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Agenda Alabama Academy of science Fall 2011 Executive Committee Meeting Samford University.

SATURDAY, October 8, 2011, William Self Propst Hall, Room 033 beginning at 8:00 AM

A. Call to order and approval of minutes of the Spring 2011 Executive Committee Meeting [Minutes on the Academy website]

B. Officer Reports

1. Board of Trustees Ken Marion

2. President Mickie Powell

3. President - Elect Ronald Hunsinger

4. Second Vice President Emanuel Waddell

5. Secretary Janie Gregg

6. Treasurer Bettina Riley

7. Journal Editor Safaa Al-Hamdani

8. Counselor to AJAS Catherine Shields

9. Science Fair Coordinator Virginia Vilardi

10. Science Olympiad Coordinator Jane Nail

11. Counselor to AAAS Steve Watts

12. Section Officers

I. Biological Sciences Ketia Shumaker

II. Chemistry Emanuel Waddell

III. Physics & Mathematics Manmohan Aggarwal

IV. Engineering & Computer Science Qichao Liu

V. Social Sciences Richard Hudiburg

VI. Anthropology Harry Hoi stein

VII. Science Education Janet Gaston

VIII. Industry, Environmental, and Earth Science Janie Gregg

IX. Health Sciences Vacant

X. Bioethics & History/Philosophy of Science Lewis Barker

13. Executive Officer Larry Krannich

C. Committee Reports
1. Local Arrangements                           Prakash Sharma

2. Finance                                      Ken Marion

3. Membership                                   Vacant

4. Research                                     George Cline

5. Long-Range Planning                          Adrian Ludwick

6. Auditing, Senior Academy                     Robert Angus

7. Auditing, Junior Academy                     Catherine Shields

8. Editorial Board & Associate Journal Editors  Thane Wibbels

9. Place and Date of Meeting                    Jimmy Triplett

10. Public Relations                            Vacant

11. Archives                                    Troy Best

12. Science and Public Policy                   Scott Brande

13. Gardner Award and AAS Fellows               Prakash Sharma

14. Carmichael Award                            Richard Hudiburg

15. Resolutions                                 Ketina Shumaker

16. Nominating Committee                        Emmanuel Waddell

17. Mason Scholarship                           Mike Moeller

18. Gorgas Scholarship Program                  Ellen Buckner

19. Electronic Media                            Brian Toone

20. Development                                 Larry Krannich

D. Old Business

E. New Business

F. Adjournment

Minutes of the Fall 2011 Executive Meeting

1. Meeting was called to order by President Mickie Powell at 8:05 am and the minutes from the spring. Exec. Comm. meeting were approved.

2. Local Arrangements Committee - Prakash Sharma gave a report on the annual meeting that will be at Tuskegee Univ. in the Kellogg Center on February 22-24, 2012. JAS will meet in the Engineering Building (registration on February 23 and meeting on February 24). Exec. Comm. meeting on February 22nd with the dinner at 6:30 pm at a cost of $15. Dr. Sharma gave a presentation on the facilities, local arrangements for AAS and JAS, food for breakfasts and lunches, and overall schedule. Rooms are equipped with computers and projectors. Steve Ricks, State AMST1 Director, is being planned as the speaker for the Friday AAS/JAS/Gorgas lunch. Gorgas and JAS students will have a poster session prior to the banquet on Thursday evening. All Senior Academy posters will be displayed from 11:30 AM to 1 PM on Thursday with a box lunch served. Room costs at the Kellogg Center are $99 for single and double rooms. On-line registration will occur on the AAS website using PayPal with a deadline that matches the room reservation deadline (February 10th). After the deadline, non-student registration will will increase by $20 and student by $10..

3. Michael Longmire and Zac Ingram made a presentation on their UAB Science and Technology Honors project to foster more participation in undergraduate research presentations at the Academy meeting. This year they will hold a book award. Next year they will have a monetary award sponsored by Alabama industries and/or organizations that could be scholarships, research support, etc. They were encouraged to contact CUR (Council for Undergraduate Research) and to investigate if their home institution would participate in an award for the student. The Exec. Committee moved to encourage their efforts.

4. Mickie Powell discussed the ongoing efforts to strengthen the Junior Academy and engage more high school students in the Junior Academy competitions. Efforts are underway to interface with AMSTI infrastructure to accomplish this. An Ad Hoc committee was proposed to work with the AJAS and the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium to address the long term issues identified:
  Identify strengths and weaknesses of the system
  Identify people and resources located in each region
  Take an active role in the restructuring of the current districts
  Increase visibility
  Be involved in teacher recruiting and training in each area.

5. Catherine Shields discussed the Junior Academy and her efforts to increase the number of students in the JAS competitions. She encouraged Academy members to attend local and regional science fairs to make contact with students and encourage them to participate in JAS.

6. Ellen Buckner presented the need for funding to support the Gorgas Teacher Fellow. The Exec. Committee agreed that this funding should come from the JAS budget. AMSTI has accepted the Gorgas Scholarship program as an AMSTI Affiliate.

7. Safaa Al-Hamdani informed the committee that the January 2011 issue of the Journal was printed at JSU at a cost of $600 for printing and shipping. He asked for a decision regarding whether to continue printing or to convert to only electronic editions. The committee approved to continue printing and posting of the electronic edition. After reviewing the Journal site, the committee recommended that reviewer names not be posted with the respective Journal issue, but display as a year aggregate on the Journal homepage.

8. Dues renewal requests need to be sent by the Secretary.

9. Travel awards need to be restricted to travel and not be used for registration fees. The committee recommended that $15 vouchers be issued to students so they pay a reduced registration fee. Students from the host institution would only be eligible for the vouchers and would not receive other travel funds. All students receiving travel awards must preregister. The Research Committee is charged with the responsibility to develop guidelines for the awards and publish these on the website.

10. The Long-Range Planning committee recommends that the Development Committee be activated to be involved in fund raising. The President will make two Academy member appointments to this committee.

11. A chair and an additional member is needed for the Date and Place of Meeting Committee. Contacts will be made to find a chair. A host for the 2013 meeting needs to be located. Suggestions focused on institution in the Birmingham area.

12. A suggestion was made to put the list of Gardner award Fellows recipients on the Academy website. In addition the nomination forms will be posted.

13. All the reports from the officers, sections, and committees were reviewed in the order presented in the agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.


1. Call to Order

2. Review/approval of minutes of the Spring 2011 Executive Committee Meeting


See April 2011 Issue of the Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science

B. Officer Reports


Board of Trustees Report

No Report Submitted.


