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African Art: A Century at the Brooklyn Museum.

AFRICAN ART: A Century at the Brooklyn Museum (2009; $75), by William C. Siegmann, with an essay by Joseph Adande. Brooklyn Museum in association with Prestel Publishing.

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the first museums in the United States to collect and exhibit African art. Today, the Museum's collection numbers more than 6,000 examples. Hence, it is no wonder that the Museum sponsored an exhibition highlighting textiles, ceramics, jewelry, masks and figures from its collection. This is the catalogue from this exhibition. It is an impressive publication!

The book includes essays by the Museum's emeritus curator of African art, William C. Siegmann, and lectures by Joseph Adande and Kevin Dumouchelle, both distinguished scholars. This volume is profusely illustrated with images organized in terms of geographical locations: the western Sudan; western Guinea Coast; eastern Guinea Coast; the equatorial forest; the lower Congo basin; the southern Savanna; and eastern and southern Africa.

Overall, this is a wonderful resource for helping students understand and appreciate the rich imagery that came from Africa.--J.J.H. | circle # 396

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Author:Hausman, Jerome J.
Publication:Arts & Activities
Date:Dec 30, 2010
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