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AePONA "telecom-enables" Web services.

AePONA Ltd., a provider of open telecommunications operating systems, has announced the company's Causeway Carrier-Network Operating System now supports the Parlay-X standard, allowing Web services to be "telecom-enabled" for the first time. With AePONA Causeway, mobile operators have the ability to roll out new hybrid telecommunications services that were never before considered possible and to provide subscribers with access to a much wider array of services.

"AePONA's support for Web Services and Parlay-X opens the door to more mobile services being enabled through the Microsoft Connected Services Framework--resulting in a lower cost of development, deployment and management, a better portfolio of services, and new revenue-generating opportunities," said Terry McGuigan, product manager for the Microsoft Connected Services Framework.


The AePONA Causeway Parlay gateway allows operators to roll out approved third-party services through Parlay-X Web Services application programming interfaces within the carrier network. With Web services supported, many more applications will be made available that cater to the individual wants of different customers, including enterprise workforce efficiency. AePONA Causeway is an OSA Parlay/Parlay-X gateway that establishes a Carrier-Network Operating System in the heart of the carrier network. This acts as an integration backbone between service creation and network resources. In the past, operators developed new services and applications using specialist developers with knowledge of proprietary telecommunications systems. AePONA Causeway sits at the heart of the carrier network and provides an integration backbone between the world of IT and telecommunications. AePONA Causeway is a new breed of carrier network operating system that makes the complexity of telecoms and IP services easier for the world of IT and Web services.
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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