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Agendia and Genecast Biotechnology Partner to Launch MammaPrint and BluePrint in China.

M2 PHARMA-September 19, 2018-Agendia and Genecast Biotechnology Partner to Launch MammaPrint and BluePrint in China


- US-based precision oncology company Agendia, Inc has entered into an exclusive commercial partnership with Chinese cancer testing and diagnostics company Genecast Biotechnology Co to offer the MammaPrint and BluePrint breast cancer risk of recurrence and molecular subtyping tests to patients and their physicians in China for the first time, the companies said.

Under the terms of the agreement, Genecast will hold exclusive marketing and access rights to offer MammaPrint and BluePrint testing in China.

Agendia and Genecast will co-present key data supporting the MammaPrint and BluePrint tests at a satellite symposium during the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting on Friday 21 September at 5:30 PM Beijing time, entitled "Breast Cancer Precision Medicine Symposium."

MammaPrint and BluePrint provide essential genomic information which, when added to clinical factors such as age, tumor size and hormone receptor status, help physicians make informed treatment management decisions, reducing the risk of potential overtreatment and the associated side effects to provide the best outcome for each patient.

Agendia's MammaPrint test analyzes 70 genes most associated with breast cancer recurrence to provide a clear, binary Low or High Risk of distant recurrence result, while BluePrint analyzes 80 genes, which classify a patient's breast cancer into functional molecular subtypes.

The landmark MINDACT trial, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2016, found that almost 50% of patients initially identified with a high risk of their cancer recurring based on clinical and pathological factors and thus candidates for chemotherapy, were in fact low risk according to the MammaPrint test and unlikely to benefit from it.

The results of the MINDACT trial have the potential to spare more than 100,000 women annually with early-stage breast cancer worldwide from unnecessary toxicities and side effects from chemotherapy as well as creating considerable cost savings.

MammaPrint is an in vitro diagnostic medical device, performed as a testing service in a central laboratory, using the 70-gene expression profile of breast cancer tissue samples to assess a patient's risk for distant metastasis. The device is FDA-cleared and CE-marked, enabling use in the European Union.

The MammaPrint Blueprint next-generation sequencing-based kit is a CE-marked device currently available for use in cancer centers in select regions of the world.

BluePrint is an 80-gene complementary laboratory-developed test provided with MammaPrint which allows functional molecular subtyping of a breast cancer sample into three distinct subtypes: Luminal-type, HER2-type and Basal-type, each with marked differences in long-term outcome and response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Agendia is a privately held, precision oncology company that develops and markets genomic diagnostic products. Agendia's breast cancer tests were developed by analysing the complete human genome.

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Date:Sep 19, 2018
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