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African Renaissance, a Solar Epistemological and Religious Imperative for Afrocentricity. Luyaluka, Kiatezua Lubanzadio Report Nov 15, 2018 7242
An Afrocentric Analysis of Some Zimbabwean Proverbs and Sayings. Ndlovu, Sambulo Critical essay Oct 1, 2018 6202
An African-Centered Approach to Intervening with African American Adolescents Involved in Substance Abusing Behavior. Stepteau-Watson, Desiree; Tolliver, Derise E. Report Sep 22, 2018 7377
Conclusion: Defining, Defending and Developing. Essay Mar 1, 2018 2667
Modern African Women Versus Traditional African Women: A Reply to Simphiwe Sesanti's "African Philosophy for African Women's Leadership: An Urgent Project for the African Renaissance". Omotoyinbo, Femi Richard Report Mar 1, 2018 3901
Answering the Critics. Essay Mar 1, 2018 1161
Preface. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 232
Introduction: The African Centered Paradigm. Essay Mar 1, 2018 1917
Three: Gendered Ecologies and Black Feminist Futures in Wanuri Kahiu's Pumzi, Wangechi Mutu's the End of Eating Everything, and Ibi Zoboi's "The Farming of Gods". Rico, Amanda Renee Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 624
Sankofa: Go Back and Fetch It, Notes on Afrocentric Pedagogy. George, Clarence, III Report Oct 1, 2017 7836
Intellectual Warfare, Theory and Practice: Gates, Thornton, white World Terror Domination and the War on Afrocentricity. Kambon, Obadele Essay May 1, 2017 9605
Beyond intellectual construct to policy ideas: the case of the Afrocentric paradigm. Kumah-Abiwu, Felix Report Apr 1, 2016 9180
Afrikan contribution to international relations theory: an Afrocentric philosophical enquiry. Moloi, Tshepo Mvulane Essay Mar 1, 2016 14209
Afrikan contribution to international relations theory: an Afrocentric philosophical enquiry. Moloi, Tshepo Mvulane Essay Mar 1, 2016 12737
Afrikan contribution to international relations theory: an Afrocentric philosophical enquiry. Moloi, Tshepo Mvulane Report Mar 1, 2016 15813
Afrikan contribution to international relations theory: an Afrocentric philosophical enquiry. Moloi, Tshepo Mvulane Essay Mar 1, 2016 20623
Afrikan contribution to international relations theory: an Afrocentric philosophical enquiry. Moloi, Tshepo Mvulane Mar 1, 2016 20857
How Obama has failed Africa & the essence of African unity. Ankomah, Baffour Interview Nov 1, 2015 1954
The re-conceptualization of Shona and Venda taboos: towards an Afrocentric discourse. Makaudze, Godwin; Shoko, Prosper Hellen Report Jul 1, 2015 6643
Jacob H. Carruthers and the African-Centered discourse on knowledge, worldview, and power. Rashid, Kamau Critical essay Jun 15, 2012 9220
African mythic science or Vodou methodology. Martin, Denise Essay Jun 15, 2012 8088
The implications of Africa-centered conceptions of time and space for quantitative theorizing: limitations of paradigmatically-bound philosophical meta-assumptions. Imani, Nikitah Okembe-R.A. Essay Jun 15, 2012 4461
Following their footsteps: tracing Puerto Ricans' sociopolitical activism in New York city from an Afro-centric perspective. Denis-Rosario, Milagros Essay Jun 15, 2012 7739
Ancient Kemet in African American literature and criticism, 1853 to the present. Temple, Christel N. Essay Jun 15, 2012 8621
Benefits of Afrocentricity in exploring social phenomena: understanding Afrocentricity as a social science methodology. Pellerin, Marquita Essay Jun 15, 2012 5157
African-centered economics and Africana Studies: theory, methodology and curriculum development. Gammage, Justin Report Jun 15, 2012 6048
The intellectual warfare of Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers and the battle for ancient Nubia as a foundational paradigm in Africana studies: thoughts and reflections. Levi, Josef Ben Critical essay Jun 15, 2012 7710
From Diop to Asante: conceptualizing and contextualizing the Afrocentric Paradigm. Karim Bangura, Abdul Essay Mar 1, 2012 9248
Kamili Ville: a community of urban African Youth's Journey to self-love and liberation. Johnson, Tabora A. Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 397
Introduction to the special issue: Africana Studies in the 21st century and beyond. Christian, Mark Report Jun 22, 2010 6049
Naming and defining: a critical link. Mazama, Ama Report Jun 22, 2010 4948
African foreign policy: a question of methodology. McDougal, Serie, III Report Mar 15, 2009 5307
S.M. Guma and the Sesotho historical novel: an Afrocentric perspective/S.M. Guma en die historiese roman in Sesotho: 'n Afrosentriese perspektief. Selepe, T.J. Essay Dec 1, 2008 8653
An essay on God as the bicameral mind: implications for Africological research. Maat, Sekhmet Ra Em Kht Essay Mar 1, 2008 6264
Africana thought-action: an authenticating paradigm for Africana studies. Hudson-Weems, Clenora Sep 22, 2005 4318
Historical Problematic of Afrocentric consciousness. Adeleke, Tunde Mar 22, 2005 7009
Africains-Americains et consommation culturelle afrocentriste. Tully-Sitchet, Christine A. Mar 22, 2003 4884
On the rhetoric of Afrocentricity. Strother-Jordan, Karen Dec 22, 2002 7929
Ebony bookshelf. (Books for the Holiday Season). Bibliography Dec 1, 2002 1286
Sub-Africanities in Africa and the Americas. Jones, Rhett S. Dec 22, 2001 7529
Will the real father of Afrocentricity please stand. Adeleke, Tunde Mar 22, 2001 6319
Equiano's landscapes: viewpoints and vistas from the looking glass, the lens, and the kaleidoscope. Langley, April Mar 22, 2001 11761
Molefi Asante and an Afrocentric Curriculum. VERHAREN, CHARLES C. Dec 22, 2000 11651
Postmodern Daze. SCOTT, DARYL MICHAEL Dec 14, 1998 1974
The Afrocentric Historical and Linguistic Methods. WINTERS, CLYDE A. Jun 22, 1998 7338
Colorism of Black Women in News Editorial Photos. Fears, Lillie M. Mar 22, 1998 4332
Afrocentric voices: constructing identities, [dis]placing difference. Chowdhury, Kanishka Jun 1, 1997 10567
Out of Africa: Tunde Dada makes good selling African culture, from books to clothing. Kimble-Ellis, Sonya Aug 1, 1996 412
Afrocentric marketing not just a niche: with a growing interest and wide range of products, black and white companies are cashing in on this trend together. Wilkinson, Deborrah M. Biography Jul 1, 1996 2461
Race in America: multiculturalism, afrocentrism, and the new democratic framework. Walters, Ronald Apr 1, 1996 2934
Afrocentric fashions - a trend or cultural expressions here to stay? Wilson, Julia A. Mar 1, 1994 320
Afrocentricity, Islam, and El Hajji Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X). Kazi-Ferrouillet, K. Jan 1, 1993 3870

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