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After Demosthenes; the politics of early Hellenistic Athens.


After Demosthenes; the politics of early Hellenistic Athens.

Bayliss, Andrew J.

Continuum Publishing Group


277 pages




Bayliss (archaeology and antiquity, U. of Birmingham, England) casts light on the state and practice of democracy in Athens after the Macedonians conquered the city, which modern scholars have tended to compare unfavorably to democracy the Classical period. He discusses the origins of the negative image, ideology, oligarchy, democracy, whether the general Phocion was good or bad, whether Stratocles of Diomeia was an audacious buffoon or shamelessly bold, and whether Callippus of Eleusis was a tin-pot general or a The Generalissimo. The study has been been significantly revised from his PhD dissertation at Macquarie University in Sidney about seven years ago.

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Date:Oct 1, 2011
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