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African Development Foundation.

The FY 2009 request of $30 million will fund the African Development Foundation (ADF) to provide African-owned, small enterprises with the essential capital, technology, technical assistance, and training they need to grow, generate new jobs in Africa's poorest communities, and deliver significant increases in income to their employees and others involved in their production chain. The funding will also help smallholder farming groups and small-scale agricultural processors access the global economy by providing them with resources to diversify their production, create value-added products, satisfy international quality standards, and market their products to regional and overseas buyers. Finally, ADF will work with community-based organizations to help meet the economic and social needs of those at the lower end of the spectrum in the 17 African countries where the Foundation operates.

The ADF will leverage its annual appropriation and increase its impact by securing donations from African governments, other donor organizations, and the private sector.
African Development Foundation

African Development 22,800 -- 29,757 -- 30,000
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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