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Articles from African Business (May 1, 2007)

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2010: too much of a good thing? As we continue to monitor South Africa's preparations for the 2010 World Cup, we have received assurances that contrary to the pessimistic note in our last issue, the country is well on track to achieve all of its infrastructure plans. The problem, now, as Tom Nevin reports, is that it might be too preoccupied with 2010. Nevin, Tom 1525
A steady hand on the tiller: after one year in office, Tanzania's new president, Jakaya Kikwete's main role appears to be to maintain the momentum of the country's economic transformation, but, Neil Ford reports, the country will look to him to lead the charge in increasing inward investments. Ford, Neil 1545
AB guide to African currencies. Statistical table 505
Africa and the Middle East: a new front; Middle East money is pouring into Africa as investors turn away from traditional Western markets to take advantage of the continent's huge potential. Mark Sorbara reports. Sorbara, Mark 1445
Africa: cradle of civilisation. Fofack, Hippolyte 1954
Alex Cummings obligations of success: Alexander B. Cummings, president and chief operating officer, Africa Group, the Coca-Cola Company, talks to African Business Editor, Anver Versi. Versi, Anver Interview 1871
Annan to chair MIF Prize committee. Brief article 233
Avoiding disaster. 3523
Cape Town lures call centres. Brief article 134
China good for Africa: development must be human-based. Loh, Stephen E.K. Letter to the editor 503
Church considers its past. Brief article 124
Different captain, same chart? In Nigerian the question is whether the country's economic direction will alter according to which party wins the elections. Neil Ford ponders the matter. Ford, Neil 1513
Few bumps on privatisation path: Malawi's privatisation programme has been rated as one of Africa's most successful initiatives despite criticisms over some aspects of the divestiture exercise. Lameck Masina reports. Masina, Lameck 1597
Fuel shortage hits business hard: increased demand for fuel has led to shortages of diesel and petrol, with pumps running dry in both western Kenya and Uganda. Stuart Price reports from Kampala on how businesses are trying to cope. Price, Stuart 1619
Ghana power crisis now critical: Ghana's acute shortage of power for both domestic and industrial users is reaching crisis point. Stephen Gyasi Jnr. reports from Accra on efforts to head off the looming blackout. Gyasi, Stephen 660
Home sweet home. Versi, Anver Editorial 884
King coal ponders renewables: South Africa's energy sector has long been dominated by coal-fired generation. Government insists that it wants more renewables in the mix, but little progress has been made so far. Neil Ford reports. Ford, Neil 1679
Managed exchange of skills. Kezaala, Robert Letter to the editor 135
New UN anti-slavery fund. Brief article 143
New, affordable PC. Brief article 159
Private capital better than aid: there is little to show for the more than $320bn of aid committed to Africa since the 1970s but the story is very different for private capital. It stimulates local economies, creates knowledge and transfers skills. Africa, urges our columnist, should seek out more private investment capital. Siddiqi, Moin 1598
Solar airport for Uganda. Brief article 156
The African Development Bank Group. 403
The family silver for hire: one of the most heated debates in Africa has been over the issue of the privatisation of state-owned organisations. Some countries have gone for a middle way by appointing private management to run state assets. Will this approach do the trick? Neil Ford discusses. Ford, Neil 1513
The globalisation of identity: African citizens of the world. Letter to the editor 543
The Mauritanian minstrel: exploration and originality. 778
The Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative: emerging issues & challenges for the way forward. 869
The world's favourite diplomat: A Man of Peace in a World of War. Book review 1657
The Zimbabwe debate: opinions down south. Field, Rosie Letter to the editor 604
Virgin flies East Africa. 115
Wanting more: a grateful reader. Ucheku, Jacob Letter to the editor 250

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