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After the revolution, Czechoslovakia works hard to enter western markets.

After the revolution, Czechoslovakia works hard to enter western markets

With the iron curtain torn down and hauled off for scrap, Czechoslovakia is enthusiastically working to integrate itself into the Western economic order. At a recent reception celebrating the diversity of Czechoslovakian exports, the spotlight naturally fell on the country's beer.

Czechoslovakia's pilseners have served as the model for the golden lager-type beers now ubiquitous around the globe. However, although brewers from many countries bandy the word "pilsener" about, true pilsener is still brewed in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.

Pilsener Urquell is hailed by many beer enthusiasts as the classic example of the style. The famed English beer critic Michael Jackson wrote of the beer, "No beer lover can fail to respect Pilsener Urquell, nor to seek it at its freshest and refuse to be satisfied until that pleasure has been experienced."

According to the Guinness Import Co., which now handles Pilsener Urquell in this country, the product has been showing remarkable gains in recent months. "While some imports are reporting flat or decreasing sales," said Steve Hauser, Guinness' group marketing director for Pilsener Urquell, "Urquell has posted a 15-percent increase this year. We're thrilled with Pilsener Urquell's gains over the last six months. Although our consumer advertising campaign has only been running a short time, the increased exposure, coupled with a growing interest in products from Eastern Europe has helped spur trial and purchase of our world-class brew."

A second Czech pilsener, produced by another renowned Pilsen brewery, has recently become available to American wholesalers. The Gambrinus Brewery produces a pilsener that is perhaps less renowned than Pilsener Urquell, but equally celebrated by those who know it. Jackson writes of Gambrinus, "a beautifully fresh, aromatic, hoppy pale lager in much the same style as Pilsener Urquell."

Gambrinus pilsener will be imported into the United States by Beauvignot International Inc., which is handling the beer under the name Rosehill Imports.

One of the first containers of Gambrinus will be received by Garal Wholesalers Ltd. of West Babylon, NY, allowing Long Island distributors to the first the catch this latest import wave.

PHOTO : PILSENER URQUELL'S head brewmaster, Pavel Prucha (left), and Steve Hauser, group marketing director for the Guinness Import Co., celebrated the relationship between Pilsener Urquell and Guinness Import Co. Prucha was an honored guest at a recent New York City reception highlighting Czechoslovakian imports to the U.S.

PHOTO : CZECH JEWELS--Beer was not the only Czech import on display. An elaborate fashion show showcased jewelry produced by a Czech fashion accessories company.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 26, 1990
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