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Agency gives jobless advice on finances.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Alarmed by the economic hard times hitting the Eugene-Springfield area, a social services agency is distributing advice aimed at helping jobless or soon-to-be-jobless people avoid financial disaster.

ShelterCare's two-page publication, Helpful Financial Hints for Everyday Living, seeks to help people trim their expenses, steer clear of high-interest-rate lenders, and avoid becoming homeless.

One of every five people who call ShelterCare to ask about space in the agency's homeless shelters are still in homes that they either rent or own, said Evelyn Anderton, development director for ShelterCare in Eugene.

"We want to try to figure out how to keep them there," Anderton said. Once a person becomes homeless, the emotional and financial costs of getting them back on their feet grow rapidly, she said.

The leaflet provides sensible basic advice on money. Among the tips: Prioritize your spending, with housing and utility bills at the top of the list; look for alternative housing as a way to cut costs - for example getting a roommate or moving to cheaper digs; be careful about taking out loans, and never take out so-called payday or title loans, which charge sky-high rates for short-term cash; work on cutting out excessive spending on alcohol, tobacco and coffee.

The leaflet also lists financial agencies, homeless shelters and energy-related groups that can help.

The leaflet is available at public libraries and social service agencies or by calling ShelterCare at 686-1262.
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Date:Apr 3, 2002
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