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Aelric's prefaces.

A readable introduction (1-85) and a good bibliography (87-105) introduce Jonathan Wilcox's edition of AElfric's Prefaces [pp. vii+202. Durham Medieval Texts, 9 (1994, or 1995 according to the list on the back cover). Paperbound [pounds]7.00 (ISBN 0-95059-897-6). Obtainable from The Department of English Studies, Elvet Riverside, New Elvet, Durham DH1 3JT]. He gives the texts of all known prefaces in Old English and Latin, and translations of the Latin prefaces: those to the First and Second Series of The Catholic Homilies together with the admonitio that follows the English preface to the Second Series (none of these translations available in Thorpe's edition, provided for an age of scholarship that would not have needed translations); the preface to the Grammar; the preface to what Skeat called Aelfric's Lives of Saints, and he translated it and the Latin preface to 'Passio sancti Thomas apostoli'; the brief preface to the Vita S. Aethelwoldi; the preface to the 'Letter to Wulfsige'; the preface to the 'Leter to the Monks of Eynsham'; and the preface to the 'Letters to Wulfstan'. There are some textual notes and explanatory notes, as well as a glossary and 'Index of Proper Nouns'.

A great deal of work underlies this edition. It is useful for undergraduates in English Studies perhaps unfamiliar with Latin, and for historians perhaps unfamiliar with Old English. The excellent bibliography will enable any reader to go beyond the prefaces to the texts that follow them. Perhaps for the 'Letter to the Monks of Eynsham' a reference to M. Bateson's edition in G. W. Kitchin's Compotus Rolls of the Obedientaries of St. Swithun's Priory, Winchester, Hampshire Record Society, (1892), 171-98, would have led students to a text, probably more easily accessible in the United Kingdom than the reference he gives, H. Nocent (ed.), 'Aelfrici abbatis epistula ad monachos Egneshamnenses directa', in K. Hallinger (ed.), Consuetudinum Saeculi X/XI/XII Monumenta Non-Cluniacensia, Corpus Consuetudinum Monasticarum, VII/3 (Siegburg, 1984), 149-85; for Regularis Concordia Wilcox gives both T. Symon's edition and translation in Nelson's Medieval Classics (1953) and the edition by T. Symons and S. Spath in the same volume edited by Hallinger.

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