President's Report

I have been working with Ellen Buckner, Catherine Shields, Ronald Hunsinger, Adriane Ludwick, and Larry Krannich to increase the involvement of the senior academy members with the activities of the junior academy. I have sent a letter to all active members inviting them to participate in local science fairs and inform students about the opportunities available through the junior academy and the Gorgas competition for scholarship monies. Please feel free to forward the letter to any interested parties.

It was decided that working with the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative would be the most effective way to reach students and teachers with information about the local competitions and resources. Ronald Hunsinger and I will be meeting with Steve Ricks, the State Director for Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative to inform him about the work of the AAS and to show our support for the junior academy, the state science fairs and paper competitions. We will also be inviting him to speak to the junior academy members and Gorgas competitors at the Friday lunch at this years meeting, if this can be accommodated by the local arrangements committee.

It is my hope that we can transition these students into active members of the Alabama Academy of Science as they move into research at the university level.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mickie Powell

President AAS

Action Item

Establish an Ad Hoc committee to work with the AJAS and the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) to address the long term issues identified by the ad hoc task force above:

* Identify strengths and weaknesses of the system

* Identify people and resources located in each region

* Take an active role in the restructuring of the current districts

* Increase visibility

* Be involved in teacher recruiting and training in each area


Report of the President-Elect

I have contacted all elected committee chairs and officers in order to survey their work, identify any existing concerns/problems and to offer assistance. In most cases, the chairs reported that the committees are operating as expected, i.e., business as usual. More detailed reports of their committee work can be seen in their individual reports. In particular, I conferred with Dr. Emanuel Waddell, Second Vice-President, about his upcoming duties as Chair of the Nominating Committee and offered him my full support in this task. I wish to also express my appreciation for the leadership of President Mickie Powell.

Over the summer, an ad hoc committee was formed to discuss some issues related to the AJAS. Dr. Catherine Shields' willingness to remain the State Coordinator through this year is greatly appreciated along with her organization and leadership skills. Her work in arranging for continued AJAS national student competitions is especially appreciated. The ad hoc committee also met several more times via phone conference to discuss the AJAS further and to consider a replacement nominee for Dr. Shields (at her request). This committee also discussed ways to strengthen and increase membership/participation in the AJAS.

The other major committee item needing our attention is the replacement of Dr. George Cline as Chair of the Research Committee. Dr. Cline has requested this due to an unexpected illness his wife is experiencing and his increased responsibilities as Acting Chair of his department while Dr. Romano deals with a health issue. I speak for the whole academy in wishing the best for George in these situations. His contributions to the Academy have been vital, and we look forward to his return to active leadership in our organization. As a result of this request, the nominating committee brings as an ACTION ITEM the nomination of Dr. Brian Bumes as a member and Chair of the Research Committee.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ronald N. Hunsinger

Action Item

* Nomination of Dr. Brian Burnes as a member and Chair of the Research Committee.


Second Vice President Report

As Second Vice President, I have received information from Ronald Hunsinger, President Elect of the Alabama Academy of Science concerning the duties of the Second Vice President. I have acclimatized myself with the current listing of officers and familiarized myself with the constitution and bylaws.

Respectfully submitted,

Emanuel Waddell



Report See the minutes of the spring Executive Committee and AAS general meeting in the April 2010 issue of the Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science and as posted on the Academy website.

Respectfully submitted,

Janie Gregg


Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's Report for all the Academy accounts is as follows:

Respectfully submitted,

Bettina Riley
9/29/2011 (Cash Basls)
CHECKING ACCOUNT                       Current       $ 1.759.58

Category              2/23/2010-    2/23/2011-       Amount
                       9/29/2010     9/29/2011       Difference


Chem Symposium           $ 394.92           $ -     $ (394.92)

Gate Group Royalty       $ 121.42       $ 77.70      $ (43.72)

JAAS Sutscripitions           $ -      $ 150.00       $ 150.00

JAS Support              $ 250,00      $ 100.00     $ (150.00)

JAS Support                   $ -    $ 1.255.00     $ 1.255.00

Membership Duet        $ 3,935.71    $ 3,429.11   $ (2,506.60)

Other income                  $ -    $ 2.000.00     $ 2.000,00

Publication Income       $ 400.00      $ 500.00       $ 100.00

Science Fair          $ 31.540.00   $ 24,310.00   $ (7,230.00)

Transfer From CD       $ 3,000.00           $ -   $ (5,000.00)

TOTAL INCOME          $ 43,642.05   $ 31,821.81  $ (11,820.24)


Audit Fee                     $ -      $ 475.00     $ (475.00)

Bank Charge                   $ -      $ 123.98     $ (123.98)

Gardner Award Plaque          $ -      $ 226.74     $ (226.74)

Honorarium              $ 3.30000    $ 3.500.00            $ -

Honorarium and            $ 27.45           $ -        $ 27.45


MAS Honorarium         $ 2,025.00    $ 1.000.00     $ 1,025.00

MAS Moiling              $ 142.48           $ -       $ 142.48

MAS Printing                  $ -    $ 3,741.79   $ (3.741.79)

Mason Schorarship      $ 1,000.00    $ 1,000.00            $ -

NAAS Dues                     $ -       $ 99.50      $ (99.50)

Office Expenses          $ 735.30           $ -        $ 35.30

Paper Poster Award     $ 1.890.00      $ 100.00     $ 1,790.00

Printing and                  $ -       $ 20.50      $ (20.50)

Research Grant                $ -      $ 800.00     $ (800.00)

Science Fair INTEL    $ 26.908.71   $ 26,030.00       $ 878.71

Travel Award           $ 1,750.00      $ 120.00     $ 1,630.00

Web Fees                      $ -      $ 179.20     $ (179.20)

Wire Transfer             $ 48.00           $ -        $ 48.00

TOTAL EXPENSES        $ 38,026.94   $ 37,416.71       $ 610.23

OVERALL TOTAL          $ 5,615.11  $ (3,394.90)    (11,210.01)
SAVINGS ACCOUNT              Current          $
                            Balances       2,500.05


Interest Inc     0          2.13            2.15

Other income     0          2.500.00    2.500.00

Transfer From    0          -1.263.23  -1.265.23
Swings to

TOTAL INCOME     0          1,236.92    1,236.92

OVERALL TOTAL    0          1,236.92    1,236.92

CD1                         Current                       $
                            Balances               7,453.10

CD 2                        Current                       $
                            Balances              10,545.27

IAS CHECKING                Current                       $
ACCOUNT                     Balances               7.740.02

G0RGS CHECKING   TOTAL ALL  Current                       $
ACC0UNT          ACCOUNTS   Balances              30,395.02


Journal Editor Report

The following has been accomplished since the last meeting:

* The Alabama Academy of Science Journal Vol. 82. No 1 has been successfully released. In both formats, electronically and hard copy.

