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Articles from African American Review (March 22, 2011)

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"Belated Impress": River George and the African American Shell Shock Narrative. Dodman, Trevor Critical essay 14110
"Trying to find a place when the streets don't go there": Fatherhood, Family, and American Racial Politics in Toni Morrison's Love. Carden, Mary Paniccia Critical essay 12699
Ailerons & Elevators. Thomas, Lorenzo Poem 593
Alice Paints the Moon Mad. Griffiths, Rachel Eliza Poem 381
Celie's Notes: Dear God. Griffiths, Rachel Eliza Poem 262
Circling Meaning in Toni Morrison's Sula. Pruitt, Claude Critical essay 11501
Communion. Dameron, DeLana R.A. Poem 154
Donna Aza Weir-Soley. Eroticism, Spirituality, and Resistance in Black Women's Writings. Tally, Justine Book review 1572
Duplicities of Power: Amiri Baraka's and Lorenzo Thomas's Responses to September 11. Gery, John Roy Octavius Critical essay 9862
Eaton, Kalenda C. Womanism, Literature, and the Transformation of the Black Community, 1965-1980. Lewis, Nghana Book review 2445
Ed. Angela Y. Davis. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written By Himself: A New Critical Edition. Franklin, H. Bruce Book review 1443
Edlie L. Wong. Neither Fugitive nor Free: Atlantic Slavery, Freedom Suits, and the Legal Culture of Travel. Lewis, Janaka B. Book review 1258
Eds. Scott L. Newstok and Ayanna Thompson. Weyward Macbeth: Intersections of Race and Performance. Vogel, Shane Book review 1629
Elizabeth Keckley's Behind the Scenes; or, the "Colored Historian's" Resistance to the Technologies of Power in Postwar America. Manuel Cuenca, Carmen Critical essay 18516
Elizabeth M. Smith-Pryor. Property Rites: The Rhinelander Trial, Passing, and the Protection of Whiteness. Gardner, Eric Book review 1217
Forgotten Manuscripts: A Trip to Coontown. Moon, Krystyn R.; Krasner, David; Riis, Thomas L. Critical essay 8691
Glenda R. Carpio and Werner Sollors, eds. African American Literary Studies: New Texts, New Approaches, New Challenges. Fishkin, Shelley Fisher Book review 2250
Guitar Soliloquy. Griffiths, Rachel Eliza Poem 394
Hagar's Fever, A Lament. Griffiths, Rachel Eliza Poem 589
Harmattan. Jakpa, Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Poem 327
Harriet Pollack and Christopher Metress, eds. Emmett Till in Literary Memory and Imagination. LeMahieu, Michael Book review 1631
Heather Russell. Legba's Crossing: Narratology in the African Atlantic. Brown, J. Dillon Book review 1397
Heather S. Nathans. Slavery and Sentiment on the American Stage, 1787-1861: Lifting the Veil of Black. Wagner, Bryan Book review 811
Invisible Blackness in Edith Wharton's Old New York. Hoeller, Hildegard Critical essay 13124
Janie Talkin' in Her Sleep. Griffiths, Rachel Eliza Poem 430
Jason J. Williams. Street Fam. Tidwell, John Edgar Book review 3153
La Tete du Soleil. Griffiths, Rachel Eliza Poem 435
Linda Furgerson Selzer. Charles Johnson in Context. Hussen, Aida Book review 1889
Lois Brown. Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins: Black Daughter of the Revolution. Carson, Warren J. Book review 1945
Marva Griffin Carter. Swing Along: The Musical Life of Will Marion Cook. Krasner, David Book review 963
Mary Turner's Blues. Armstrong, Julie Buckner Critical essay 10734
Migration Story. Dameron, DeLana R.A. Poem 115
Mikko Tuhkanen. The American Optic: Psychoanalysis, Critical Race Theory, and Richard Wright. Campbell, J. Bradford Book review 2039
Movies, Modernity, and All that Jazz: Langston Hughes's Montage of a Dream Deferred. Brinkman, Bartholomew Critical essay 7862
My Hand. Dameron, DeLana R.A. Poem 243
My Mother's Hands. Reynolds, Dennell Poem 109
Night in Limestone County. Fagin, Kwoya Poem 150
No Name in the South: James Baldwin and the Monuments of Identity. Birmingham, Kevin Critical essay 10712
P. Gabrielle Foreman. Activist Sentiments: Reading Black Women in the Nineteenth Century. Gautier, Amina Book review 1465
Percival Road. Dameron, DeLana R.A. Poem 183
Ralph Ellison's Righteous Riffs: Jazz, Democracy, and the Sacred. Pinkerton, Steve Critical essay 17157
Rebecca de Schweinitz. If We Could Change the World: Young People and America's Long Struggle for Racial Equality. Smith, Katharine Capshaw Book review 1044
Susan D. Pennybacker. From Scottsboro to Munich: Race and Political Culture in 1930s Britain. Smethurst, James Book review 978
Susan M. Reverby. Examining Tuskegee: The Infamous Syphilis Study and Its Legacy. Kang, Nancy Book review 2262
Tavia Nyong'o. The Amalgamation Waltz: Race, Performance, and the Ruses of Memory. Dagbovie, Sika Alaine Book review 1350
The Monarch Across the Street. Fahey, Paul Alan Short story 5275
The Virgin in the Yard. Marin, Natasha M. Poem 136
There is Heterosexuality: Jessie Fauset, W. E. B. Du Bois, and the Problem of Desire. Stokes, Mason Critical essay 12344
We Got That Swing. Reynolds, Dennell Poem 108
West 148th St. Canvas. Dameron, DeLana R.A. Poem 148
What Child Is This?: Closely Reading Collectivity and Queer Childrearing in Lackawanna Blues and Noah's Arc. Stephens, Vincent Critical essay 13178
What to Say, But. Dameron, DeLana R.A. Poem 312
When There Is a Birth or Regeneration. Hasan, Rabiul Poem 117

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