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Agosto, Denise E. Ed.: Information Literacy and Libraries in the Age of Fake News.

Agosto, Denise E. Ed. Information Literacy and Libraries in the Age of Fake News. Libraries Unlimited, October 2018. 184p. $65.00. 978-1440864186. Source notes. References. Index.

In an era in which the phenomenon of fake news has grown exponentially--along with the audiences that give it credence--this highly relevant text discusses key concepts of fake news, its potential harm, and ways in which libraries and librarians can undertake the role of "information educators." All librarians are uniquely placed, argues editor Agosto, to teach their communities how to "determine the accuracy and authority of online information." In thirteen chapters, the contributors address different aspects of fake news and information literacy. Included are early examples of fake news (including yellow journalism), the relationships between income inequality and literacy, between misinformation and intellectual freedom, and between misinformation and free speech. Other contributors discuss different ways of combatting fake news by the employment of digital, visual, and cultural literacies; the evaluation of sources; and the critical analysis of data. In one chapter, a contributor describes how a public library holds fake news workshops, while two other chapters focus on the role of academic libraries in educating students in information literacy.

Of special interest to youth librarians is Kristen Mattson's chapter, "School Librarians: Partners in the Fight against Fake News"--in which she argues for the collaboration of school librarians with teachers in bringing media and information literacy into the classroom--and the chapter, "Information and Media Literacy Education" by Belinha De Abreu. This timely resource can help youth librarians think of ways to provide teens with the tools to combat fake news.--Hilary Crew

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Author:Crew, Hilary
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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