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Age discrimination and children's rights; ensuring equality and acknowledging difference.


Age discrimination and children's rights; ensuring equality and acknowledging difference.

Breen, Claire.



226 pages



International studies in human rights; v.86


Breen (law, U. of Waikato, New Zealand) examines national laws and international human rights treaties concerning children's rights within the framework of non-discrimination and equality. The text considers the role of the State in balancing children's rights and parental rights in several specific contexts. Coverage includes theories surrounding the implementation of children's rights, from historical perceptions emphasizing philosophies of paternalism and paternal authority to more modern conceptions; issues of capacity, choice and consent in medical treatment; human-assisted reproduction and the child's right to identity; corporal punishment in New Zealand and the power of parental rights; the rights of at-risk children in Ireland; and the rights accorded to Irish-born children of asylum- seekers. Nijhoff is an imprint of Brill.

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