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AeroGRID supply PKT with up to date imagery of 11 Polish Cities.


AeroGRID, a consortium of aerial imagery providers, announced on 9 March that is has provided Polskie Ksiazki Telefoniczne (PKT), an online business information supplier, with detailed imagery of 11 major Polish cities. The images are available on PKT's mapping portal

AeroGRID partner MGGP provided imagery for some of the cities, while DigitalGlose contributed high resolution QuickBird satellite imagery for Warsaw. Other cities were specifically flown and processed by AeroGRID, with the consortium intending to acquire additional imagery during the 2009 flying season.

AeroGRID partners operate 10 different survey aircraft and high-resolution digital cameras. Partners sell AeroGRID data within their own markets but all imagery is made available for purchase on-line.

No financial details regarding the cost of the project were disclosed.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Mar 9, 2009
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