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Avocados are booming as a cash crop on the continent, buoyed by increasing demand from Europe, America and most recently, China and Japan.

Although originating in South America, Africa is cashing in on the global taste for the versatile green fruit.

In 2017, Kenya overtook South Africa as Africa's largest avocado exporter and yet both come behind Peru, Chile and California as the world's exporters of the popular Hass avocado.

This uptick has motivated many Kenyan coffee farmers to switch to avocados, lured in by the promise of making up to 10 times more.

Avocados now make up 17% of Kenya's horticultural exports, according to the International Trade Center. As the price of coffee beans falters, this switch from one cash crop to another is expected to play out elsewhere in Africa, including Tanzania.

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Title Annotation:Kaleidoscope; avocados as cash crop from Africa
Publication:New African
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Date:Mar 1, 2019
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