* The Alabama Academy of Science Journal Vol. 82. No 2 has been electronically released. However, the hard copy has been delayed.

* I would like to bring to the attention to the members of the academy to become more active in submitting papers to the journal and volunteering to review manuscripts.

* I have met with Stephen Wallace, the Executive Sales Representative for Cengage Learning - Brooks/Cole Pub. and he informed me that they are willing to continue to advertise in the journal.

* I would like to emphasize the importance of establishing successful communication between the editor and both the secretary and the treasury too best serve the Academy.

Respectfully submitted,

Safaa Al-Hamdani


Interim Counselor to Alabama Junior Academy of Science Report

A total of eighteen students representing four regions presented papers at the state competition at Jacksonville State University March 3-4, 2011. Ten students from the Central region, seven students from the South Central region, one from the Southeast region, and one student from the Northwest region presented papers at the state competition. State winners were:
  First place: Pranjal Gupta (Auburn), sponsor Mark Jones
  Second place: Shawn Tuteja (Altamont). sponsors Mary Williams
  and Donna Kentros
  Third place: Peter Johnsen (Altamont), sponsors Mary Williams
  and Donna Kentros
  Fourth place: Olivia Dure (Altamont), sponsors Mary Williams
  and Donna Kentros
  Fifty place: Mary Wills (JCIB). sponsors Catherine Shields and
  Marilyn Niemann

After the resignation of Henry Barwood in the spring of 2011, Catherine Shields accepted the position of Interim State Counselor. It was subsequently discovered that Dr. Barwood had failed to submit the grant application to the Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium (JSHS), therefore the Alabama delegation to the national meeting was not funded. Members of the Alabama Academy of Science (AAS) graciously gave from their personal finances to fund student participation in the national competition. AAS also agreed to support the work of AJAS from their budget to assure that promises were kept to student participants. I cannot adequately express both my personal gratitude and the gratitude of AJAS participants for this sacrificial show of support for the people and the mission of AJAS. The gracious, willing sacrifice demonstrated by the individuals comprising AAS was both moving and inspiring. Subsequent to these events, the national office graciously funded expenses for the top three students to attend the national meeting, along with one chaperone. Peter Johnsen and Olivia Dure were unable to attend the national meeting, enabling the remaining state winners to attend the national meeting fully funded. AJAS remains extremely grateful to both the members of AAS and to JSHS for supporting the program and the people of AJAS.

The national Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) took place April 27 - May 1, 2011 in San Diego, California. Pranjal Gupta, Shawn Tuteja and Mary Wills attended with Catherine Shields chaperoning. Shawn has been a participant in AJAS for four years, and is currently attending Stanford University. Mary is a freshman honors student at the University of Alabama. Pranjal is a senior at Auburn High School and was elected President of AJAS.

Despite efforts to spread the word about AJAS, participation in the program remains low. Although the Northwest region has been active for many years, Vicki Farina was unable to attend this year and has been unable to recruit another teacher to sponsor student papers. One of her students attended the meeting with her mother. The Central region remains active under the leadership of Mary Williams and Catherine Shields. Virginia Vilardi in the South Central region is also active. Mary Thomaskutty is the regional coordinator for the North region, but has not attended the state meeting for many years and has not submitted any student papers.

Work to expand participation in the AJAS Paper Reading and Gorgas competitions continues through the work of Dr. Mark Jones, AJAS Fellow. Dr. Jones will host a booth at the Alabama Science Teachers' Association meeting October 18, 2011 at the McWane Science Center in Birmingham. Previous attempts to expand the program include distribution of fliers at teacher meetings and student science competitions; e-mails, letters, and phone calls to teachers; and maintenance of a facebook page and the AJAS website. Mickie Powell, AAS President, sent a letter in September 2011 to AAS members requesting they attend their local science fairs for the purpose of visiting posters to meet student participants and encourage them to enter both AJAS Paper Reading and Gorgas competitions. All AAS members are encouraged to seek networking opportunities with our target population of high school students interested in scientific research. Students competing in science fair have already completed the project that can be submitted to additional competitions, such as Paper Reading and Gorgas, in hopes of earning scholarship funds. AAS members can help students realize this opportunity and fund their education.

Members of the AAS and AJAS have met by conference call to plan future initiatives for the program. Dr. Ellen Buckner, Gorgas Chair, met recently with Steve Ricks, Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) Director to discuss a partnership between AJAS and AMSTI. AMSTI funds positions for experienced teachers to serve as resources for classroom teachers. As AMSTI personnel are in touch with teachers throughout the state, it would be an efficient method for promoting the mission of AJAS through AMSTI personnel. The idea was well received by Steve Ricks. Mickie Powell, Catherine Shields, and others will pursue meeting further with Steve Ricks in October, 2011.

In September, Catherine Shields submitted a grant to JSHS for AJAS to sponsor the JSHS program in the state of Alabama. As the funding amount has remained at $9,600 for many years, Dr. Shields requested an increase to $12,000 for 2011-12. The increase was granted, with a question about the per capita cost of the program and encouragement to increase participation in AJAS.

The bank account of AJAS was recently moved from Troy, AL to Compass Bank in Birmingham. Catherine has requested that BJ Bateman, State Counselor prior to Henry Barwood, close the account in Troy and send any remaining funds to her for deposit in the Birmingham account.

I remain committed to the AJAS program. However, because the IB teaching schedule and the needs of AJAS peak simultaneously in the spring, I decline the gracious offer of the AAS to be the permanent State Counselor. I continue to function in this role and, along with other AAS members, hope to appoint a permanent State Counselor in the near future. I will continue to serve as a resource person for the new State Counselor and will serve as Associate State Counselor.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Shields,

Interim State Counselor, AJAS


Science Fair Coordinator Report

Seventeen high school students from across the state of Alabama traveled to Los Angeles, California to the 62nd International Science and Engineering Fair. Fourteen came to compete, three came to observe and learn. Intel/ISEF is the world's largest pre - college science and engineering competition. Over 1600 students from 59 countries competed in this event that culminates a year of research and experimentation by these young scientists. The awards are given by category (16 different) or as special awards from over 60 participating organizations.

