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Articles from African Business (May 1, 2003)

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A Common Purpose the Story of the Upington 25. (Books Reviews). Book Review 432
A future divided by oil. (Country File: Sudan). Ford, Neil 1763
A gravy train in the making? (Nepad: Part II). Interview 1479
A hollow victory. (The Iraq War and Africa). Cover Story 696
AB guide to African currencies. Illustration 503
Africa's grandest gathering: this year's annual North Sea Jazz festival in Cape Town was a huge commercial and artistic success. (Events). 1243
African currencies gain over the dollar. (View from the City). Siddiqi, Moin 1690
African leaders told to face up to Aids. (Health). Brief Article 146
After the euphoria, reality bites: after the euphoria of its massive election victory, the realities of the economic problems facing Kenya are beginning to sink home. (Countryfile: Kenya). Redfern, Paul 786
Agriculture. (Products & Processes). Brief Article 196
Alfa Romeo set to storm Africa. (Wheels). Brief Article 216
Angolan production to double: deepwater discoveries in Angolan waters seem set to boost oil production to over a million barrels a day by 2004. Neil Ford discusses the implications. (Oil and Gas). Ford, Neil 1428
Artificial muscles no longer at arms length. (Medicine). 311
Asbestos a hot SA-ZIM issue. (Legislation). Brief Article 103
Ask a woman. (Behaviour). Brief Article 269
Bush's diplomatic train wreck: with trans-Atlantic co-operation all but destroyed, the Arab world's goodwill rejected and Africa's neutrality vilified, president George W. Bush has presided over a diplomatic disaster. (Dateline USA). Vesely, Milan 1505
Citizens turn on Zimbabwean migrants. (Countryfile: Botswana). Mukumbira, Rodrick 1166
Cocoa revenues to rise: despite the political unrest, Cote d'Ivoire's cocoa export revenues, which account for 30% to 40% of the country's exports, could increase dramatically this year. (Commodities). Misser, Francois 715
Delta of trouble. (Nigeria). Brief Article 188
Democracy is a state of mind. (Editorial). Versi, Anver 857
DRC intent on copper comeback. (Mining). Brief Article 138
Fast track for Zambian exports. (Transport). Brief Article 113
Fiat's African offensive: Fiat Auto South Africa is planning the biggest product offensive in the group's history but uncertainty still hangs over the entire group's future. Stephen Williams has the story. (Wheels). Williams, Stephen 1132
Harsh lessons of the new global reality. (The Iraq War and Africa). Versi, Anver Cover Story 2198
IBL's African connections: despite its distance from the African mainland, the island nation of Mauritius is rapidly turning itself into a continental business hub, with the private sector playing the leading role. (Countryfile: Mauritius). Versi, Anver Company Profile 771
Islam's Black Slaves. (Books Reviews). Book Review 382
Kenya's cricketing future: Kenya's future as a Test playing cricketing nation may depend more on the development of better infrastructure for the game in the country than its phenomenal recent achievements on the field. (Sport). Redfern, Paul 1091
Letters. Letter to the Editor 1699
MSI poised for expansion. (Telecommunications). Brief Article 270
Mubarak takes long odds on currency. (Countryfile: Egypt). Badcock, James 1434
Nigerian petrol shortage investigated. (Energy). Brief Article 117
Oil rich Nigeria bans foreign toothpicks. (Budget). Brief Article 109
Olonga's last stand. (Sport). Nevin, Tom 1466
Pay up or stay out. (Sport). Brief Article 110
Potent Brews: A Social History of Alcohol in East Africa. (Books Reviews). Book Review 1122
Red hot salsa: the star of dakar. (Reviews: Music). 761
S African government backs down over AIDS: political and social pressure is mounting on South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki's government to produce a coherent HIV/Aids treatment plan. Tom Nevin reports on the latest developments. (Health). Nevin, Tom 1488
SA attempts to halt medical brain-drain: South Africa's medical professionals are looking for greener pastures abroad, leaving behind a major health crisis, The authorities are looking for incentives to retain much needed skills at home. (Health). Nevin, Tom 1254
SA expands into African ports. (Shipping). Brief Article 104
SA's first all-black, all-women oil company. (Business Briefs). 391
Satellite systems enable 'television war'. (Technology). Ross, John (American tribal leader) 849
Slow but sure progress: Tanzania, once described by neighbouring Kenya as a 'man eat nothing society', is beginning to see the fruits of 15 years of adaptation to a capitalist system. Neil Ford profiles Tanzania today. (Country Focus: Tanzania). Ford, Neil 2635
Small can be beautiful. (Tourism). Ford, Neil Industry Overview 2240
Snore and you snore alone. (Behaviour). Brief Article 187
Stung Conmen return ill-gotten gains. (Business Briefs). Brief Article 123
The Legacies of Julius Nyerere: Influences on Development Discourse and Practice in Africa. (Books Reviews). Book Review 216
The Sword and the Cross. (Books Reviews). Book Review 509
Tide turns against Mugabe: South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki, one of the staunchest allies of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, is under pressure to soften his support to the Zimbabwean leader. (Countryfile: South Africa). Nevin, Tom 1243
Turn your dear-departed into diamonds! (Processes). Brief Article 275
Waiting for the Wild Beasts to Vote. (Books Reviews). Book Review 708
What the African papers said about the war: extracts from around the continent. (Cover Story: The Iraq War and Africa). 822
Yawn and the whole world yawns with you. (Behaviour). Brief Article 207
Zambia able to feed itself this year. (Agriculture). Brief Article 116

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