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After swaying Japanese, Modi returns home for 100-day celebration.

New Delhi, Sept. 4 -- After swaying the Japanese with his red carpet invitation and pocketing a promise of $ 35 billion investment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned home today in time for his 100-day celebration.

Accepting his new stature, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was at the airport to receive Modi with a bouquet of flowers as he alighted from special aircraft.

Normally, ministers and ruling party leaders don't receive the PM on his return from any bilateral visit. They mostly see him off at the helipad near the PM's official residence. Even this practice appears to have been dispensed with under Modi, and the Prime Minister office circulates his departure statement to the media the evening before the departure.

Swaraj is not known to enjoy close personal rapport with Modi. And she was known to be sulking till she was rewarded with the foreign office. Officials familiar with the 'reception' arrangements said Sushma Swaraj decided to go to meet Modi at the airport to convey her happiness over the "success" of his five-day visit to Kyoto and Tokyo the visit.

Modi tweeted afterwards: "EAM @Sushma Swaraj told me that the visit has generated lot of positivity & optimism in India about our ties with Japan. Glad to know".

Just before he left Tokyo, Modi tweeted his thanks for the hospitality he received with the remark "Yeh fevicol se be zyada mazboot jod hai (this bond is stronger than that of fevicol)".

And on return home, the tweet read: "I thank the people of Japan for the affection, warmth & wonderful hospitality during my visit. Thank you Japan".

This tweet was put out in the Japanese language also.

While the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has set in motion the 100-day celebrations of BJP-led NDA government with a press conference two days ago, there is as yet no official celebration. The expectation is that the Prime Minister himself would release the "progress" card before the week is out.

The Media has however gone into an overdrive to dissect the first 100-days of Modi rule.

One daily said: "Rather than tinkering with policies, Narendra Modi's focus seems to be more on clearing bottlenecks and expediting decision-making. What he will ultimately deliver is anyone's guess, but success or failure, Modi will have nobody to share credit with, or blame".

Another verdict: "Modi's style has been criticised as authoritarian by the Opposition, but his admirers say it is an assertion of authority".

About Modi's foreign policy, Suhasini Haider wrote in The Hindu "Modi brings style to substance".

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
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Date:Sep 4, 2014
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