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Aerospace & Defense News Alert - Defense North America.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America) Nov 4, 2012

Air Force plans fewer but heavier cargo flights The Air Force is carrying more cargo in fewer trips, a sign of both the winding down of activities in Iraq and "increased efficiencies," Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Kimberly Bender says. So far in 2012, the Air Force has flown fewer than 30,000 sorties, the lowest number since 2004, but it has carried about 4,000 tons more each quarter than a year ago. Oct 31, 2012

Defense cuts may spur innovation, Air Force general says The Air Force and contractors that serve it will be forced to become more creative and innovative in an era of sharp spending cuts, said Gen. Janet C. Wolfenbarger, commander of Air Force Materiel Command, headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. She spoke at the Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association on Tuesday. Sequestration cuts to the defense budget are "going to require even more ingenuity, creativity and collaboration than perhaps we've had in the recent past," she said. Oct 31, 2012

Defense cuts may hit most flexible contracts first Government contracts that are flexible about order amounts, set to expire next year or based on time and materials may be the first to be cut under sequestration, experts say. If sequestration goes into effect in January, it will be easiest for government agencies to let contracts expire or not exercise options for additional orders. Administrative and professional contracts are most often based on time and materials, while information-technology contracts often are the type with indefinite order amounts. Oct 29, 2012

Air Force search-and-rescue helicopter is up for bid The Air Force is asking companies to submit proposals to develop a new combat rescue helicopter, but some say contractors may be less than enthusiastic after a similar program was canceled several years ago. The new helicopter project, for which bids are due Jan. 3, will top out at $6.8 billion. Oct 29, 2012

Nearly 1M jobs have already been lost because of "fiscal cliff" With the "fiscal cliff" still two months away, the U.S. is already losing nearly 1 million jobs as employers lay off workers, delay purchases and leave vacant positions empty, according to a study by the National Association of Manufacturers. If Congress fails to head off spending cuts and tax hikes scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, nearly 6 million jobs will disappear through 2014 and the jobless rate will rise close to 12%, the study concluded. Oct 29, 2012

Industry, labor, and small businesses called on moderator to include sequestration in last week's presidential debateE The aerospace and defense industry and the International Association of Machinists and aerospace workers joined together to call on CBS News debate moderator Bob Schieffer to include the issue of sequestration budget cuts in last week's presidential debate. Oct 29, 2012

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Date:Nov 5, 2012
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