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Advisory Council will release futures report in New Orleans.

The NLC Advisory Council's 1992 Futures Report entitled "Families and Communities," will be released during the Congress of Cities conference in New Orleans. Delegates to the conference will be able to obtain copies of this report, the product of research and examinations of case studies carried out by the Advisory Council's Futures Process.

This will be the second Futures Report from the Advisory Council.

Diversity in Governance, which was released last year, was the first major product of the Futures Process.

Other activities will include the Advisory Council's presentation to the NLC Board of Directors on the findings and conclusions of its work.

In a letter to municipal officials, Lottie Shackelford, chair of the Advisory Council, said "Families sustain communities and neighborhoods. Neighborhoods and communities can nurture families. When we build one, we build the other. We build America." Shackelford is City Director of Little Rock, Ark.

Building on Shackelford's statement, the tasks of the Advisory Council's Futures Process focused on the shifting perceptions of families throughout the nation; how cities and towns can best value families; and redirecting elected officials' thinking of families in isolation to seeing them as part of the way communities function.

Plenary Session

The Monday morning plenary session at the conference has been designed around human resources and community relations, with an emphasis not only on specific programs, but also on the processes (such as public/private partnerships) that are used to establish programs. As part of the Resources and Relations "Avenue" the following workshops will address subsets of the theme of family friend communities:

* "How Neighborhoods Meet the Needs of Families: Non-Social Service Mechanisms And Institutions That Support Families"

* "Municipal Employment In The 90s: Options For A Family-Friendly Workplace" and

* "The Basics of Today's Families: How They Are Changing, What They Need, And How Municipal Services can Respond."


Workshops on how communities are dealing with the problem of violent crimes; and creating better relationships between communities and police are also included in the program.

The "Families and Communities" futures report will highlight strategies on which families, communities and governments at all levels can collaborate to nurture and support family-friendly neighborhoods. This report is the culmination of the Advisory Council's efforts during the past several months to address the subject of the changing American family and the mechanisms with which families and communities can work together.

At the Congress of Cities, Advisory Council members will make decisions on implementing the strategies and recommendations of its findings and the process by which the implementation will be carried out during Mayor Fraser's tenure as President of NLC. Mayor Sharpe James will also meet with the Advisory Council to discuss the Futures topic for 1993, environmental decision making and solid waste management.

NLC Second Vice President Don Fraser, mayor of Minneapolis, identified cities and families as the theme for this year's NLC Futures Forum. The Advisory Council met with Fraser during the 1991 COC to discuss the theme. The direction in which the Advisory Council would focus its Futures activities for the year and the process for carrying out those activities were identified at the March Congressional City Conference.

Advisory Council members called upon municipal officials to provide information on innovative programs and policies that foster family-friendly communities.

In January, a "Call for Papers" was issued, inviting NLC members and member groups to submit suggestions and recommendations on topics and to identify possible resources to address the theme. After receiving over 100 responses, work began compiling research and case studies from across the country. From these the 1992 Futures Reader was prepared and printed as background information for the Advisory Council's study.

Both the NLC Board of Directors and the NLC Advisory Council will meet on Saturday, November 28 during the Congress of Cities.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities Advisory Council; New Orleans, Louisiana
Author:Cheek, Dorothy; Barnes, Williams
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Oct 12, 1992
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