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Advocating 'bats of darkness' Part-1.

"Bats of darkness," this phrase which is used for abasement and substantiation of the characteristics of cowardice and meanness is wide spreading nowadays with some people declaiming it and others revolting against it.

I am not taking the side of one group as each group can defend itself really well but there still stands a third group which is cracked with unfairness and injustice. Today, I have decided to take their side to represent and defend them with all my power and without hesitation although they have not delegated and cannot delegate me to do so; they are the "Bats of Darkness." Bats live only in dark areas. Allah has created all their organs capable of working only in the dark. So, there is no logic in connecting bats to darkness because simply there are no bats of light... or morning. There is an embedded connotation in the use of a psychological linguistic camouflage in connecting bats to darkness; darkness is the side feared and scared by humans because it is opposite to clarity and the good. Therefore, insistence of connecting bats and darkness is made with a deliberate intention for depicting it as a devilish creature; they could have described them as bats of night for example. But, night is full of romance, lovely and joyful scenes of moon and stars. It cannot be added or connected to bats; darkness is better and more horrible.

Bats are also called chiropterans "Latin for winged hands." However, users of the word "bat" are not using it out of synonymy, they never use "chiropteran" because it never satisfies the notion of hatred and criminality they feel. The word bat causes that feeling of chill and disgust similar to that of the touch of lanugos wings of bats but it is never as peaceful and smooth as "chiropterans". Now, that we have proved our case with evidence to degradation and insultation of bats, we can move on to our statement of defense in our fair case "Case of Bats".

The bats is primarily maltreated for the way it looks although it is an insult that contradicts with religion and ethics to object to the look God has created one creature on. It looks like rats but what makes it worse for people is that it also flies; a flying rat. The fact is that it has no relation at all to rats. Rats are surely harmful to humans and parasitic to their homes, farms and lands.

On the other hand, rats are never harmful or parasitic to humans; they are keen to live away from humans in caves and dark areas. In fact, humans are the ones who go to the places of bats. Bats never live in our houses or spread their dirt in our rooms or place causing us diseases or medical problems. They are more developed than many insects and rodents. Female bats give birth to their babies and feed them with love and affection. How could a creature with all these characteristics be classified with insects and rodents?! Scientists classify it with mammals but it has a distinct feature; flying! The question is: Is it a privilege or disadvantage? (To be continued next week...)

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Jun 22, 2012
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