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Advisory Council report helps cities navigate the global economy.

NLC's Advisory Council met at the Congress of Cities to review their work in 1993 on the topic of cities and towns in the global economy and to plan their 1994 work on the topic of public safety.

Chaired by Hal Conklin, mayor of Santa Barbara, Calif. the Council presented their 1993 Future Report, "Global Dollars, Local Sense," to NLC First Vice President Sharpe James, who designated the general topic for the Futures Process a year ago. James told the Council "this excellent report will help local officials understand 'and improve their ability to think globally and act locally." He said he intends to pursue this topic during his tenure as NLC President in 1994.

The Report declares that "all communities are now part of the new global economy." American cities "will have to improve their capacity to deal successfully with their international contexts."

The report emphasizes that this global connection is important for small cities as well as larger ones and for cities and towns in all parts of the country.

The 28-page report offers eight "case studies" and several dozen additional examples of effective local initiatives. Elements of a "globalization" strategy are outlined as a starting point for officials who seek useful ways to approach these complex matters. Elements include leadership, resource strengths, partnerships, regional cooperation, workforce training, and others.

The Report wa-widely distributed to delegates at the Congress of Cities. It is the third annual Futures Report. Previous reports were "Diversity & Governance" and "Families & Communities."

Each year the NLC Second Vice President selects the Futures Topic for the coming year. Thus, Carolyn Long Banks, Councilmember, Atlanta, requested that the Council focus on public safety in 1994. She met with the Council to discuss her view of this topic and to participate in the Council's first full discussion on the issue. The discussion focussed on the need for a broad definition of the goal of public safety, on collaboration across agency lines to achieve public safety goals, on prevention, and on the need for substantial community involvement if goals are to be achieved.

Early in 1994, NLC will solicit ideas and examples of public safety programs that work from member cities. This information will be used by the Council in its study. Also, selected information will appear in The Weekly as part of the "Futures Forum" series on public safety.

NLC President Don Fraser also met with the Advisory Council to review follow-through work that has been done in 1993 on the 1992 topic of families and communities.

Copies of the 1993 Futures Report, "Global Dollars, Local Sense," are available from the NLC Publications Center.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities' Advisory Council
Author:Barnes, Bill
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 13, 1993
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