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Articles from African Business (June 1, 2004)

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AB guide to African currencies. Illustration 444
Abuja the first choice for investors. Interview 732
Africa's goals: forget the past, look to the future. Letter to the Editor 729
Africa's rail renaissance: large sums of money are being spent all over Africa to reconstruct old railway systems and install new ones. The advantages of rail over road have been obvious for quite a while but investment has been lacking. Now the money is there. Is this a new age for African transport? Asks Neil Ford. Ford, Neil 1583
African media: we are also part of the problem. Allan, Daniel A. Letter to the Editor 368
Agriculture: Kelpak--turning seaweed into big cash. 1522
Angola battles human rights groups: the government of oil-rich Angola and human rights organisations are locked in combat over claims of harsh treatment of migrant workers and financial scandals in the oil industry. Milan Vesely has the details. Vesely, Milan 1461
Benefits of a cleaner Africa: despite the disappintment of many African countries over the lack of implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, the Clean Development Mechanism holds out some attractive benefits. Stephen Williams reports. Williams, Stephen 1439
Causes of poverty: is it just our fate? Loh, Stephen E.K. Letter to the Editor 211
E African Customs Union will spur economic growth: the long awaited East African Customs Union Treaty was finally signed at the beginning of March. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have agreed on a system of tariffs that remove the major obstacles to increased trade within the region. Neil Ford reports. Ford, Neil 1526
Ebony festival triumph of African enterprise: the historic Goree island in Senegal will be the focus of one of greatest cultural celebrations of the year, the Coca-Cola Ebony Festival. It will also be a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of two young African women Story by Anver Versi, editor of African Business which is proud to be associated with the event as a media partner. Versi, Anver 1180
Eldorado Eldoret: Eldoret in Kenya has produced more champion runners than any other town in the world. These international stars, in turn, have ploughed their winning back into the town and made it the envy of East Africa. Milan Vesely reports. Vesely, Milan 745
Empires of Profit: Commerce, Conquest and Corporate Responsibility. Book Review 312
Enough talk; Africa now wants results. Versi, Anver Interview 3080
Fill in this questionnaire and win a free subscription*. 197
Global Corruption Report 2004. Book Review 285
Investment flows: private capital by-passing poor countries. Brief Article 119
Investment: 3,000 flock to Libya's trade fair. Brief Article 106
Ivorian conflict dissuades investors: at present, Cote d'Ivoire has a small oil and gas sector but its potential, according to industry experts, is large. However, political instability has brought promising new discoveries to a complete halt, robbing the country of urgently needed income. Ford, Neil 1232
Leadership: Sam says goodbye. Brief Article 103
Legal: Lesotho corruption appeal backfires. Brief Article 129
Movers and Shakers: The Brains and Bravado Behind Business. Book Review 298
Nepad peer review: Kenya delays scrutiny. Brief Article 98
Nothing is trickling down: although Kenya's economy has been improving, the current 'trickle-down' theory, argues John Kamau, is just not working. Kamau, John 693
Paris club debt: penalties skyrocket Nigeria's foreign debts. Brief Article 121
Penny shares become sexy: small listings on African stock exchanges, as well as bourses throughout the world, are suddenly back in vogue and posting returns their gilt counterparts are finding impossible to match. Nevin, Tom 1516
Ports head for privatisation: the long overdue reform of Nigeria's notoriously ill managed ports is expected to take the form of awarding contracts to private companies in the near future. But union opposition is intense. Who will win? Asks Neil Ford. Ford, Neil 1249
Privatisation: Nigeria to sell shares in oil refineries. Brief Article 102
Privatisation: zim state assets under the hammer. Brief Article 110
Prize letter: win a free annual subscription! Letter to the Editor 98
State wheels just a little wobbly: while on the surface little seems to be changing in Cameroon, this year's presidential elections could be the beginning of something radically new. Analysis by Neil Ford. Ford, Neil 1563
Technology delivering 'amazing' results: applying new technologies, even as basic as hand-held computer systems, is changing the face of health-care in Africa. The results, as Bianca Wright reports, have been amazing. Wright, Bianca 1533
Telecoms: jumbo-size cellphone problem. Brief Article 110
The Bamako locomotive: from savannah Blues to Manding rock. Sound Recording Review 728
The biggest little goldmine in the south: everybody knows that Botswana is the world's biggest producer of high-value diamonds but not so many know that it is about to become a major gold producer as well. Tom Nevin has the details. Nevin, Tom 1297
The Debt Trap in Nigeria: Towards a Sustainable Debt Strategy. Book Review 331
The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures. Book Review 338
The FDI debate: capital is the real key. Mudimbe, Arnold Letter to the Editor 183
The lessons of Abu Ghraib. Versi, Anver 908
The most powerful saloon ever? Thinking of buying a new BMW 5-series, or a Mercedes E-Class? You might want to keep that chequebook in your pocket when you see what Audi have unveiled. Stephen Williams reports. Williams, Stephen Product/Service Evaluation 1440
The power of venture capital: venture capital is essential to enable entrepreneurs to expand or start new ventures. But it is risky and Africa comes top of the table in terms of high risks. However, things may be changing as Kasimir Berger reports. Berger, Kasimir 767
The story of coffee: from a mystic's beverage to a capitalist's cup. Book Review 1593
UN hammers economic policies: a United Nations report slamming the economic policies of President Thabo Mbeki's newly re-elected administration has rocked the South African government and shocked South Africans. Tom Nevin reports from Johannesburg. Nevin, Tom 1471
Western firms scramble for contracts: Western oil companies, including American majors, are flocking back to Libya and elbowing each other out in the scramble for lucrative contracts. Libya's re-entry into the international world has turned into a triumphal march. Report by James Badcock. Badcock, James 1472

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