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Agenda for Action: Policy Directions for Children with Disabilities and Families. Children and Family Series.

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In response to the development of a National Children's Agenda (NCA) to improve the well-being of Canada's children, this document presents specific policy goals to ensure the inclusion of children with disabilities and their families in the NCA. These goals include: (1) establishing inclusive values, rights and approaches for healthy child development; (2) enhancing family economic security; (3) ensuring needed child and family supports at home and in the community; (4) fostering inclusive communities; and (5) strengthening civil society. It is argued that achievement of these five policy goals would provide the conditions for children with disabilities and their families to be fully included in Canadian society. Following sections identify what these goals mean, why each goal is important to including children with disabilities, what is needed to achieve the goals, and strategies to be pursued. Guidelines are then provided for building an inclusive NCA, including ensuring a policy framework that is cross-departmental and cross-governmental and identifying stepping stones for longer term reform. Appendices include a position paper calling for the inclusion of all children in the NCA, research findings on supporting families with children with disabilities, and key ingredients for community services. (CR)

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Author:Bach, Michael
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2000
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