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Afro-Cuban Myths.

Afro-Cuban Myths

Romulo Lachatanere

Markus Wiener Publishing

231 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542

155876318X $24.95 1-609-921-1141

The late Romula Lachatanere (1909-1952) was the first Afro-Cuban intellectual to write extensively on Afro-Cuban religious practices. Afro-Cuban Myths: Yemaya And Other Orishas is a collection of myths and tales first published in 1938 under the title "Oh, Mio Yemaya!". The first book to collect a sizeable sample of Cuban myths characteristic of the most widespread Afro-Cuban religion, Regla de Ocha, also known as Santeria, Afro-Cuban Myths is both exciting to read and thought-provoking in its responses to fundamental questions of popular theology and philosophy. Most of the myths are quite brief. Although they are no more graphic or gruesome than uncensored Greek and Roman myths, these uncensored Afro-Cuban fables (just like original Greek, Roman, and many other myths) are emphatically for mature readers only. Afro-Cuban myths includes stories of taboo subjects such as a son submitting to the incest of his mother, and tragic tales such as a wife who sacrifices her ears for her husband yet is then rejected for compromising her beauty. The black-and-white illustrations perfectly complement this recommended addition to mythology shelves.
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Title Annotation:Afro-Cuban Myths: Yemaya and Other Orishas
Author:Stuart, Sharon
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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