The 2011 winners from the State of Alabama were:

Special Awards Received:

Acoustical Society of America

Certificate of Honorable Mention, Each winner will also receive a one-year ASA membership Precision Location of Acoustic Sources, Alexander Nathan Finney, I 6, Covenant Christian Academy, Huntsville, Alabama

AVASC-Ashtavadhani Vidwan Ambati Subbaraya Chetty Foundation

Second Award of $500 U.S. savings bond

Developing More Efficient Models of Titanium Dioxide Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Shawn S. Tuteja, 18, The Altamont School, Birmingham, Alabama

American Psychological Association

Third Award of $500

Brain Plasticity: The Effect of Age (A Two Year Study, Olivia A. Dure, 16, The Altamont School, Birmingham, Alabama

IIT College of Psychology

Renewable Scholarship to the IIT Institute of Psychology $15,000 per year for up to four years W, Wh, Why Can't I Have the Job? Listeners' Perceptions of People Who Suffer from Speech Impediments, Rosalyn Jules Langhinrichsen-Rohling, 14, S. S. Murphy High School, Mobile, Alabama

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Society

The Effect of Heavy Metals on Porphyrin Ring Compounds Part Three: Leached Mercury into the Base of the Food Chain near Coal Combustion Waste Disposal Sites, Arina Ghosh, 17, Alabama School of Fine Arts, Birmingham, Alabama

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

For projects that display excellence related to the geophysical sciences.

Certificate of Honorable Mention

Precision Location of Acoustic Sources, Alexander Nathan Finney, 16, Covenant Christian Academy, Huntsville, Alabama

Wolfram Research, Inc.

This award was presented to all of the finalists and observers from Alabama. The finalists were: Courtney Kloske, Joel Tinker, Ellen Price, Arina Ghosh, Alexander Finney, Rosalyn Jules Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Shawn S. Tuteja, Olivia A. Dure, Marie Reuter, Lakshmi Raju, Lindsay Grizzard, Rachel England, Rakesh Goli, and William Davis Haselden. The observers were: Elizabeth Sudeiha, Jodie Tinker, and Megan Moody.

Respectfully submitted

Virginia Vilardi


Alabama Science Olympiad Report

Registration is in full swing! Nationals this year will be close, University of Central Florida.

As for A2, the little Olympians, we had over 60 teams registered last year. Tournaments included University of West Alabama, Auburn University and Jacksonville High School, and they have their dates already set for 2011-2012. Still need a host for an A2 tournament in the Birmingham area.

If we can keep the present folks hosting tournaments (three A2 tournaments, four B tournaments, and four C tournaments) and add a few more, Alabama Science Olympiad numbers could rebound. In addition to the current regional hosts (UWA, AU, JHS, UAB, UAH, UAT, and SHC), I am very appreciative of directors and event supervisors at Huntingdon College as they have agreed to host both B and C State March 10, 2012.

Please consider showcasing your campus, staff and students, and the science department by hosting a tournament! As always, thank you for your support of Alabama Science Olympiad. Alabama Science Olympiad web page: The following is the schedule of tournaments for 2011-2012.


Division A2 Grades 3-6 Olympiad Tournaments

University of West Alabama, Tuesday, Oct 18. Dr. Janis Beard, Univ. of West Alabama, Station 7, Livingston, AL 35470.

Jacksonville High School. February 18. David Peters, 1000 George Douthit Drive SW, Jacksonville, AL 36265. (256) 435-4177,

Auburn University, March 31. Greg Harris & Terry Tidwell, Department of Mathematics, 218 Parker Hall, Auburn, AL 36830 or

Division B Grades 6-9 Olympiad Tournaments

Spring Hill College, March 3. Dr. Carolyn R. Simmons, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Spring Hill College, 4000 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36608

Auburn University, February 25. Dr. Steve Stuckwisch, Department of Geology, 108 Tichenor Hall, Auburn University, AL 36830. (251) 844-6575;

University of Alabama in Huntsville, February 18. Mrs. Vanessa Colebaugh, 5019 Willow Creek Drive, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763. (256) 922-5747,

University of Alabama. February 18. Luoheng Han, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Alabama, Box 870268, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0268, Phone: 205.348.7007, Fax: 205.348.0272.

Division C Grades 9-12 Olympiad Tournaments

Spring Hill College. March 3. Dr. Carolyn R. Simmons, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Spring Hill College, 4000 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36608

University of Alabama at Birmingham. February 18. Miss Charlotte Kent, Box 210, Blount Hall, 1001 14th St. S. Birmingham, AL 35205.

University of Alabama in Huntsville. February 18. Mrs. Vanessa Colebaugh, 5019 Willow Creek Drive, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763. (256) 922-5747 nessacita,

University of Alabama. February 18. Dr. Luoheng Han, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Alabama, Box 870268, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0268, Phone: 205.348.7007, Fax: 205.348.0272. Becky Snow

State Science Olympiad Tournaments

Huntingdon College. State B and C. March 10, 2012. Dr. Sidney Stubbs, Assoc. Vice President for Institutional Assessment and Compliance and Professor of Mathematics and Dr. Jim Daniels, Assoc. Prof of Biology,, 1500 E Fairview Ave, Montgomery, AL 36106 (334) 833-4430

2012 Science Olympiad National Tournament. May 18-19, 2011, University of Central Florida.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Nall


Counselor to AAAS Report

The Annual Meeting is one of the most widely recognized pan-science events, with hundreds of networking opportunities and broad global media coverage. An exceptional array of speakers will gather at the 2012 AAAS Annual Meeting from 16-20 February in Vancouver, B.C.

The theme of "Flattening the World: Building the Global Knowledge Society" is intended to focus the program on the complex, interconnected challenges of the 21st century and on pathways to global solutions through international, multidisciplinary efforts.

Once annually, AAAS sponsors an international conference--four days of symposia, lectures, seminars, workshops, and poster sessions that cover every area of science, technology, and education. Typically attendees hail from nearly 60 countries, and everyone is welcome. Those who join us will have the opportunity to choose from among a broad range of activities, including plenary and topical lectures by some of the world's leading scientists and engineers, career development workshops, and an international exhibition.

Please check out the website at Contains up to date information on science and education news.

We welcome the opportunity for any AAS member to attend the AAAS meeting on our behalf Information about the AAAS can be obtained at

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen A. Watts

B. 12. Section Officers

B-12, I

Biological Sciences Section Report

The final numbers for the 2011 AAS meeting at Jacksonville State University were:
  A total of 39 presentations were made by faculty and students.
  19 talks (1 no show)
  19 posters (1 no show)

6 students were entered in the competition for best talk. The award for the best talk went to:
  Is there a dietary requirement for ascorbic acid in Lytechinus
  variegatus? Warren T Jones, Stephen A Watts, Laura Heflin, Anthony
  Siccardi, III, Mickie L Powell, Victoria K Gibbs, Hugh S Hammer,
  and Addison L Lawrence, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

9 students were entered in the competition for best poster. The award for the best poster went to:
  Expression analysis of a potential male sex determining factor in a
  turtle with temperature-dependent sex determination. Kayla L Bieser
  and Thane Wibbels, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

As mentioned in the 2010 annual AAS report, we feel that it is perhaps unfair to have undergraduates competing with graduate students in these competitions. In cases where there are more than 12 entries in competitions, we'd like to give an undergraduate award and a graduate award for papers and/or posters.

