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Articles from African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (April 1, 2017)

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Advocacy for biofortification: building stakeholder support, integration into regional and national policies, and sustaining momentum. Covic, N; Low, J; MacKenzie, A; Ball, A Report 4821
An overview of the landscape and approach for biofortification in Africa. Bouis, H; Saltzman, A; Low, J; Ball, A; Covic, N Report 5960
Building the case for biofortification: measuring and maximizing impact in the harvestplus program. Johnson, N; Asare-Marfo, D; Zeller, M; Birol, E Report 4653
Effect of regular consumption of provitamin a biofortified staple crops on vitamin a status in populations in low-income countries. Haskell, M; Tanumihardjo, SA; Palmer, A; Melse-Boonstra, A; Talsma, E; Burri, B Report 5308
Efficacy of iron-biofortified crops. Boy, E; Haas, JD; Petry, N; Cercamondi, CI; Gahutu, JB; Mehta, S; Finkelstein, JL; Hurrell, RF Report 5925
High-throughput measurement methodologies for developing nutrient-dense crops. Guild, G; Parkes, E; Nutti, M; Palacios-Rojas, N; Stangoulis, J Report 4796
Identification of optimal investments. Lividini, K; Fiedler, JL; Zeller, M; Asare-Marfo, D; Funes, J; Birol, E Report 4470
Integrating biofortified crops into community development programs. MacDonald, C; Hilton, B; Dove, R Report 5518
Introducing orange sweet potato: tracing the evolution of evidence on its effectiveness. de Brauw, A; Gilligan, DO; Low, J Report 2996
Iron beans in Rwanda: crop development and delivery experience. Mulambu, J; Andersson, M; Palenberg, M; Pfeiffer, W; Saltzman, A; Birol, E; Oparinde, A; Boy, E; Her Report 9860
Marketing biofortified crops: Insights from consumer research. Uchitelle-Pierce, B; Ubomba-Jaswa, PA Report 3776
Micronutrient (provitamin a and iron/zinc) retention in biofortified crops. Bechoff, A; Taleon, V; Carvalho, LMJ; Carvalho, JLV; Boy, E Report 4127
Orange maize in Zambia: crop development and delivery experience. Simpungwe, E; Dhliwayo, T; Palenberg, M; Taleon, V; Bird, E; Oparinde, A; Saltzman, A; Diressie, MT Report 10609
Progress update: Crop development of biofortified staple food crops under harvestplus. Andersson, MS; Saltzman, A; Virk, PS; Pfeiffer, WH Report 15423
Sweet potato development and delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. Low, J; Ball, A; Magezi, S; Njoku, J; Mwanga, R; Andrade, M; Tomlins, K; Dove, R; Mourik, T van Report 6817
The way forward. Bouis, HE; Saltzman, A; Low, J; Ball, A; Covic, N Report 4665
Vitamin a cassava in Nigeria: crop development and delivery. Ilona, P; Bouis, HE; Palenberg, M; Moursi, M; Oparinde, A Report 8470

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