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After same-sex "marriage" comes polygamy, and then ...?

Toronto ON -- The homosexual newspaper, Xtra, in its January 6, 2005 issue, declares that protection of transsexual and transgendered * people in the Canadian Human Rights Act is next on their agenda. British Columbia's Human Rights Commission has formally recommended the inclusion of gender identity as a protected category and the Ontario Human Rights Commission released its policy document in July 2000 stating, "transgendered people have the right to equal treatment without discrimination." So far, none of the international human rights agencies includes reference to gender identity or sexual orientation.

* The American Psychiatric Association uses the following definitions:

Transgender is generally used as an umbrella term for a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups centered around the full or partial reversal of gender roles. Transgenders can include a number of sub-categories which, among others, include transsexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites, consciously androgynous people, drag kings and drag queens.

A transsexual person establishes a permanent identity with the opposite gender to their assigned sex. Transsexual men and women make or desire to make a transition from their birth sex to that of the opposite sex, with some type of medical alteration to their body. The process of physical transition for transsexuals usually includes hormone replacement therapy and may include sexual reassignment therapy.

As for sexual orientation, which the Supreme Court of Canada read into the Charter of Rights in 1995, it is described by the American Psychiatric Association as including the following: homosexuality, bisexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, transexuality, transvestitism, transvestic fetishism, autogynephilia, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism or sexual fetishism, zoophilia, sexual sadism, sexual masochism, necrophilia, klismaphilia, telephone scatalogia, urophilia, apotemnophilia, coprophilia, copraphagia, toucherism, partialism, gender identity disorder, frotteurism, and frattemism (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition). The Supreme Court did not give a single thought to the fact that sexual orientation was undefined, assuming, apparently, that it just referred to romantic, emotional, or sexual attraction to another person.
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Title Annotation:Canada; political agenda of homosexual newspaper Xtra
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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