Respectfully submitted,

Katia Shumaker

B-12, II

The Chemistry Section Report The chemistry section participated in the Alabama Academy of Science 2011 Annual Meeting. In addition to the regular Chemistry session (I1) that took place on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 the section participated in a Joint session with the Southeast Society for Environmental Toxicology on Friday, March 4th, 2011. The regular session was attended by approximately twenty presenters and attendees. There were a total of five presenters in the regular session. There continues to be a good representation of undergraduate and graduate presenters in the session. Several presentations resulted in extended discussion. First, second, and third places were awarded to the participants.

The business session included the election of Emanuel Waddell and Nixon Mwebi as Chair and Vice-Chair of the chemistry section.

Several undergraduate students participated in the poster session. Judges were composed of members of the Chemistry section of the Alabama Academy of Science and first, second, and third places were awarded.

Respectfully submitted,

Emanuel Waddell

B-12, III

Physics and Mathematics Section Report

I am happy to report that total twenty seven presenters (Ten oral and seventeen poster Presentations) have submitted their research work for presentation in Physics and Mathematics Section, this year.

Three oral presentations and twelve poster presentations have been entered for student award competition.

Respectfully submitted,

Mohan Aggarwal

B-12, IV

Engineering and Computer Science Section Report

We are pleased to have received 11 paper submissions and 4 poster submissions from a broad range of topics for our 2011 Section meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Qichao Liu

B-12, V

Social Sciences Section Report

No Report Submitted.

B-12, VI

Anthropology Section Report

No Report Submitted.

B-12, VII

Science Education Section Report

No Report Submitted.

B-12, VIII

Industry, Environmental, and Earth Science Section Report

No Report Submitted.

B-12, IX

Health Sciences Section Report

No Report Submitted.

B-12, X

Bioethics & History,/Philosophy of Science Section Report

No Report Submitted.


Executive Director Report

Since March, 2011, I have been involved in the following activities as the Executive Director of the Alabama Academy of Science:

1. Distributed the Local Arrangements Manual to the local arrangements committee at the Tuskegee University to assist them concerning arrangements, program booklet needs, and deadlines associated with the annual meeting of the Academy to be held on the Tuskegee University campus, February 22-24, 2011 with the Executive Committee meeting on February 22nd.

2. Participated in the ad hoc committee conference calls to discuss issues related to AJAS.

3. Prepared letters for distribution in late October to Alabama colleges and universities to solicit financial support for the Journal.

4. Prepared the Call for Papers for the 89th meeting of the Academy that will be distributed to all Section Chairs in hard and electronic copy after November 15th.

5. Met with the auditors who audited the Academy accounts.

6. Prepared IRS Form 1023 to file for reinstatement of the Academy's 501(c)3 status that was revoked.

7. Consulted with Brian Toone, Editor for Electronic Media, to update the website with 2011-2012 officer and committee lists and to re-activate the on-line submission of Executive Committee reports and generate a compiled document for distribution to all attendees at the meeting.

8. Developed a site for intended participation in the Executive Committee breakfast and meeting.

9. Prepared the committee chair report compilation and action items for distribution at the Fall Executive Committee meeting.

Respectively submitted,

Larry K. Krannich

C. Committee Reports


Local Arrangements Committee Report

This report will be an oral report at the Executive Committee Meeting on Saturday, October 8, 2011. P. C. Sharma, Chair, Local Arrangements Committee


Finance Committee Report

The assets of the Academy as reported at the Fall Executive Committee meetings and Annual Spring meetings since 2001 are listed below.
Period        Assets    Change  Period                Assets    Change
             (End of                                 (End of
             Period)                                 Period)

1/1 -        $71,763               1/1  -12/31/2001  $75,813

1/1          $72,197      $434     1/1  -12/31/2002  $72,813   -$3,000

1/1 -        $71,403     -$794     1/1  -12/31/2003  $74,800    $1,987

1/1          $74,265    $2,862     1/1            -  $74,610    -$ 190
-10/26/2004                              12/31/2004

1/1 -        563,895  -$10,370     1/1            -  $65,561   -$9,049
10/26/2005                               12/31/2005

1/1 -        $62,162   -$1,733     1/1            -  $67,555    $1,994
10/26/2006                               12/31/2006

1/1 -        $34,004  -$28,158     1/1  -12/31/2007  $36,435  -$31,120

1/1 -        $25,618   -$8,386     1/1   -3/13/2009  $28,989  -$ 7,446

1/1          $26,937    $1,319     1/1  - 3/23/2010  $26,814  -$ 2,175

1/1 -        $22,144   -$4,793     1/1            -  $24,865   -$1,949
10/1/2010                                2/14//2011

1/1 -        $21,668     -$476
10/1/2011          *

Our finances may be stabilizing but are at a decade low. In view of this and the possible need to additionally support the JAS, the Academy needs to maintain realistic budgets to reflect this and should be ready to consider steps (i.e., dues increase, increased meeting registration fees, etc.) to augment revenue in the near future.

Ken Marion Chair,

Finance Committee

* Does not include $397 in Gorgas checking account and $7,740 in JAS checking account. These accounts have not been included in the table above during previous years; thus, for comparative purposes, they were not included this year.


Membership Committee Report

No Report Submitted.


Committee on Research Report

No Report Submitted.


Long-Range Planning Committee

The following recommendations to strengthen the Academy were generated by the Long-Range Planning Committee at the 201 1 Annual Meeting of the Academy.

* The Academy should initiate fund raising for the Mason Scholarship. The Executive Committee should establish a committee to develop a mechanism for a successful and ongoing fund raising project. The goal should be an endowment fund sufficiently large to generate at least one Mason Scholarship on an annual basis. The use of PayPal, or something analogous to PayPal, is recommended (If PayPal is used, then it will need to be streamlined for donations.). A campaign reaching non-academy individuals, philanthropic organizations, industries, etc. will need to be organized. The fund raising committee will need to develop a realistic timetable for this fund raising activity.

* A committee should be established that focuses on the role of the Academy as related to the Alabama Junior Academy of Science (AJAS), the Science Olympiad in Alabama, the Science Fairs in Alabama and the Gorgas competition. Concerns of this committee should include the financial status of each as related to the Academy, how to involve an increased number of teachers in these activities so as to strengthen each activity, how to publicize each activity and its relationship to the Academy, and what role the Academy can play so as to strengthen both financial needs and personnel needs of each activity.

