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Aerodynamics and avionics.

The Bureau of Steam Engineering reported on 15 October 1918 that five Hart and Eustiss reversible pitch propellers were under construction for use on twin-engine dirigibles and two variable-pitch propeller hubs for the F-5L were being ordered. Above left, a Smith controllable pitch propeller, circa 1932, is an example of one of many designs tested.

On 2 May 1986 the Navy initiated a contract for the V22 joint-services tilt-rotor aircraft, above right.

The X-31 Vector enhanced fighter maneuverability aircraft, right, flew at Mach 1.2 on 17 March 1994 using thrust vectoring vanes instead of its tail surfaces for control, marking a significant aeronautical "first." The X-31 was developed jointly by the Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the German Ministry of Defense.

The Silver Fox, bottom, a Navy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), made its first operational appearance in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Operators use a laptop computer and a variety of cameras to control the aircraft. The roots of UAV technology can be traced to a 15 September 1924 flight of an N-9 equipped with radio control and without a human pilot aboard. The 40-minute flight at the Naval Proving Grounds, Dahlgren, Va. demonstrated the practicability of radio control of aircraft.
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