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Agents cited for Heroism wring Kabul siege.

Then-Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker presented State Department Awards for Heroism to Regional Security Office Afghanistan staff at U.S. Embassy Kabul on July 15.

A group Award for Heroism went to DS special agents, security protective specialists, security engineering officers and Civil Service personnel who came to the aid of embassy staff and visitors while under heavy fire during the insurgent attack on the U.S. Embassy compound and two other locations in Kabul on Sept. 13, 2011.

From a nearby vacant building, insurgents attacked the embassy compound with rocket-propelled grenades, a recoilless rifle and small arm fire. Two other attacks were launched in other areas of Kabul.

The assault lasted 20 hours. At least 10 Afghan citizens in the surrounding neighborhood lost their lives, while five people at the embassy were wounded as the facilities sustained significant damage during the barrage. This was the deadliest attack against Embassy Kabul since its opening in 2002.

Recipients of the group award who attended the ceremony were Security Engineering Officer Ralph Gaspard; Security Protective Specialists Justin Crewse, Raymond Hendrix, Michael B. Porter, Benjamin Vasquez and Dean Wright; Assistant Regional Security Officers Kevin Wynes, Reggie Murdock, Courtney Glass, Kenneth Haynes, Leonard Danquah and Jonathan Toler; and Deputy RSOs Ronnie Catipon and Joe Bopp.

Some of those honored have departed Kabul, were on leave or were away on a mission: Security Program Manager William B. Hodge; Security Protective Specialists Marvin Evans, Leonard L. Lawrence, William S. Rial IV, Herbert L. Moldenhauer, Tin T. Nguyen, Jason L. Smith, Randall B. Taylor and Jeffrey T. Williams; Special Agents Justin E O'Friel, Jeff J. Jacob, Guido P. Muys, Dwight A. Pierce, Kory M. Hammond, Anthony J. McGinley, Daniel Vargas, Evan Tsurumi, Margalit T. Murray-Rosanoff, Lewis P. Scott, Michael R. Conklin, Lee M. Rommel, Kitt D. Christopherson and Joseph M. Lestorti; and Supervisory Special Agents Robert W. Weitzel, James Hine, Lon C. Fairchild, Jorge A. Espinoza and Vance R. Witmer.

Ambassador Crocker, who was nearing the end of his tour at Embassy Kabul, praised RSO staff for their service and dedication, and thanked them for their successful efforts to keep the embassy secure under such extraordinary and challenging conditions.

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