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Aesop's Keys to Profitable Marketing.

Aesop's Keys to Profitable Marketing

Dr. Betsy Kruger

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9781928782582 $17.95

Business leaders who look for more than the usual dry approach to marketing, who wonder whether the 80/20 rule is a proven fact, and who seek real-world applications of this cornerstone of business achievement will find Aesop's Keys to Profitable Marketing to be a vivid, essential discussion.

In fact, Aesop's Keys doesn't just sprinkle in real-world models to spice up theory: it centers upon some 24 examples that clearly show how to apply the 80/20 rule to various marketing decisions, explaining basics such as why quality beats quantity every time, when discounted pricing fails, and how to leverage limited resources by using suppliers.

Where other business books would approach marketing decisions with generalities, Aesop's Keys provides specifics; right down to tables that predict how much a narrow focus will magnify profits. For example, one marketing decision is to develop distribution channels that consistently 'wow' customers in its target market.

Each business insight is cemented by a business-oriented vignette paired with an actual Aesop tale. In one tale, a businessman asks Aesop to evaluate a promotion for his business and Aesop mocks him for being "his own trumpeter." In contrast, effective promotions empathize with key customers, demonstrate value, and provide prospects with concrete and specific information. Business savvy about promotions is summarized with the Aesop Key to "trumpet empathy."

Key marketing strategies such as profiling preferred customers, adding value, and pruning unprofitable products or services are introduced and then applied at every step of the way. More than merely conveying the 80/20 rule, Aesop's Keys encourages business leaders to revise their marketing plans and effectively apply the 80/20 rule to various aspects of marketing their businesses.

All aspects have been covered elsewhere to some degree or another; but presenting them under one cover in a format that consistently and effectively cements theory with real-world marketing decisions makes Aesop's Keys a powerful standout in a genre replete with overly complex or poorly thought-out works.

The bottom line? Business leaders seeking profitable results through new, applied directions will find that Aesop's Keys to Profitable Marketing provides an easy formula of success for virtually any business endeavor, from running a health clinic to selling product.

Diane Donovan

Senior Reviewer

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Author:Donovan, Diane
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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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