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This month, we ask RUSSELL BRANZELL, CEO at Poudre Valley Medical Group, and for mer CIO and vice president of information services at Poudre Valley Health System in Fort Collins, Colo., about the importance of clinical decision support.


* Does CDS have value? Does it improve care and lower costs?

Absolutely. The appropriate use of technology to assist providers ensures safety and complements the care process. The improvement of care can be shown through avoided errors and the overall assistance in appropriate care. By definition, the reduction of errors and improvement of safety will lower costs.

* Are there concerns around alert fatigue? If so, how do you address them?

There are definitely concerns related to alert fatigue. The key is to have active involvement and ownership by the physicians and other care providers. It also should be a fluid process with the ability to change alerting to balance safety and workflow.

* Does the heavy emphasis on CDS in the meaningful use criteria influence planning?

It is important to have this as a meaningful use requirement, but most advanced organizations already are deploying CDS as part of their EMR program.

* Do you recommend using a shotgun approach to deploy CDS or do it gradually?

There are pros and cons with either approach. Shotgun allows the solution to be deployed quickly, but not always efficiently. A phased approach facilitates an efficient deployment, but not always a quick solution. Every organization must determine what works best for their providers, workflow and culture--culture being the key to successful adoption.

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