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Aeroglide[R]: a Buhler Group Company.

"Perfecting Thermal Processing Worldwide" summarizes how Buhler Aeroglide approaches the nonwovens market, the directions we expand technology, research and development, and how we apply our experience and equipment offerings to processors around the world. With this focus we can offer more than just thermal processing equipment: we offer industry-specific processing expertise that tailors the equipment design to the customer's specific needs.

Buhler Aeroglide provides equipment for through-air drying (TAD), thermal bonding, heat setting, curing and finishing for the nonwovens industry. Applications include spunlace-hydroentangled, air laid, wet laid, spun bond (SMS composites), coated and foam impregnated webs.


Having a worldwide presence has been critical to successfully supporting customers at their facilities. Permanent sales and service offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific provide a base for this unmatched service and responsiveness supported by our manufacturing, engineering and headquarters in the U.S.

With more than 150 drum installations since the 1970s, the National Drying brand of Buhler Aeroglide have some of the highest evaporation rates in the industry and have set a new standard in efficient thermal bonding, heat setting and drying of all types of nonwovens and fibers.

Multiple drum driers are ideal for applications requiring high line speed, extended dwell time and in-line temperature profiling for drying, thermal bonding or cooling. Single drum drier designs feature high evaporation rates for short dwell time, high speed, delicate web or single sided contact applications. Drums are either standard perforation for a wide variety of applications or are reinforced structurally for high vacuum, high speed applications.

Buhler Aeroglide has the capability to offer alternative equipment such as single and multipass flat bed through-air driers (TAD) for high loft and loose web nonwoven applications that require gentle through-flow processing and support throughout the heating processes.


Process Features

* Energy Efficient--Integral heating and air handling components;

* Tension-free web control capabilities;

* Numerous full-height perimeter access doors;

* Efficient, non-conductive panel design minimizes heat loss up to 750[degrees]F (399[degrees]C);

* Zoning and advanced airflow management guarantee uniform processing and high quality product; and

* Heating configurations include electric, gas, steam and hot oil.

Contact a Buhler Aeroglide representative at one of our global offices or our corporate office.


Buhler Aeroglide

100 Aeroglide Drive

Cary, NC 27511

Phone: 919-851-2000

Fax: 919-851-6029
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