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After Rachel went he was all over me ..he knew I was only15 but he still wanted sex; EXCLUSIVE: NEW GIRL TELLS ALL AS WE FIND BRIT 'BRIDE'.

RUNAWAY 14-year-old Rachel Lloyd was found safe in eastern Turkey with her married lover yesterday.

The discovery followed huge publicity by the Mirror.

Rachel's jubilant father, Bob, said in Istanbul: "Thank you, Mirror, for finding my little girl. It's a dream come true."

Rachel is being cared for by social services.

Lover Mehmet Ocack, 24, was arrested. He could be jailed for five years.

But besotted Rachel accepted a marriage proposal from her Turkish lover last night, minutes before he was led to the cells facing charges of under-age sex.

As the runaway 14-year-old wept, beach barman Mehmet Ocack - who already has a wife - asked her: "You like life in Turkey? You want married?"

Clasping his hands, Rachel gazed into his eyes and replied: "Yeah. OK."

Ocack was then led to a waiting police car.

Watching him leave, Rachel wailed: "I love him, I love him."

The youngster, who falsely claimed she and Ocack were already married, was tracked down to her lover's home town of Gazi Antep in eastern Turkey after the Mirror exclusively revealed how she fled Britain on a forged passport to be in Ocack's arms.

Just as Ocack was being arrested Rachel's father Bob, 42, was touching down at Istanbul airport with daughter Beckie, 16.

After learning in a frantic phone call that Rachel was safe and well, he said: "I can't believe it.

"I can't thank the Mirror, the Turkish authorities and the police back home enough. It's my dream come true.

Bob said there was not going to be an immediate reunion with his wayward daughter, adding: "But Rachel has to understand that for now her home is back in Britain."

Grinning Beckie said: "I just want to hug Rachel."

But back home in Wrexham, North Wales, Rachel's divorced mother, Karen, 40, said: "I don't know whether to hug her or shout at her.

"I'm just glad she's safe and well. She needs help."

Police swooped on Ocack yesterday morning after massive publicity surrounding Rachel's dramatic disappearance.

Rachel, who boasts she is pregnant with Ocack's child, is expected to be forced to fly back to Britain over the next few days.

Ocack told Rachel he was already married but, because of his religion, could have four wives. But officials in Turkey insisted any marriage he planned to enter into with Rachel would not have been legally recognised.

A close friend of Ocack denied that the barman - who has had flings with countless women in the past two years at Andy's Bar where he works in Marmaris - already had a wife.

Kamil Goztinar, 33, said: "I've seen his identification card and it says he was single."

Rachel met Ocack while she was holidaying in Marmaris in May.

Kamil said: "If I'd known the girlwas14,I'dhavethoughtitwrong. Butshelooksabitolder. "Rachelmeantsomethingtohim. Theywerebothveryhappy." WhenRachelreturnedtoBritain, shepinedforhernewloverand refusedtogotoschool. InOctober,shereturnedto MarmariswithBeckieandher grandmother,CarolLloyd,60,who sheliveswith. RachelandCarolwhohas encouragedtherelationshipdespite warningsfromsocialserviceswere atAndy'sBarallday,everyday. RachelandOcackevenhadan engagementpartyatthebarwhere theyexchangedrings. Butothersatthepartytoldthe Mirrorhow,withinminutes,Ocack wasuptohisoldtricksgropingand flirtingwithotherwomen. Carolwasdeterminedtokeepher granddaughter's romance alive, even talking about buying a bar so they could run it together.

Kamil said: "The gran wanted to make a good future for both of them."

At the airport, as Rachel and her gran were due to fly home, Rachel refused to fly back and made Ocack take her back to Marmaris.

But a day later, they were discovered.

British Consulate officials became involved and sent the lovesick teenager home.

After Rachel was forcibly returned home she managed to forge a passport and then two weeks ago flew back to Turkey.

She went to Marmaris where Ocack collected her and took her back to Gazi Antep.

But serial seducer Ocack had already cheated on Rachel, demanding sex from another 15-year-old holidaymaker.

Lyndsay Moore said yesterday she had intimate nights out with the Turkish barman from the day Rachel flew home. Factory worker Lyndsay, now 16, said: "Mehmet and Rachel were together on the first week of my holiday but then she had to go home.

"During the second week he would not leave me alone and demanded sex."

But she refused and said: "I'm just glad I wasn't another notch on his bedpost." Lyndsay, who now has a boyfriend at home in Burnley, has been to Marmaris in Turkey with her parents Sylvia and Kevin three times.

She said: "Ocack was charming, muscular, confident and good looking. I think most girls would have fallen for him.

It was tempting to give him what he really wanted in return, which was sex. I'm glad you have caught him out."

British tourists told him that getting engaged to Rachel was wrong.

But he simply replied: "Her gran says it's OK."


RESORT: Ocack worked in Marmaris; CHARGED: Rachel and Mehmet at the airport; ROMANTIC: Ocack bought\ girls roses; PARTY: Kelly, left, and friend Katherine; DRINKS: The girls with Ocack, right
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Date:Dec 14, 2002
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