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After cancer scare, Sheryn thankful for new lease on singing career.

That she can still sing today is a 'miracle.'

In 2016, Sheryn Regis was diagnosed with stage 2 thyroid cancer. In comparison with other types of cancer, what she had, the singer said, was relatively less dangerous. But because of the gland's proximity to the nerves that control the vocal cords, there was a possibility, she was told, that she could lose her voice after undergoing surgery.

'The quality of the voice could change forever ... or that I could lose it altogether,' she told reporters at a recent press conference for her upcoming solo concert, 'Back to Love.'

'But I realized that when you're in that kind of situation, you stop worrying about other things-I just wanted to live,' she added. 'I prayed for full recovery. I wanted to be cured, because I have to support both my families in the United States and here in the Philippines. It was tough.'

Fortunately, the surgery turned out well, and her voice shows no discernible sign of deterioration. 'God is good because He gave me a second chance and allowed me to keep my voice,' Sheryn related. 'I held on to my faith. I thought that, whatever happens ... Thy will be done.'

Hurdling that health scare was probably a sign, she thought: Perhaps it was about time to return to local show biz, after spending the past 10 years focusing on her family. 'I still have my voice. Why not use it again?' Sheryn said.

In 2010, she decided to leave the limelight to raise her daughter, Lourdes, in the United States-an incredibly difficult decision, because her career was still going strong back then. 'My kid was turning 7, and I didn't have enough time for her,' said Sheryn, who's based in Houston, Texas. 'I had to be selfless.'

Life was comfortable. And while she gets to perform once in a while through shows mounted by The Filipino Channel, Sheryn still couldn't help but miss the grind of being a full-time professional singer.

'I mostly stayed at home. But I'm not used to not working. I have always been a breadwinner, so I would rather be the one doing the supporting than receiving it. Nakakaloka!' she quipped. 'I admit I got depressed because of it.'

But now that Lourdes is 16, Sheryn figured that she could start accepting job offers without having to worry too much about her daughter. 'I asked her if it's OK if mommy returned to singing. She said yes,' said Sheryn, who started working part-time as a prekindergarten teacher in 2018.

Sheryn, who finished first runner-up in the 2003 singing contest 'Star in a Million,' is kicking off her return to the local scene with her 'Back to Love' show, which will be held on Feb. 28 at Music Museum. Call 891-9999.

'I'm back to what I really love, which is singing,' said Sheryn, whose most popular hit is a revival of Wendy Moten's soul ballad, 'Come In Out of the Rain.' 'Performing for Filipinos is just a different feeling. It makes me happy.'

Sheryn did have some initial doubts: Will she have something to return to in the first place? 'Thankfully, my fans are still there, showering me with love and support,' she said. 'Sometimes, I get to catch up with my fellow singers, like Erik Santos. I thought they have forgotten about me, but they're nothing but supportive, too.'

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Feb 13, 2020
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