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After hack-attack, Sony promises epic games with U3 and All 4 One.

Sony Corp.'s Playstation lost a couple of gamers after hackers stole private information, including credit card information, from all 77 million members of the PlayStation Network.  With the PlayStation Network back after a month-long layoff, Sony has updated its blog site with new information on upcoming releases Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

"We've developed a unique process for motion capture and performance capture for games," Uncharted 3 Creative Director Amy Hennig explained during a recent tour of Naughty Dog's cutting-edge new mocap studio in Culver City, California.  "We're kind of ahead of the pack."

Ms. Hennig added in a blog post, "The blockbuster success of James Cameron's Avatar proved what many gamers and game developers already knew: Motion capture is the future of performance.  The film's groundbreaking use of mocap technology caught the attention of Hollywood and the game industry, raising interest in perfecting the nascent craft with a combination of new technology, refined processes, and good old-fashioned acting chops."

Uncharted 3 is the third game in the Uncharted franchise, which is created by Sony subsidiary Naughty Dog.  The sequel to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves sees protagonist Nathan Drake and mentor Victor Sullivan travelling around the world to such places as the Rub' al Khali desert, in search of the legendary lost city, the Iram of the Pillars.  In U3, the main antagonist is Katherine Marlowe, a coldly calculating leader of a secret society whose roots date back over four hundred years to the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

According to Naughty Dog, the creator of the Uncharted series, the  Multiplayer Beta for Uncharted 3 will be available WORLDWIDE on June 28, 2011, with early access for PlayStation Plus members or by purchasing specially marked copies of Infamous 2.  Uncharted 3 for the PlayStation 3 is officially scheduled for release in North America on November 1, 2011 and the United Kingdom on November 4, 2011.

Naughty Dog conducted a demo of the U3 burning chateau gameplay sequence at the GDC 2011 in San Francisco California, in March this year.  The demo was presented in stereoscopic 3D, the first time ever outside of the studio.

                         Ratchet & Clank

Sony also announced that developer Insomniac Games is releasing Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One for the PlayStation 3 on October 18, 2011.

The tenth installment in the Ratchet & Clank series, All 4 One follows Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark and Doctor Nefarious work together to escape a mysterious machine known as the Creature Collector and get back.

According to Sony, All 4 One packs an explosive punch by introducing 4-player co-op to the franchise for the first time. Play together online or offline as the greatest heroes (and villain) in the Ratchet & Clank universe form the unlikeliest team in this humorous adventure blending high-powered, accessible gameplay with astounding moments and cinematic visuals.
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Date:May 23, 2011
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