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Aestiva's Approach Attractive to Mac Users.

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TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 4, 2000

"Never count out the Apple," says Aestiva's Director of Technology, D.M. Silverberg. Just as the iMac helped Apple resurrect itself as a viable competitor to Microsoft in the marketplace, MacOS X, its upcoming OS, promises a bright future for Apple. Apple's next-generation OS promises more power than many of its rivals.

Today, most Web site hosting providers do not yet offer Mac server hosting. That's a big dilemma in the Mac world: Apple enthusiasts often have to commit to non-Mac servers. By using Aestiva, however, they can go with a non-Mac hosting provider and still use Mac for development.

Unlike products that anchor themselves in Microsoft or UNIX operating systems, Aestiva's Web approach gives an equal footing to Mac users. Aestiva's customer base includes a high percentage of Web designers who prefer Mac over other platforms. As a Web-based product, designers can develop with Aestiva using their Mac browser whether their site is hosted on UNIX, Windows or MacOSX servers.

"If you're an Apple enthusiast who would love for the whole world to be Apple, we are one company that's not standing in the way," stated Silverberg. The approach used by Aestiva to attract Mac users works. Aestiva has seen sales to Mac users increase 300% in the last six months.

Aestiva's operating system is a powerful platform for developing high-end dynamic Web sites and applications. While continually adding cutting-edge technologies to its product, Aestiva is committed to ease-of-use -- an approach consistent with Apple's own emphasis on ease-of-use.

By eliminating the need for Perl, CGI programming and database-integration products, Aestiva gives designers a fast-track to advanced development. And whether you're on a Mac or any other platform, that's going to be music to your ears.

Aestiva HTML/OS is available for MacOS 7-9 on the Webten server, and MacOS X, Sun, SGI-IRIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, Linux, Cobalt RaQ and Windows platforms. Aestiva HTML/OS retails for $799.99. Upgrades are $150.00.

About Aestiva, LLC

Aestiva created "the first operating system for the Web." Its technology operates on Unix, Linux, Windows and Macintosh hardware and is well-known for its speed and scalability. Aestiva's focus on the Web has made it the favorite development platform for thousands of Web designers worldwide. Web site:
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 4, 2000
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