Respectively submitted,

Adriane Ludwick, Chair

Anne Cusic

Ken Marion

Eugene Omasta


Auditing, Senior Academy Committee Report

A full audit of the Senior Academy accounts was conducted in Spring 2011 and the Treasurer's Report reflects the status of all accounts. The audit determined that not all Academy accounts were being reported on the IRS 990 form and that form had not been filed for the past five years, which resulted in the revocation by the IRS of the Academy's 501(c)3 status.

I have contacted the Secretary, Bettina Riley. In January, 2012 Ms. Riley will make the Academy's 2011 financial records available to me. I will carefully review the records and will submit an auditor's report before the spring meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Angus


Auditing, Junior Academy Committee Report

No Report Submitted.


Editorial Board & Associate Journal Editors Committee Report

No Report Submitted.


Place and Date of Meeting Committee Report

Currently there are no volunteers to host future annual meetings of the Academy beyond 2012. We need a list of future hosts at least through 2013 to assure adequate planning for future meetings.


Committee on Public Relations Report

No Report Submitted.


Archives Committee Report

We need to obtain photographs (especially of members of the Executive Committee), committee reports, minutes of the AAS Executive Committee meetings, and any other materials that may be of interest to our membership. Items that may not seem of interest at present may be of great interest in the future. Photographs of officers and members at meetings are of special interest.

If you have items that you believe may be worthy of inclusion in the AAS Archives, please send them to me or to Dr. Dwayne D. Cox, University Archivist, Auburn University Ralph B. Draughon Library, 231 Mell Street, Auburn University, AL 36849.

Access to our AAS Archives is available 7:45-4:45 Monday-Friday. Dr. Cox has provided the following information relative to access. Archives materials do not go out on interlibrary loan. Patrons can come in and use them according to the donor specifications. Some require special permission from the donating office or persons who made the donation or sometimes the archivist. Materials to be used at night or weekends need to have special arrangements made so they can be pulled before 4:30 in the afternoon (Friday afternoon for weekend use). Copies can be made in most cases and that can be done either by going through InfoQuest or contacting Dr. Cox or the reference desk at 334/844-1732.

I encourage all officers and members of the AAS to donate significant documents, photographs, etc. to the archives.


Troy L. Best



Committee on Science and Public Policy Report

In Alabama, a number of issues of science and education sporadically appear during the legislative sessions. These include various attempts to introduce creationism into the pre-college public school system, to diminish the pervasive presence of evolution in science textbooks, or to cast doubt on evolutionary science.

I'll summarize below a number of developments on these issues this past year.

Creationism in the public schools

A news story during the spring about bibles distributed at the Blues Springs Elementary School (Limestone County) also reported a claim of the teaching of creationism in a fifth grade class during instruction in evolution. In response to this story, a spokesperson with the state Department of Education is reported to have written in an email that "The Alabama Course of Study deals with Theories of Evolution ... Creationism is one of those theories. The Alabama Course of Study presents each of these so that students can draw their own conclusion for themselves." Of course this is not true - the Alabama Course of Study: Science does not provide for the teaching of creationism, and any instruction in creationism is unlawful (documented by in a letter to the superintendent of Limestone County schools by the ACLU of Alabama2. This case is just one of the latest examples of the clashing of local religious standards with public school science instruction.

No legislation concerning science education in Alabama

During the 2009 legislative session, some representatives and senators in the Alabama legislature introduced "Academic Freedom" bills. The language of these bills (copied from similar efforts in other states) identifies them as creationist bills in disguise (but hardly disguised, as descriptor keywords include "creationism, "intelligent design", and "origins"). For unknown reasons, the promoters of these bills did not introduce them in either the 2010 or 2011 legislative sessions, saving us a considerable amount of time and effort compared to the 2009 legislative session.

The cycle of science standards and textbook adoptions in Alabama is interrupted

The "normal" cycle of course standards and textbook adoptions for the K-12 public school systems in Alabama is six years. The state Board of Education directs the processes established by law for the appointment and work of committee members. Normally, during one academic year the curriculum standards governing a course are drafted by members (appointed) of the Course of Study committee, subjected to public review, and ultimately approved by the state Board of Education. During the following academic year, another committee (the State Textbook Committee) is appointed, reviews texts submitted by publishers, and after opportunities for public review, recommends texts to the state Board of Education for adoption. The current science standards was last adopted in the spring of 2005. Textbooks were last adopted 2006, and the list is approved through May 31, 2012.

The National Research Council appointed a committee to draft new framework for science standards, and their report was released July 19, 2011. With the impending release of the report, I understand that the Alabama Dept. of Education held in abeyance the process of revising curriculum standards and science textbook adoptions. The schedule as presently published is for Alabama science standards to be reviewed in 2012-13, with textbooks to be reviewed in 2013-14. I also was told that the new framework for science standards was problematic in part because of its tight integration of evolution in studies of the various sciences. Of course this comes as no surprise to us, given the long history of anti-evolution efforts in Alabama.

So it looks like the "normal" hexennial action on science education in Alabama will not ramp up until next fall.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Brande


Gardner Award & Fellows Committee Report

The Wright Gardner Award was established in 1984 after the name of the Academy's first president who was a great future looking scientist and educator, to honor individuals whose work during residence in Alabama had been outstanding. Persons nominated for this award have included researchers, teachers, industrialists, clinicians, scholars and active members and office bearers of the Alabama Academy of Science.

This is to request each and every member of the academy to publicize to individuals, heads of departments, deans and provosts of colleges and universities about this prestigious award. Please solicit nominations from individuals and different academic and industrial organizations for this award. You are welcome to nominate either by e-mail or mailing a hard copy.

The nominations should consist of the following documents,

(i) Formal Nomination Letter,

(ii) Vitae and at least three letters of references from peers, administrators and one by an expert in the area of his/her research, and

(iii) One page citation that will be used for presentation of the award.

Anything missing from items (i, ii, iii) may result in rejection of the nomination. The closing date for nominations is January 15th of each year. The award will be presented in the Joint Annual Meeting of Junior and Senior Alabama Academy of Science, on Thursday, February 23, 2012, during the awards banquet.

The Fellow of the Alabama Academy of Science designation is made by the Alabama Academy of Science to recognize individuals for their contributions in science and for their services to the Academy. AAS members are invited to submit nominations for this award to the chair of the committee not later than January 15th of each year. Members of the committee should encourage AAS members to submit nominations of outstanding persons. Each nomination should consist of a curriculum vitae and documentation substantiating the person's special contribution to science in Alabama and service to the Academy.

The nominations should consist of the following documents.

(i) Formal Nomination Letter

(ii) Vitae and at least four letters of references from experts in area of his/her research and

(iii) One page citation that will be used for presentation of the award.

