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After Asala, Nancy sings in Yemen.

The Syrian singer Asala has received threats from religious extremist that she will be killed if she proceeds with her scheduled concert in Yemen.

Jiji Lamara, manager of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, said that Nancy will perform in Yemen this coming May.

"Nancy isn't afraid to sing anywhere," said Lamara, "Nancy will sing in any country where she has fans, and listeners that love to hear her music."

Nancy is putting the final touches on her latest song "Khafif Ali Shwai" (Take It Easy on Me), sung in the Khaliji "Gulf States" dialect. The lyrics were written by the Saudi poet Al Naser and composed by Dr. Abed Al Rab Idris.

Nancy has filmed a music video clip for her song "Risalat Salam" (Peace Message). It will be aired on Al Arabia and MBC satellite channels in the coming days.

The new clip is directed by Fady Haddad from Lebanon, and contains in ages of wars and conflicts that occurred in the Arab World. Nancy, standing amongst a group of children, sends a message of peace to the entire Arab world.

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Date:Mar 26, 2008
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