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After her constant battle with weight Breda Delaney took up 90-day challenge that changed her life; Following the death of her sister Stella to a heart attack, Kilkenny mother of five discovered the Bobby By Vi programme and lost five stone. By Maeve Quigley.

Byline: Maeve Quigley

Breda Delaney was mourning the sudden death of her sister when she realised that if she didn't change things, it would happen to her too.

The Kilkenny woman spent her whole life going from diet to diet, from overweight to back down but in the past few years the scales only seemed to be going up.

After finding the right way for her, Breda has now dropped five dress sizes and is feeling better than ever.

Breda said her problems began when a traumatic incident at the age of 13 led her to comfort eat.

She added: " I had put on weight but I lost a lot of it again by the time I was 18. Soon after that I got married but sadly my first child was stillborn so I began to comfort eat again."

Happily for Breda she went on to have five children but with each baby her weight kept increasing.

She said: "Different things happened over my life and all the different stresses caused me to comfort eat."

But it wasn't until her sister Stella passed away that Breda began to be concerned about more than how she looked.

Breda said: "My sister Stella battled with her weight all her life and she had every complaint you could think of.

"She died at the age of 54 from a massive heart attack. For years before that the doctors had been telling her if she didn't lose weight she would never see her youngest make his Communion.

"He was just 19 when she died."

Breda added her sister had been on the same cycle of losing and gaining weight but the pressure had put a strain on her heart.

After that stress due to her marriage break-up caused Breda to lose six stone without a diet but soon her weight crept back up.

She said: "I was back in my old habits and one of my sons told me he was going to be a dad. I began thinking I was 49 and that wasn't too far from the age Stella had passed away at. And I thought if I kept going the way I was with my weight I wouldn't be around to see my grandchildren grow up.

"I was wearing flip flops and track suit bottoms as those were the only things I could get to fit me.

"I got depressed about it all and for my New Year's resolution I decided to do something about it."

Breda added she did research as she wanted to try something she hadn't before.

It wasn't until March she discovered the Body By Vi programme Breda said: "My problem was that the idea of being on a diet made me want to eat rather than the opposite.

"I saw the advertisement for Body By Vi and rang them up - the nearest person to me was Waterford."

The Body By Vi Challenge is a specially-designed 90-day programme tailored to suit the need of the individual.

The challenge involves special meal replacement products to help you get back to a healthier way of eating and lose your first 10lbs or build 10lbs of muscle to get you started. Breda added: "I didn't see it as a diet really because I had my shake for breakfast and I really felt that set me up for the day.

"And in my first 90-day challenge I lost 35lbs."

In the second Breda lost 30lbs and now she has lost 5st and has dropped five dress sizes to a svelte size 14.

She said: "The programme doesn't leave you with any lose skin either at it helps you to build muscle as well.

"All I do is a bit of walking, I don't get stressed about dieting or running to the gym.

"I just take my two shakes every day - one in the morning and one at night - because that was always my danger time for food.

"It works differently for everyone but I know I have seen great results."

For Breda, losing weight has changed her whole outlook. She revealed: "I feel like a different person in a new body. I feel absolutely wonderful."

"I started my challenge in April - the same month as my grandchild Georgia was born. Now she's getting bigger every day and I'm getting smaller."

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My problem was that the idea of being on a diet made me want to eat rather than the opposite


BEFORE Breda Delaney back in September 2013 before she took up the challenge

AFTER Following her Boby By Vi programme Breda has dropped to a size 14
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Date:Nov 13, 2014
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