeves, D. Wayne; Kochhann, Rainaldo A.; Bauer, Philip J.; Mullins, Gregory L.; May 1, 1996 1954
Sustainable adoption of conservation practices by upland farmers in the Dominican Republic. Witter, S.G.; Robotham, M.P.; Carrasco, D.A. May 1, 1996 4418
CRP: a wake-up call for agriculture. Dukes, David Mar 1, 1996 2297
Forming a global plant genetics insurance policy. Shands, Henry L. Oct 1, 1995 795
STEEP solutions to soil erosion. Stelljes, Kathryn Barry Aug 1, 1995 1580
How preservation pays. Miller, Molly Aug 1, 1995 3844
Technology for production and environmental quality: are we missing opportunities for complementarity? Ervin, David E.; Graffy, Elisabeth A. Jul 1, 1995 1445
Assessing the impact of the 1985 farm bill on sediment-related nonpoint source pollution. Gomez, Basil Jul 1, 1995 2805
Corn residue cover on the soil surface after planting for various tillage and planting systems. Shelton, David P.; Dickey, Elbert C.; Kachman, Stephen D.; Fairbanks, Kevin T. Jul 1, 1995 4395
Time to "green" U.S. farm policy. Smith, Katherine R. Mar 22, 1995 4595
Assault of the earth. Wilken, Elena Mar 1, 1995 4280
Evaluating landcare groups in Australia: how they facilitate partnerships between agencies, community groups, and researchers. Curtis, Allan; DeLacy, Terry Jan 1, 1995 4415
Integrated pest management and conservation behaviors. Glynn, Carroll J.; McDonald, Daniel G.; Tette, James P. Jan 1, 1995 3382
Public and farmer support for purchase of development rights in the metropolitan Northeast. Pfeffer, Max J.; Lapping, Mark B. Jan 1, 1995 3043
A farm-level case study of sustainable agricultural production. Xu, Feng; Prato, Tony; Ma, Jian C. Jan 1, 1995 4831
Profit and risk for integrated conservation farming systems in the Palouse. Young, Douglas L.; Kwon, Tae-Jin; Young, Frank L. Nov 1, 1994 3946
Survey of management practices used for reserve acreage and grassed waterways. Pike, David R.; Knake, Ellery L.; Hill, Jerry L. Nov 1, 1994 3009
Property rights and tropical deforestation. Mendelsohn, Robert Oct 1, 1994 3178
Prepare for '95 farm bill debate. Steinhardt, Gary C. Sep 1, 1994 344
An alternative approach to administering federal land retirement programs in Minnesota. Behm, David H. Sep 1, 1994 1964
Impact of conservation practices on airborne dust in the southern High Plains of Texas. Ervin, R.T.; Lee, J.A. Sep 1, 1994 4085
New roles for long term cropland diversion. Ogg, Clayton; Kuch, Peter Sep 1, 1994 1139
The court limits land use regulation: the significance of Dolan v. City of Tigard to landowners and policy-makers. Holloway, James E.; Guy, Donald C. Sep 1, 1994 4523
Aggregate economic effects of CRP land returning to production. Taylor, C. Robert; Smith, H. Arlen; Johnson, James B.; Clark, Richard T. Sep 1, 1994 2766
Comparing performance of the 1985 and the 1990 Conservation Reserve Programs in the West. Young, Douglas; Bechtel, Amos; Coupal, Roger Sep 1, 1994 3261
Coalition building for conservation: the Iowa REAP program. Wanberg, David J.; Anderson, Paul F. Jul 1, 1994 2757
Controversy over CRP in Montana: implications for the future. Saltiel, John May 1, 1994 4331
Rehabilitating the ancient terraced lands of Lebanon. Zurayk, Rami A. Mar 1, 1994 3062
Understanding the nutrient management process. Beegle, Douglas B.; Lanyon, Les E. Mar 1, 1994 4773
Why nutrient management? Shuyler, Lynn R. Mar 1, 1994 1739
Best management practices meeting water quality goals. Watson, J.; Hassinger, E.; Reffruschinni, K.; Sheedy, M.; Anthony, B. Mar 1, 1994 3950
Tools to aid management: the use of site specific management. Kincheloe, S. Mar 1, 1994 1924
Keeping agriculture viable: industry's viewpoint. Darst, B.C.; Murphy, L.S. Mar 1, 1994 4286
Technical change in agriculture and land degradation in developing countries: a general equilibrium analysis. Coxhead, Ian; Jayasuriya, Sisira Feb 1, 1994 9750
Land retirement as a tool for reducing agricultural nonpoint source pollution. Ribaudo, Marc O.; Osborn, C. Tim; Konyar, Kazim Feb 1, 1994 6258
Streams of conscientiousness. Becker, Hank Oct 1, 1993 2982
Conservation policy futures: an overview. Ervin, David E. Jul 1, 1993 2429
Selected government policies for encouraging soil conservation on Ontario cash-cropping farms. Stonehouse, D.P.; Bohl, M.J. Jul 1, 1993 4971
Bills introduced into 103rd Congress affecting soil and water conservation. May 1, 1993 1578
Use of conventional and conservation practices among farmers in the Scioto River Basin of Ohio. Napier, Ted L.; Camboni, Silvana M. May 1, 1993 4706
Factors influencing a farmer's decision to invest in long-term conservation improvements. Featherstone, Allen M.; Goodwin, Barry K. Feb 1, 1993 6486
Conserving the Great Plains for all. Senft, Dennis; McGinnies, William J. Aug 1, 1992 2308
Conservation tillage: the role of farm and operator characteristics and the perception of soil erosion. Gould, Brian W.; Saupe, William E.; Klemme, Richard M. May 1, 1989 7329
Keeping some of Marin rural. May 1, 1988 546

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