Anything missing from items (i, ii, iii) may result in rejection of the nomination. The closing date for nominations is January 15th of each year. The award will be presented in the Joint Annual Meeting of Junior and Senior Alabama Academy of Science, on Thursday, February 23, 2012, during the awards banquet".

Nomination for the Wright Gardner Award and for Fellows of the Academy can be submitted either by e-mail or mailing a hard copy. The address is given below:
  Dr. P. C. Sharma, Chair, Wright Gardner & Fellow Award Committee,
  Head of Physics Department,
  Tuskegee University
  Tuskegee, AL 36088.
  Phone: (334) 727-8998; Fax: (334) 724-3917

Respectfully submitted,

P. C. Sharma


Carmichael Award Committee Report

The Carmichael Awards Committee has reviewed the articles published in Vol. 81 of Journal of The Alabama Academy of Science.

The following article was selected for the 2010-2011 Carmichael Award:

Brian S. Burnes, Determining Sources of E. Coll Pollution in Dry Creek Alabama, Journal of The Alabama Academy of Science, 81(1), 12-22.

The committee will review journal articles published in 2011 contained in volume 82 for the 2012 Carmichael Award.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Hudiburg


Resolutions Committee Report

No Report Submitted.


Nominating Committee Report

No Report Submitted.


William H. Mason Scholarship Committee Report

Last spring the Committee reviewed six completed applications for the William H. Mason Scholarship. After assessing all application materials the Scholarship Committee offered the $1000 scholarship to Mr.

Cory Goble. Mr. Goble accepted the award and is enrolled in the non-traditional/5th year teaching master's program at the University of Montevallo.

The previous recipients of the William H. Mason Scholarship are:
1990-1991  Amy Livengood Sumner

1991-1992  Leella Shook Holt

1992-1993  Joni Justice Shankles

1993-1994  Jeffrey Baumbach

1994-1995  (Not awarded)

1995-1996  Laura W. Cochran

1996-1997  Tina Anne Beams

1997-1998  Carole Collins Clegg

1998-1999  Cynthia Ann Phillips

1999-2000  Ruth Borden

2000-2001  Karen Celestine, Amy Murphy

2001-2002  Jeannine Ott

2002-2003  (Not awarded)

2003-2004  Kanessa Miller

2004-2005  Mary Busbee, Bethany Knox

2006-2007  Kelly Harbin

2007-2008  Michael Hallman

2008-2009  Sheri Sanders Grosso

2009-2010  (Not awarded)

2010-2011  Danielle Morlan

2011-2012  Cory Goble

The announcement for applications will again be sent soon to deans in colleges of science and colleges of education within Alabama. This announcement and the application form can be found on the Academy website Members of the AAS Executive Committee are encouraged to copy and disseminate this information. Deadline for receipt of applications is February 1, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael B. Moeller, Chair


Gorgas Scholarship Committee Report

The 2010 Competition was excellent with finalists from six (6) schools. The final press release is attached. In 2010-2011, the Gorgas Scholarship Competition continued to seek ways to grow the organization of science clubs and entrants to the competitions. Mark T. Jones, PhD, NBCT, began the year are the AJAS-Gorgas Teacher Fellow. He presented sessions at the Alabama Science Teacher Association meeting and has worked to develop connections in several areas. His report and upcoming plans are attached.

We are pleased to report that we have been approved an AMSTI Affiliate. This carries with it the opportunity to provide third year experiences for AMSTI teachers. We will be listed in their brochure and promoted through their network. Dr. Jones is planning to host teacher workshop(s) this summer as part of the affiliation. These will focus on encouraging teachers to participate in mentoring students to enter our competitions.

Due to the loss of AJAS funding for the Spring 2011, there was a major reduction in funds for the Gorgas-AJAS Teacher Fellow position. This comes in the middle of the expected 2-year term for Dr. Jones. In consultation with Drs. Powell and Hunsinger, I would like to propose a one-time allocation of $2500 to match the Gorgas contribution to allow us to finish the 2-year term. If the AJAS funding remains consistent, we can look at possible extending the fellowship for future years. [Action item].

The Committee would like to recognize the many outstanding teacher-sponsors of the students. Their work in encouraging students to enter the competition is instrumental to both the success of the program and to the success of the students.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Buckner, Chair

Action Item:

* A one-time $2,500 allocation to match the Gorgas contribution for the Gorgas-AJAS Teacher Fellow position.



September 26, 2011

Dr. Mark T. Jones

1253 Sanders Street

Auburn, Alabama 36830

Dear Dr. Jones:

Congratulations! Upon review of your application, you have been tentatively accepted to become an AMSTI Affiliate, pending the return of the attached paperwork. We are excited about the opportunity to involve your organization in providing continuing professional development to our AMSTI schools. As you know, AMSTI is looking for organizations that offer this high-quality professional development to our year three and beyond schools, and we are pleased that our reviewers believed your organization met all of the criteria as outlined in the application.

The goal of our AMST1 Affiliate program is to provide the best possible professional development that supports the AMSTI philosophy. As your application meets all of the necessary criteria, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our AMSTI Affiliate program. Your professional development offerings will be listed in a brochure that will be shared with our year three and beyond schools.

Please take the time to complete the attachment with the information that you would like to be included in the Affiliate information and return it to Mr. Benjamin Hicks at P.O. Box 302101, Montgomery, AL 36130-2101 or via e-mail at We will be contacting you in the future to review the preliminary draft of the Affiliate information.


Steve Ricks

AMSTI Director



Report of Mark Jones, AJAS-Gorgas Teacher Fellow

The following activities have been completed or are in progress:

1. Following our application in the spring, we have received a letter notifying us of our approval as an AMSTI affiliate. There is some paperwork to do to finalize the AMSTI affiliate program for teachers this coming summer. This will be designed to be a full day workshop to bring experimental design in to the classroom, extend that based on student interest into outside projects and then science fair projects. Teachers will be oriented on how to take these projects then further to AJAS and Gorgas.

a. A one hour preview of this idea will be presented at the ASTA convention at the end of October.

b. Dates can be set for this summer so that the workshop can be done at Drake Middle School.

c. We may need to discuss arrangements to make this workshop available in other regions. I will need to contact a teacher to host it in their room and we will have to discuss travel arrangements. Target sites would be Mobile, Birmingham, Huntsville and somewhere in west central Alabama.

d. Upon presenting this, I will begin multimedia collection to eventually put pieces of the presentation on the webpage for information purposes and advertising.

2. ASTA convention - I will be giving one session overview of the AMSTI Affiliate workshop and educating about AJAS and Gorgas. I will be present to collect contact information of teachers who might be interested in more information, passing out fliers and advertising our web site.

