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Affordable living. (Homestead building).

Why not integrate your homestead by building. a low cost home that combines its own heating source, a greenhouse, a cordwood dryer, an earth contact thermal moderator, a radiant floor heating system, with a very simple design which is affordable and simple to construct. This structure can also be built in prefinished light weight panels, that can be transported to the building site and bolted together after you have finished fabrication. Such fabrication can be scheduled to meet your time and cost budget. The basic two bedroom, one bath, weather tight shell, without greenhouse, cost around $3,000 in 1997.

Once you have built one such structure, which includes setting up simple fabrication jigs, you can then proceed to building kits which you can then provide for others, providing yourself with a home-based income.

The design as presented, uses the materials to the best effect, has very little waste, and the structure is much stronger than a conventional sized building. Unlike similar designs which are complex and require professional equipment and skilled technicians to fabricate, this design is targeted for the individual owner-builder. Available plans are simple to follow and do not require any elaborate tooling.

The detailed plans for constructing the attached greenhouse, which uses recycled patio door glass, can be downloaded at http://hometown.

A couple of short streaming videos showing fabrication and erection procedures can be found at http://

Links to larger structures can be found at dometruss, but the smaller structures can be combined to produce increased living space.
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Author:Conroy, Robert
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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