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Afghanistan and the Troubled Future of Unconventional Warfare.

Afghanistan and the Troubled Future of Unconventional Warfare, by Hy S. Rothstein. Published by Naval Institute Press, 218 pages, includes b/w photos. Hardcover: $34.95. ISBN: 1-59114-745-X.

One of the main aspects of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is the use of unconventional warfare. However, despite the claim from U.S. officials that this is being used in these theatres, author Hy S. Rothstein disputes this in his book Afghanistan and the Troubled Future of Unconventional Warfare. According to the author, although officials may claim to use unconventional warfare, special forces units are still engaging in conventional war. It is for this reason that Rothstein, a former career special forces officer, says U.S. forces are unable to defeat insurgents. Using Afghanistan as a case study, the author calls for a new approach to combat guerrillas. Certainly good reading given Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.
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Publication:Esprit de Corps
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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