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Agaricus bisporus accepted for whole-genome sequencing.

The "button mushroom," Agaricus bisporus, has been accepted for whole-genome sequencing in FY 2008 by the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute. This species is the only member of the Agaricaceae thus far accepted for sequencing and joins a select group of other homobasidiomycete sequencing targets. Agaricus and related genera most often are adapted to exploit leaf litter and related humic components of soils as substrates, unlike ectomycorrhizal and wood- and dung-inhabiting basidiomycetes that have been sequenced. Our proposal has been coordinated at different times by Kerry Burton, Richard Kerrigan and Michael Challen, and includes investigators from several different countries. We appreciate the expressions of support that AMI has generously provided to us over the years as we have worked toward this goal. Further information is available at and

By: Michael Challen, Univ. of Warwick & Richard Kerrigan, Sylvan Research
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Author:Challen, Michael
Publication:Mushroom News
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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