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Articles from African Business (August 1, 2004)

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A critical view: editorial suggestions. Muthiani, Brian C Letter to the Editor 400
A question answered: achieving Africa's Renaissance. Nablo, Judge Ronald W Letter to the Editor 139
A refined approach. 642
A sun-powered computer. 151
AB guide to African currencies. Illustration 504
African Folklore: An Encyclopedia. 287
Agriculture: Africa to 'wait and see' on GM foods. Brief Article 97
Attracting FDI: contacts please. Ewing, Keith Letter to the Editor 459
Bars to keep out robbers. Brief Article 153
Coke plant heralds new beginning in Somalia: the long-drawn out civil war in Somalia has devastated the country's business climate but things may be about to change. A new bottling plant for Coca Cola could be the start of better days to come. Abdi Ali reports from Mogadishu. Ali, Abdi 876
Economic impact of the 'happy hawker': Africa's 'informal sector', ignored by government statisticians, is in fact a vital, bustling, non-stop hive of activity worth billions of dollars. Now the South African government wants to use this sector to grow the economy and create jobs. Tom Nevin reports. Nevin, Tom 1479
Economy: Zimbabwe economy 'on the mend'. 117
Feats of Clay? The British High Commissioner in Kenya, Edward Clay, set off a huge furore when he accused the current government of allowing corruption to reign. Alnoor Amlani reports on the aftermath. Amlani, Alnoor 1519
Feeding hunger for traditional foods. Brief Article 207
Finance: Malawi gets deadline from IMF. Brief Article 93
Formula for Africa's rapid growth: after almost five decades of independence, how is Africa faring in terms of economics? Is the continent improving, staying still or regressing? How can it meet the Millennium Development Goals? Editor Anver Versi ponders the issue. Versi, Anver 5035
Governance: blame us, not our leaders. Mabhena, Ndaba Letter to the Editor 463
Heritage: threat to Mandela's prison island. Brief Article 101
High net worth individuals: African super-rich on the rise. Brief Article 84
International: Aristide's R1m joyride. Brief Article 82
Last of the independents: Africa lost the last of its home-grown oil companies when Energy Africa was purchased by Tullow Oil. How will this affect Africa's energy industry? Ford, Neil 681
Licence to suck blood--legally. Brief Article 118
Local knowledge builds a regional network. Versi, Anver Interview 1149
Malaria treatment from China. 203
Markets: JSE's new one-stop bond shop. Brief Article 100
No real will to attack global poverty: despite all the pious words emanating from Western leaders, there is little or no real commitment to help solve the problems of the developing world. The gap between the rich and poor is growing wider--leading to a more unstable world. Siddiqi, Moin 1558
Obasanjo squares up to unions: the Obasanjo administration is finding itself increasingly at odds with the country's trade unions. A stand-off is looming. Neil Ford discusses whether unions help or hinder economic progess. Ford, Neil 1364
Opinion divided on strength of rand: opinions on the strengthening South African rand are almost equally divided--some see it as a sign of confidence in the country; others as a short-cut to economic disaster. Who is right? Tom Nevin has been finding out. Nevin, Tom 1533
Pan African Parliament--money pit or a beacon of hope? South Africa has 'won' the right to host the new Pan African Parliament, but taxpayers who will have to foot the bill seem less than thrilled. Tom Nevin reports. Nevin, Tom 1126
Prize Letter: win a free annual subscription! Letter to the Editor 98
Survey: Africa positive about globalisation. Brief Article 87
Sweet and sour upgrade: a stable political climate and sound economic policies have helped Cape Verde gain reclassification to the ranks of 'medium developed countries'. However, as Neil Ford reports, this promotion is a mixed blessing. Ford, Neil 1261
The Art of Ife: A Descriptive Catalogue and Database. Book Review 443
The Art of the Advantage: 36 Strategies to Seize the Competitive Edge. Book Review 228
The battle for the Chagos archipelago: Mauritius is preparing to go to the International Court of Justice to re-claim its sovereignty over the Chagos archipelago. Nasseem Ackbarally reports from Port-Louis. Ackbarally, Nasseem 1651
The best of times, the worst of times: the contrasting tourism fortunes of Zambia and Zimbabwe, on either side of the spectacular Victoria Falls, could not be starker. Zimbabwe's loss has become Zambia's boon. Milan Vesely reports. Vesely, Milan 1262
The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy. Book Review 461
The Dumbest Moments in Business History. Book Review 334
The looming energy crisis: a warning to the world. Book Review 1649
The pope of style: Papa Wemba's first 20 years. 685
The shadow of Darfur: the shadow of Darfur is clouding the recently renewed relationship between the US and the government of the Sudan. The cloak of secrecy over what is really going on in the area is making matters worse. It is time for more openness. Vesely, Milan 1363
Transport: time for interconnected links. Brief Article 80
Turning the dearly departed into flowers. Brief Article 221
Ultimate virus fighter? Brief Article 145
Welcome to the weird world of WTO. Versi, Anver 855

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