3. Officers put to work - officers of AJAS will be organized by Pranjal through the new AJAS Facebook page and Gorgas Facebook page. Copies of multimedia information will be posted on these pages and also on YouTube.

a. Officers will populate the page and actively advertised to get friends to join.

b. Officers will complete application form to create AJAS charter memberships at their school.

4. Web site development - I have contacted Brian Toone who has secured a password for me and educated me about how to update the page now.

a. Interviews with Gorgas students will be placed on the page and further Gorgas interviews will be done this year.

b. Interviews with AJAS students will be placed on the page and further interviews will be done.

c. Interviews from the Auburn University Engineering and Science Fair will be done to create multimedia about this level of competition. Examples of projects will be collected to start a multimedia database of ideas.

d. Forms and paperwork have been digitized and will be placed on the webpage as an option.

e. Pranjal Gupta will do a welcome speech for the webpage in general and this will be updated with the new president in spring.

f. A charter membership page will be created with links to Facebook to attempt to get the word out. We will start with officers can go from there.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark T Jones, PhD, NCT

The Gorgas Scholarship Committee rankings of the finalists of the 2010 Alabama Science Scholar Search held at the meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama were as follows:

The winner of the first-place tuition grant of $4000 was: Ellen Price, 815 Parker Avenue, Gardendale, AL 35071, Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, 6100 Old Leeds Road, Irondale, AL 35210, Teacher-Sponsor, Catherine Shields

First alternate and winner of a tuition grant of $3000 was: Peter Johnsen, 5380 Trace Ridge Circle, Birmingham, AL 35244, The Altamont School, 4801 Altamont Road, Birmingham, AL 35222, Teacher-Sponsor, Donna Kentros

Second alternate and winner of a tuition grant of $2000 was: Shawn S. Tuteja, 5193 Selkirk Road, Birmingham, AL 35242, The Altamont School, 4801 Altamont Road, Birmingham, AL 35222, Teacher-Sponsor, Donna Kentros

Third alternate and winner of a tuition grant of $1500 was: Rodah Wangondu, 3811 Old Shell Road, Mobile, AL 36608, Murphy High School, 100 South Carlen Street, Mobile, AL 36606, Teacher-Sponsor, Lisa Sudeiha

Fourth alternates and winners of a tuition grant of $500 each were: Arina Ghosh, 405 Windchase Way, Birmingham, AL 35242, Alabama School of Fine Arts, 1800 Rev. Abraham Woods Jr. Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35203, Teacher-Sponsor, Judith Cantwell; Mary Wills, 7362 Gadsden Highway, Trussville, AL 35173, Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, 6100 Old Leeds Road, Irondale, AL 35210, Teacher-Sponsor, Marilyn Niemann

Unranked Finalists:

Katie L. Dulak, 140 Bowden Road, Titus, AL 36080, Wetumpka High School, 1751 Coosa River Parkway, Wetumpka, AL 36092, Teacher-Sponsor, Virginia Vilardi

Mary McClung, 165 County Road 414, Killen, AL 35645, Brooks High School, 4300 Highway 72, Killen, AL 35645, Teacher-Sponsor, Vicki Farina

Ben McCormick, 7815 North Lake Drive, Trussville, AL 35173, Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, 6100 Old Leeds Road, Irondale, AL 35210, Teacher-Sponsor, Catherine Shields

Jessica Stone, 991 Tarilton Road, Titus, AL 36080, Wetumpka High School, 1751 Coosa River Parkway, Wetumpka, AL 36092, Teacher-Sponsor, Virginia Vilardi

The rankings were established by a panel of judges consisting of department heads, deans and professors from many of the leading universities and industries in Alabama. Winners and finalists in the Gorgas Contest receive offers of tuition scholarships to colleges and universities in Alabama for the study of science. The Gorgas Scholarship Program is named for General William Crawford Gorgas, the Alabama physician who conquered yellow fever in the Panama Canal Zone and later became the Surgeon General of the United States Army. The purposes of the Gorgas competition are to promote interest in science and to aid in the education of promising students.

Information on the annual competition and awards may be found on the website at For further information, contact Ellen Buckner, DSN, RN, Chair, Gorgas Scholarship Competition,, (205) 910-9877.


Electronic Media Committee Report

Website Update

I have made a number of routine updates to the website (announcements, etc ...) as well as these below:

Fall Executive Report Submission Page

I updated the report submission page to gather reports for this Fall 2011 executive meeting.

Spring Meeting

I updated the website template to display a graphic I created indicating when and where the spring meeting will be.

Online Journal

I have created a beta (test) version of the online journal using the first two journal issues for this year. These issues are currently public at the following URL -

Online Membership Application

As of Friday, September 30th, 87 people have up-to-date memberships through the paypal system. Of these, all but 12 people will have their membership expire by the time of our spring annual meeting.

AJAS Donations

Only one person has used the donate button on the front page of the website. I believe the system is working correctly - does this mean that people aren't finding the button or just unable/unwilling to donate?


I updated the powweb accounts so that they may be paid via paypal and went ahead and made the first payment using paypal to pay $111.24 for one year of website hosting. The current Paypal balance is $898.42.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Toone


D. Old Business


E. New Business

This item will be discussed along with the Local Arrangements Report (C1) at 8:30 AM: Students present to discuss the proposal are: Zac Ingram, Michael Longmire, and Alexis Reuschel

1. Students from the UAB Science and Technology Honors Program have proposed a project that would significantly impact the recognition of undergraduate research in Alabama and the paper/poster competitions at the AAS Annual meeting. The overview of the project is to create and present a number of awards to recognize undergraduate research in the state of Alabama and promote participation in the undergraduate competition at the annual AAS meeting. In its first year the goal is to give book awards and a greater monetary prize for excellence in each discipline at the meeting. The focus of these awards is to reflect excellence in different fields of science within the state of Alabama. To do this the awards are to be representative of great Alabama researchers and scientific organizations. In following years it is our hope to develop grant and scholarship agreements with different scientific companies as prizes for the competition.

Action Item:

* Approve the proposed project to elevate the stature of and obtained funding for the annual AAS paper/poster competition


F. Adjournment

Alabama State Board of Education

Governor Robert Bentley President

Randy McKinney, J.D. District I Vico President

Betty Peters District II

Stephanie Bell District III

Yvello M. Richardson, Ed.D. District IV

Ella B. Bell District V

Charles E. Elliott. M.D. District VI

Gary Warren District VII President Pro Tom

Mary Scott Hunter. J.D. District VIII

Larry E. Craven, J.D. Interim Secretary and Executive Officer


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