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After 69 CE: Writing Civil War in Flavian Rome.


After 69 CE: Writing Civil War in Flavian Rome

Edited by Lauren Donovan Ginsberg and Darcy A. Krasne

De Gruyter


489 pages



Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes; Volume 65


From a summer 2014 international conference in Edinburgh, 17 papers explore writing about civil war in Flavian Rome from the perspectives of Lucanean lenses; narrating nefas in Statius' Thebaid; leadership and exemplarity; family, society, and self; and ruination, restoration, and empire. The topics include how it all began: civil was and Valerius' Argonautica, civil war on the horizon: Seneca's Thyestes and Phoenissae in Statius' Thebaid 7, Vespasian's rise from civil war in Josephus' Bellum Judaicum, engendering civil war in Flavian epic, and instability and the sublime in Martial's Liber Spectaculorum. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2019
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