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After you, my Deer; shock at wildlife sanctuary as new arrival makes a surprise entrance!

Byline: CLAIRE HARRISON Nuneaton Reporter

THE birth of a new baby deer took the mother's owner by surprise last week.

Geoff Grewcock, founder of Nuneaton's wildlife sanctuary had no idea Pip the deer was pregnant until the baby arrived.

He had just gone in to give he Muntjac deer who he rescued last year, her evening snack when he discovered the new addition.

"She sleeps with Bramble, our other deer, in a big dog bed," he explained.

"I went in to give them their late snack, about 7pm, she came running up to me and she normally squeaks, then I heard another squeak and I looked behind her and just saw a baby there, lying in blood. The baby is fine, it is absolutely gorgeous."

Geoff and the team at the Oaston Road-based haven were blissfully unaware that Pip, who they had rescued in November, was pregnant.

"Pip came to us, she came in November, she had been hit by a car, she could have died, I stayed up all night with her giving her fluids and she pulled through," he said.

"She must have been about two months pregnant when she came into us, in theory that baby should have died when she was hit by a car. We didn't even know she was pregnant."

In the sanctuary's 16 year history there has never been a birth on site. "I am a grandad," Geoff joked.

"It was unbelievable, it has never happened to us here before. It was unexpected, but lovely."

The team have called the surprise addition Apple: "She is just brilliant," Geoff added.

"Pip is a wonderful mother, it is just beautiful to watch them together." Geoff had a busy week - dealing with a cruel attack as well as a new addition to the family.

He has slammed 'sick people' who attack animals after a duck was brought in with a gunshot wound.

"I had to pull a pellet out of a duck brought in to us, it was shot in midair, there really are some sick people about," he said.

"These are innocent animals and I just think if they will do this to an animal, they would probably do it to a human.

"Sadly, I see a lot of this now, we have a lot of injured animals brought in or we are called out to them, where they have been purposely hurt."

As always, donations are needed to keep the sanctuary open and anyone who would like to help should log on to or visit its page on Facebook.


The baby Muntjac deer is in safe hands at the wildlife sanctuary in Nuneaton

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 21, 2017
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