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Advocacy Collective.

Manavi's Advocacy Collective is comprised of volunteers who are trained to provide culturally specific, peer supportive counseling to women survivors of violence. The year 2006 saw seven volunteer successfully complete both parts of the mandatory Advocates Training required to join the Manavi Volunteer Advocate family. The first part of the training was held in November 2005 and volunteers were introduced to critical issues in intimate partner violence over a span of two days. Relevant resources, policies, counseling skills and effective listening techniques were also shared with them. The second part of the training was a legal training held in February 2006. Anish Joshi and Sheetal Patel, two lawyers who are closely involved with Manavi's work, came in and trained the volunteers on Family law and Immigration law respectively. We want to extend a warm welcome to our new Volunteer Advocates--Anita, Doris, Irvi, Jinny, Neeraja, Seema and Urjasi.

As always, our Volunteer Advocates have been actively involved in counseling women and providing them with support in the form of court accompaniment, job assistance, transportation and interpretation to name a few. Our thanks to intern Soheli Azad who was an enormous help during the summer months when we were severely understaffed. A heartfelt thank you to all our active Volunteer Advocates for their hard work and dedication--Doris, Irvi, Jinny, Jyothi, Rita, Rupal, Seema, Sheena, Shefali and Urjasi.

The Manavi Support Group continues to meet on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month and aims to break the isolation that many women experience when they go through intimate partner and other forms of violence. This year the Group has had an average attendance of five women and we have had speakers come in and talk about HIV and AIDS, breast cancer, mental health and meditation. We have also focused on topics like nutrition, sexuality, self-esteem and journaling. The year-end of 2005 was highlighted by a potluck holiday party which was a great success with women and their children. A similar party is planned for the end of this year and we look forward to an equally big turnout.
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Title Annotation:Collective Updates
Publication:Manavi Newsletter
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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