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Articles from African Business (June 1, 2003)

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A calculated gamble. (Country Focus: South Africa). Nevin, Tom 2127
A car that parks itself. (Technology). Brief Article 184
A golden age reborn: classic Kinshasa rumba. (Music). 634
A toast, Mr fog beetle. (Process). Brief Article 269
AB Guide to African Currencies. Illustration 503
Africa Economic Summit 2003: harnessing the power of partnership. 255
Africa wants 'destructive' US cotton subsidies scrapped. (Business Briefs: Agriculture). Brief Article 209
Africa's opportunity at G8 summit. Versi, Anver 845
Approaching the fork in the road. (Countryfile: Ghana). Ford, Neil 1814
Australia takes up cudgels for Africa. (Countryfile: International). Nevin, Tom 946
Battle lines drawn over State bank privatisation. (Countryfile: Zambia). Ntomba, Reginald 1352
Belgolaise signs novel deal with Gabonese banking giant. (Business Briefs: Finance). Brief Article 242
Biodegradable plastic shopping bags? (Environment). Brief Article 119
Caine Prize holds its first writers' workshop. 270
Cape Town's bus revolution: a new development in Cape Town looks set to ease traffic congestion, improve access for all and attract new investment. Maiden, Andrew 818
Debswana hotel venture to go ahead. (Countryfile: Botswana). Mukumbira, Roderick 744
Dreaming the oil dream: a number of smaller, hitherto 'unheard of' African countries in terms of oil production, like Mal and CAR, could find themselves sitting on a bonanza if current explorations prove fruitful. (Oil and Gas). Ford, Neil 1492
Eccentric oddball or new-age genius? (Health). 335
ECOWAS seeks increased EU funding. (Business Briefs: Funding). Brief Article 117
Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World. (Reviews). 1038
Europe, Africa seal $15M financial agreement. (Business Briefs: Peace and Security). Brief Article 83
Filing cabinets join the dinosaurs. (Technology). Brief Article 177
Gas will fill power vacuum: Tunisia's modest oil production has, until recently, been just about sufficient for its domestic needs. But, with demand for energy increasing, it is looking for alternatives such as gas. (Countryfile: Tunisia). Ford, Neil 1484
Golf is the new African happening. (Sporting Business). Vesely, Milan 1556
Home and Exile. (Reviews). 1223
Iraq war spurs boycott of US products. (Countryfile: Maghreb). Badcock, James 1424
Lake Victoria's Nile perch boom: a decade ago, Nile perch was only caught on Lake Victoria for domestic consumption, but today it is in heavy demand in European and Asian countries. (Countryfile: Tanzania). Mgamba, Richard 934
Letters. Letter to the Editor 1274
Mozal II beats the clock. (Business Briefs: Industry). Brief Article 88
Nama tribe wins diamonds trove...while San get drugs reward. (Business Briefs: Legislation). Brief Article 138
Nama tribe wins diamonds trove...while San get drugs reward. (Business Briefs: Legislation). Brief Article 123
Nepad braces for protests. (Business Briefs: G8 Meeting in Evian). Brief Article 126
New network for Nigeria. (Business Briefs: Communications). Brief Article 111
Nigerdock gets ready for privatisation: with new technical partners and a solid re-engineering plan, Nigerdock, Nigeria's leading shipyard, looks set to increase its operational base. (Transport). Maiden, Andrew 603
No benefits from Geita, say locals: Geita Gold Mine is viewed by the Tanzanian government as a success story. But for local people, its benefits are less clear. (Countryfile: Tanzania). Mgama, Richard 742
No more wobbly meals. (Invention). Brief Article 290
Now Obasanjo must turn economy around. Ford, Neil Cover Story 3449
Nutrition for the needy. (Nutrition). Brief Article 209
Platinum lining on cloudy Zimbabwe. (Business Briefs: Mining). Brief Article 104
Rwandair starts operations. (Business Briefs: Aviation). Brief Article 93
SAA cargo doubles Irish traffic. (Business Briefs: Transport). Brief Article 231
Same sex salaries rule in South Africa. (Business Briefs: Employment). Brief Article 133
Siemens flags off massive DRC project. (Energy). Misser, Francois 1511
South Africa champion counterfeiter. (Business Briefs: Piracy). Brief Article 124
South Africa's steel fingers probe Africa. (Business Briefs: Transport). 111
The 'ally' cat: with the launch of its latest model, Jaguar's new XJ sedan incorporates ultra-modern technology with all the company's traditional values of elegance, luxury and spirited performance. (Wheels). Williams, Stephen 1874
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: hoping beyond hope. (Topic). Ford, Neil 2097
The Girl Who Can. (Reviews). 330
The outlook for base metals: the price of industrial metals will depend on the pace of global economic growth, particularly in the OECD and Asia-Pacific regions. (Commodities). Siddiqi, Moin 1522
ThisDay storm hits South Africa. (Media). Nevin, Tom 1593
Tomorrow is a different country: over the past 10 years, Mozambique has changed out of all recognition. The growth rate is accelerating as its ties with next-door economic giant, South Africa grow stronger. (Countryfile: Mozambique). Ford, Neil 1639
What does the future hold for global investors? Doubts still remain over the economic fallout from the US led invasion of Iraq. While oil prices have fallen, the prospect for global growth is uncertain. (View From the City). Siddiqi, Moin 1511

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